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We carry not only new items but attend high end auctions throughout the State of Massachusetts in search of vintage and rare religious pieces. We also now have a gift shop of collectibles and other items that are not religious as we attempt to find ways to support Medjugorje USA, and Christian charities we support in these difficult economic times.

Your purchase in Medjugorje USA's Gift Shop supports our Mission to spread Catholic information throughout the world. This gift shop is our only means of support.
"Medjugorje USA".................This includes everything from website expenses to computer protection software to updates on computer systems and operation software, etc.
"Rosary Mission"..................When possible we make or buy lower end rosaries sending them around the world to poor parishes for those who would not have a rosary otherwise.
"Divine Mercy Mission"..........We will send a large Divine Mercy "Jesus I Trust In You" poster, suitable for framing to any Catholic Parish in the U.S. who agrees to offer at least one Mercy Chaplet a week.
"Christian Children's Fund".....We currently support children in El Salvador, providing food lodging, clothing and education under the direction of nuns and priests.

 What does the "PayPal Verified" award mean?

To become Verified, a PayPal member in the United States must provide proof that he or she has opened an account at a bank or other financial institution in association with the name of the business or organization. Because these institutions are required by law to screen account holders, PayPal's verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know. Medjugorje USA's Gift Shop proudly displays the "PayPal's Verified" logo to insure our customers of our commitment to provide a safe and secure credit card experience. Medjugorje USA uses PayPal's as our only credit card processor because they provide outstanding secure encryption software to protect consumers who purchase online.

From time to time "Medjugorje USA Gift Shop" sells our surplus, overstocked or discontinued religious gift shop items on ebay. Just like our outstanding award winning service with "Pay Pal Verified" we have also received the "Star Achievement Award" for 100% positive feedback. These awards lets our customers know that Medjugorje USA Gift Shop is committed to excellence when servicing our customers. During our many years of operation we have never had bad feedback on any gift item we have sold and we still continue to have a 100% positive rating.


Note About Blessed Items; We do not believe in the practice of selling blessed items. We offer blessed gifts at the same prices  we sold same or similar items that were not blessed. We offer blessed items only for those who can not afford to go to Medjugorje or would like to offer a special gift to a loved one. We do not try to make a living off of selling blessed items. All profits from blessed items are given to the charities listed on the gift shop homepage.

Medjugorje USA's Gift Shop Policies

Shipping Charges   Due to postage increases minimum shipping charges are currently $5.95 for domestic delivery. International delivery, see below.

Domestic Shipping    When you place an order, you will receive notification from the credit card processor your order is received. Orders are  processed and shipped within two to three days, this does not include the day we receive your order or weekends days. We service our customers Monday to Friday. When shipped, you will receive an email including order,  shipping, tracking and confirmation information, so you can follow your order online at USPS. The email invoice also acts as your sales slip, completing the transaction. Please note; we have gone green so we no longer include paper invoices in shipped orders.

Like other online shops, we do not ship by weight. It is impossible for online retailers to weigh out every item in stock and to exactly calculate weight of endless thousands of possibilities that each customer could order. Online gift shops calculate shipping by the total amount a customer spends on gifts, be those items big or small. We do our best to keep things fair. Our policy is a simple one. Orders under 50.00 are sent USPS First Class, Media items are sent by USPS Media Mail only, unless otherwise requested. Orders over 50.00 are sent by USPS Priority Mail which we call, "Upgrade Shipping." If items ordered are all small items and totals between 40.00 to under 50.00, because of higher shipping charges to customer,  we often send such orders by USPS Priority Mail, even if that order does not meet the 50.00 requirement. This consideration is part of our "Domestic Upgrade Shipping" policy located  below. Customers who may question shipping charges also need to consider costs of processing fees and handling charges. We do not refund shipping after an order has been placed.  If a person has concerns over shipping costs, they can contact us and request we weigh out the entire order and send them a total invoice cost of payment.

Domestic Upgrade Shipping   Our way of  upgrading your order on smaller items near or over a 50.00 purchase. Please note media gifts are never sent Priority regardless of upgrade shipping. All media products are sent by media mail and any promotions of free gift offers can not be included with media purchases. Media products are not included as part of any total purchase offer, promotional and or policy.

Shipping Outside the U.S.   International customers must contact us first by email so we can estimate your shipping costs for the items you would like to purchase. If you order from outside the U.S. before contacting us you will notice no shipping charges appears when completing your order. This is because we do not ship outside the U.S.  unless international customers understand shipping policy and options. If an order is placed without customer reading this notice, the online order will process but show no shipping charge. We will contact you and try to work with you to ship your order for the standard international shipping charge. If you disagree with shipping cost, you may cancel your order for a full refund. Please note we do not make money off of shipping. We charge only what we have to pay for shipping.  Contact

International Shipping Options  There are only three options for international shipping "Global Express Guaranteed" and "USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate," and in some countries "USPS First Class International." Global Express Guaranteed is the only way to insure the package will arrive but the cost is extremely expensive, small package starts at $50.00,  just for shipping. We do not feel this shipping charge is a good option for international customers due to the high cost. The other shipping option is USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate. This service is not guaranteed but is an affordable means of shipping internationally, however there is no guarantee or insurance once it leaves U.S. soil. The price for shipping USPS Priority Flat Rate comes in  small, medium and large boxes with prices starting at $19.95 with new USPS price increases in January 2013. Some items we carry are large such as some of our statues and some items may not fit in the large Priority Mail box. In cases like this we have to measure weight and box size and calculate the cost to ship by "USPS Priority Mail Not Flat Rate." First Class International is for  small envelopes with small orders. Again there is no insurance on First Class mail and once again when the package leaves U.S. soil, delivery is not guaranteed, but is the most affordable if weight makes required specifications. Uninsured options mean if your package does not arrive we can not be held accountable. We only guarantee that packages were shipped outside U.S. customs. All international orders are shipped with customs form number, which proves the package was shipped.

Returns:   We do inspect all our merchandise before shipped. We do guarantee our merchandise shipped in the U.S. to be free of defects.  If you receive damage goods in the U.S. please contact us via email within 5 day upon receiving your damaged goods to arrange the return.  Contact  Medjugorje Gift Shop will replace the item upon return. If item is out of stock we will offer a full refund. 

If for some reason an order is shipped back to us without explanation,  wrong postal address provided, package is refused without notification,  or any other return, please note restocking, shipping, handling and material charges will occur before any reimbursement to purchaser is given.

Refunds are given for items returned only.

Credit Cards
We offer multiply credit card solutions. It is policy to ship to buyers address only, unless otherwise notified. Customer shipping information must match name on credit card. It is our policy to protect a buyers credit card as much as possible from fraud. If customer would like to ship to different name or address, we require notification of the different name and or address in the credit card process box "INSTRUCTION TO BUYER" when placing your order. If the INSTRUCTION TO BUYER box is not filled in with shipping change of address, we will contact you asking you confirm the order. We do not ship till we receive a reply from buyer.  If we receive no response back from buyer the order will be cancelled in about 30 days.

Free Gifts
Offers change from time to time. Order must total the amount required or over. Shipping charges many not be included as payment toward free gift offer.  Free gift offers good only in the United States. Different gift shop promotions can not be combined. All media products are sent by media mail and free gift offers can not be included with media purchases.

If you see a notice saying "closeout" or "one time special" please note these items are either  discontinued or a closeout. Such prices reflects a no return policy unless you have received a damaged item.

10% off Sale  When offered is good in U.S. only. Offer does not include media products, Christmas or printed media items.

NOTE: Offer currently not available. From time to time we offer a free bottle of Medjugorje Holy Water with a purchase in the gift shop. We do not believe in the practice of selling Holy Water so please don't ask. Our Holy water comes in the form of salt. We are not suppose to bring back water sources into the U.S. so St. James in Medjugorje blesses salt. When water is added to this salt it is blessed Medjugorje Holy Water. 

If you would like to write Medjugorje USA