In the Beginning.....

The Way to Purity of the Soul
By Our Lady Queen of Peace, Medjugorje

 This message is posted exactly as it was translated and printed.

 Apparition to Mirjana January 28, 1987

 “My dear children,

 I have come to lead you to purity of the soul and, thereby, to God. How have you accepted me? In the beginning, with disbelief, fear and distrust towards the children whom I have chosen. Then, most received me in their heart and began to carry out my motherly requests. But, unfortunately, this did not last very long. Wherever I manifest myself, and with me my Son, Satan turns up also. You have allowed him to control and guide you without your being aware of it. You are sometimes aware that your behavior is against the law of God, but you quickly suppress this awareness. Do not give in, my children. Dry away the tears in my face, tears that I shed when I see how you behave. Look at what is going on around you!

Take time to come closer to God in the church. Come to the house of your Father.

Take time to get together as a family and pray for the grace of God.

Remember your decease Rejoice them through the Mass.

Do not scorn the poor who begs you for a crust of bread. Do not refuse him the overabundance of your meals. Help him and God will also help you. Perhaps the blessing which he gives you in thanksgiving will come true for you. Perhaps God will hear him. You have forgotten all that, my children. Satan has influenced you in that respect. Do not yield to him! Pray with me! Do not delude yourself by thinking: “I am good but my brother, who lives near me, is not.” You would not be right in doing so. I love you because I am your Mother and that is why I am warning you.

There are some secrets, my children! And you do not know what they are; but when they will be known, it will be late! Go back to prayer! Nothing is more necessary than prayer! I would have liked the Lord to let me enlighten you at least a little on the secrets, but he is already offering you enough graces. Reflect on this! How much do you, yourselves, offer to Him? When was the last time you gave up something for the Lord?

I do not wish to reprimand you anymore, but I want to call you once again to prayer, to fasting and to penance. If you wish to obtain the grace of God through fast, then let no one know that you are fasting. If you wish to obtain the grace of God by giving alms to the poor, let no one know you are doing so except yourself and the Lord. Listen to me, my children!

Meditate in prayer this message which I am giving you.”

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