In the Beginning.....The Medjugorje Basics

"In the Beginning," is our new offering designed to get us all back to the basics of the Medjugorje messages which Our Lady has so often told us we must live by every day. Our Lady tells us often we still are not living the messages.

NEW The way to purity of the soul. An early message given to Medjugorje Seer Mirjana where Our Lady tell us the things we need to do, we are not doing.
Beginning Story of Medjugorje in June of 1981. Includes events of the first apparition, messages, 5 main messages and birthdates of all six seers.
The description of Our Lady of Medjugorje aka as "The Queen of Peace," as described by the Medjugorje visionaries complied from interviews.
Conversion and Faith; Two thoughts from Our Lady's Medjugorje Messages. Includes a few biblical thoughts and 5 main Medjugorje Messages
Reflections on the Medjugorje warning signs and chastisements. A short but deeper look into the 10 Medjugorje secrets. Includes info from Mirjana from 1983.
The basics of the 10 Medjugorje Secrets being given to all six Medjugorje visionaries. To date 3 seers have received all 10 & 3 have received 9 secrets.
Medjugorje basics on Fasting; Includes powerful message from Our Lady on fasting and the Cannon Law guidelines that govern fasting rules.
Interview with Medjugorje Seer Mirjana on the subject matter of Fasting which Our Lady has recommended we do every Wednesday and Friday.
2006, Interview with Jakov as he talks with a group of pilgrims at his home in Medjugorje; with help from a language translator. Interview on 25th Anniversary.
Gospa's Key Words; This section offers some key words that Our Lady tends to repeat over and over in messages because they are importance.
Interview with Ivan at Shoreline Center Auditorium; Interview was taped in 1997 in Seattle, Washington and transcribed by Linda Rogers.
Early 1987 Interview with Vicka in Medjugorje; This interview is conducted in a question & answer format. A total of 22 questions are asked.
Short Interview with Fr. Petar Ljubicic the priest whom seer Mirjana, has chosen to announce the 10 Medjugorje Secrets to the world.
Our Lady is constantly repeating in Her messages that we need to "Pray, Pray, Pray." This segment offers thoughts on the power and importance of prayer.
The basic Medjugorje short list of things to do and places to go while on pilgrimage in Medjugorje. Includes schedules and sites.
Medjugorje basic weekly daily program list for pilgrims while visiting  James Church in Medjugorje. Includes Mass, Confession & Rosary Schedules

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