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My Personal Religious Collection

Many of you may not know my health is not the best. I'm hanging in there but sooner or later we will all have to go. As a future precaution I have set it up so should something happen to me, items I sell in the gift shop will be donated to my local parish where the ladies can sell them at the Church's annual arts and craft fair. However, I have a rather large collection of personal religious items I hold dear to my heart. Out of all my biological bothers and sisters, I'm the only religious one in the family. So, my family members will have no interest in my personal religious collection, I'm sorry to say. Though it is a tough decision, I've decided I would like to see these items in the possession of those who will really treasure them as I have for many years. Selling this collection will also raise funds to ensure Medjugorje USA will continue long after I am gone. M religious collection consists of many fine, unusual, antique, one of a kind and rare pieces most which today you could not buy anywhere for any price. Considering this fact, some prices on this page are not for the faint of heart but all prices of these items are more than reasonable for the pieces being offered. Please also remember funds will go to keep Medjugorje USA alive long after I am not. I have only ONE of each item below.

19 piece Atlantic Nativity Set. I made and painted this ceramic nativity myself 25 years ago. The Atlantic molds constructed for this set (to the best of my knowledge) are now impossible to get and or make. Some years ago I though to buy the greenware and make another but the cost has skyrocketed. Just for greenware and firing, the cost was $375.00. This cost is before final stages of painting etc. There are a few small chips on a few of the piece that touch-up paint from any craft store can fix but otherwise this nativity is mint condition for its age. This would make a great family gift to be passed down from generation to generation. This is no small nativity as the camels are seven inches high. The manger was handmade from dried bark tree limbs. Because the manger is handmade and the pieces painted by me, there is no other nativity like this one in the world. Note: I missed one piece in the box when taking this photo, it is a boy blowing a horn announcing the birth of Christ. So, including the manger this is 20 piece set. It will be shipped in two maybe three priority mail boxes sent with web tracking on each box. The set is blessed with Medjugorje Holy Water. I am asking $425.00. This may seem expensive but  today if the molds could be found you can't make this set for the amount being asked.

Madonna & Child statue. 100% hand carved from wood, this statue is among my top favorite statues. The workmanship is a marvel to behold and the statue has awesome beautiful detail. I have owned this statues since 1987. I bought it at an estate auction, so this statue could be 30 plus yeas old and is mint condition. Many years ago the Leaflet Missal Company carried hand carved statues equivalent to this one and though their statues were no larger than this 10 3/4 inch statue, Leaflet Missal Company was selling them for $1200.00. Asking $500.00

Madonna flower planter. I  bought this planter at a consignment shop. It is is is made from ceramic and hand painted. The colors are very nice. I don't know how old it is but I have owned it for about 15 years. $40.00.

Celtic Crystal Collection by the Bradford Exchange, numbered and certified. This crystal statue was issued in 2003, I still have the box it came in. Issue number A2002. This is very heavy angel statue that stand 8 1/2 inches. $35.00  SOLD PLEASE DO NOT ORDER

Weeping Crucified Jesus statue. 100% hand carved from a tree. The backside of this statue still has the bark of the tree on it that it was carved from. This is a one of kind piece and is a treasured part of my religious collection. The dimensions are apx. 7 1/4 inch high with a 4 1/2 inch width. $100.00

Jesus carries the Cross. Outstanding high quality bisque type composition. This was purchased and blessed at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in 1991. The price tag of $95.00 is still on the bottom side. Crown tips, rope around mid-section and trim around bottom of robe are done in real gold. Sits on a highly polished wood base. 8 1/2 inch high by 6 3/4 width. $100.00


This piece is for a fine collector who want a perfect mint condition antique piece that is priceless and impossible to get. This 9 1/4 inch Madonna and Baby Jesus statues is an extraordinary piece from the famous world renown Wien Keramos, Vienna Austria. During different periods in history the marks on the bottom of Wien Kermos pieces changed. After researching, the mark on this piece dates it back between 1920 and 1939. A few people I have talked with believe it dates back to about the mid 1920's. So based on marking and people I have talked to this statue is about 80 plus years old. There are three different numbers on the bottom the first is 27 and right under this number is 936A and right under that number is the number 2. I have been unable to find anything more about this piece. What I do know about many of Wien Kermos pieces of this caliber  is 99% of them are in the hands of collections and they will not part with them. At the time I was putting this piece here on this webpage I searched trying to find Wien Kermos. They were most difficult to find but on ebay I was able to find two Wien Kermos pieces of similar age though not this statue, the owners had asking prices over $1600.00 to 1800.00 for each item. Again this piece is mint condition you would never guess this piece is some 80 years old. When mailed this piece will be insured for $2,000.00 and sent priority.  I'm asking $1250.00.

Occasionally you may find one of these pieces on ebay selling from $20.00 to $40.00 each but you will likely not find this 8 plate collection all together. From the Bradford Exchange "Visions of Our Lady Collection"  by artist Hector Garrido. Each plate is hard fired porcelain with limited firing days and each plate is numbered. This series ended in 1995 so the most recent piece is still 12 year old. Front and Back of plates lists the name of each apparition. The apparitions include Our Lady of Medjugorje, La Sallette, Grace, Mt. Carmel, Virgin of the Poor, Lourdes, Fatima, and Guadalupe. I bought this series one plate at a time as they were released. Plates are 8 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inch. Originally each plate sold for $30.00 each plus shipping. Collection is in mint condition.  $240.00 for entire set.


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