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Apparition Video of Medjugorje Seer Vicka in Corridonia (Macerata, Italy) November 13th, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV2jgT25iKw

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WARNING this new video is a Kleenex tissue moment!

Before sharing this youtube tear jerking video please indulge me in sharing a story I call, "The Best Quality Heart." All her life American born Mei-Lien felt her Chinese mother was constantly picking on her. Mei-Lein believed her other brothers and sisters were loved more because her mother never picked on them. After an evening dinner of lobster Mei-Lien's mother went to the kitchen to clean up while everyone sat at the table talking about life. Mei-Lien also left the table to help her mother clean up after dinner. In the kitchen her mother as usual was picking on her now 17 year old daughter. This time Mei-lien broke down in tears saying, "You have always picked on me since I was a little girl, you do not see me as you do the rest of the family." Her mother affectionately grabbed both her daughter's arms smiling looking deep into her eyes saying she had waited all her life for this very moment with her daughter. Her mother cried saying, " Today you make me very happy. You think I do not see you? You are wrong, I do see you daughter with best quality heart. I come to clean after eating and family sits talking at table but Mei-Lien comes to clean. Tonight I serve lobster and everyone takes best quality lobster for themselves but daughter Mei-Lien takes least quality. You think I don't see you? I do see you. I know you take least quality lobster because you have best quality heart, to have best quality heart I can not teach, to have best quality heart must be born this way."

Below is a great you-tube video of an amazing woman with a best quality heart.

This you-tube video not only shows the graces of God through intercession but the outcome of a young man who counts his blessings over his sufferings and sings out for world peace. Emmanuel Kelly, was featured on the 3rd season of the Australia X Factor where he sang "Imagine" by John Lennon. Asked his age by an X Factor judge during auditions, Emmanuel said he is not sure because he was born during the war in Iraq, as was his brother. They were both abandoned by their mother, who left them in a shoe box in a park. Two nuns found them where the miracle of love begins. The unwanted children were sent to an orphanage where both brothers were adopted by an Australian woman with a rare beautiful loving heart which can only be the result of a woman who was born this way. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=W86jlvrG54o&

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Glowing Cross Appear In Russian Sky. See Video

Moving Testimony of a Muslim Turned Christian


Medjugorje Visionary Video Testimonies

The 22nd annual "Medjugorje Youth Festival" took place from August 1 thru August 6, 2011. Young people representing 60 different countries announced their arrival. The Christian festival remains maybe the largest annual religious gatherings of young people in the world. The festival was telecasts in 18 languages by a large host of different media sources. Medjugorje USA sources stated that even a Jewish flag was represented at the gathering. Below are some of the testimonies of the Visionary given to large crowd during the Youth Festival. Medjugorje USA's thanks our long time friend Vittorio from Italy for the visionary testimony videos.

Testimony of Medjugorje Visionary Marija August 2011

Testimony of Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana August 2011

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