About the Medjugorje Secrets
Compiled by Michael K. Jones  Updated June 2016


The Medjugorje secrets are given only to the seers. The secrets can not be transmitted to anyone. The visionaries know the date when each secrets will be revealed. There are 10 secrets total. As of March 2016, Medjugorje visionaries Ivanka, Mirjana, and Jakov have received all 10 secrets. The remaining seers Vicka, Marija and Ivan have received 9 secrets each. Warning signs and chastisements (the secrets) will not come until the remaining visionaries receive the last remaining secret.

Picture on left. Medjugorje seer, Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo. Picture taken March 2011

The Medjugorje secrets deal with impending disaster and how to mitigate them. We know the first two secrets are warnings that will happen in Medjugorje, making the first two signs regional. We know the third secrets relate to a great sign. Our Lady say's the great sign will be left at the place of the first visitation site known as “Apparition Hill.” This sign will be visible and permanent. It is said the great sign will be so wondrous, even non-believers will not be able to deny it. However, we do not know what this sign will be, or when it will occur. Mirjana says the great sign will command attention. She adds: “Most of the secrets are depressing, but they must not instill fear in us. Our Lord made me understand that Mary is with us. If we accept Her as Our Mother, God as our Father and Jesus as our Brother, this family will not fail us.”

“Convert quickly,” said Our Lady (Gospa), and do not wait for the sign which has been announced. For the nonbelievers, it will be too late to be converted.” In Her messages, The Holy Virgin puts particular emphasis on daily prayer, Mass as often as possible, penance, fasting, conversion (Sacrament of Reconciliation,) Bible reading and Holy Eucharist. These are the ways to prepare for the coming events which the faithful call “Warning Signs and Chastisements.”

The secrets will be revealed to the world. Seer Mirjana is the keeper of the secrets. Our Lady "Queen of Peace" has given Mirjana the secrets written on a parchment. Mirjana says she could leave the parchment anywhere and not worry about someone reading it because the writings are an unknown language. Even so, Mirjana says she has no problem read the parchment. Rumor and speculation caused many to claim the parchment has been tested and is made of an unknown material. Medjugorje USA personally had a friend (who lives in Medjugorje) ask Mirjana about this test. Mirjana said, the parchment has never been tested and is kept in a safe place.

Picture on left, Father Petar Ljubicic. Picture taken September 2012.

Our Lady told Mirjana to choose a priest. This priest will release the secrets to the world, at the proper time. Father Petar Ljubicic is the priest chosen to divulge the secrets. In a talk with Father Petar in October 2012, Father said, "Mirjana will have the secrets when the time comes. 10 days before the warning we will know, when its coming, what is coming and how long it is going to last. For 7 days Mirjana and I (Father Petar) will have to pray and fast. 3 days before (the warning is to come) Fr. Petar will announce that in 3 days a secret will be revealed and also tells us what is going to be left up on Apparition Hill (The everlasting miraculous sign). Fr. Petar continued, The sign on Apparition Hill, (the 3rd secret) will be a tremendous happiness for all who will be coming to Medjugorje who believe and surrender. The sign will be the last call for those who have not converted."

In a letter sent to Pope John Paul II (now deceased), Mirjana says: “Before the visible sign is shown to humanity, three warnings will be given to the world. These warnings will refer to events which will take place on earth. Mirjana will be witness to these events. The testimony of Mirjana will be a confirmation and will be an incentive to the world conversion.” After the admonitions, the visible sign will be given for humanity on the sight of the Hill of Apparitions. The sign will be given as evidence the Medjugorje apparitions are real and also a call to faith and great conversion.

The 9th and 10th secrets are very serious. They are punishments for the sins of the world. The 9th and 10th secrets are unavoidable because we cannot expect the conversion of the whole world. Prayers and penance of the faithful can alleviate some punishments. According to Mirjana, the 7th secret which was announcing a threat for the world is mitigated because of faithful prayer and fasting.

After some 35 years (June 1981-2016) of apparitions, the first warning sign is long in coming. After the first admonition, the others will follow in a relatively short period of time. This extended time we are given now is a period of grace and conversion. After the visible sign, humanity will have but a brief period remaining, for conversion.

Asked if the last secret could be avoided Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana said: “People must prepare themselves spiritually and be ready for anything; they must not panic and should reconcile themselves inwardly. They should be ready for everything, even to die tomorrow”. With deep faith and firm belief in reconciliation with God, people must not be afraid, for God is with them. This means, total conversion and complete commitment to God. To the question “Why is it taking so long to divulge the secrets?” Mirjana replied, "this is a merciful delay on the part of God."

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