What Do You Believe
by author Alberta Sequeira

In today’s world, religion is important to the people who believe in it. It's going to take a serious shock with disasters and untreatable diseases for people to turn back to their faith. We have made material things the number one thing in our lives.

Families don't even discuss the topic of religion. For some reason they are uncomfortable with it. People feel foolish talking about God because others don't want to have Him mentioned. Children don't want to go to church because they are too tired, it’s considered boring or they don't believe in it. And, what do we do as parents? We allow it. What are we doing to our souls?

I can't count the times as a child that I didn't want to go to Mass. I went because it was required by my parents. Today I thank them for bringing God into my life, because He is my life. He has pulled me through losing my parents and a husband and daughter from alcoholism.

Religion becomes important to some only when it's needed in their lives. It's up to the faithful to pull the unbelievers back through prayer and being examples of the unconditional love God has for us.   

When things go smoothly in people's lives, God doesn't enter their minds. It's when something tremendously crushing happens to us that we turn to Him. It took 911 to bring people together and they flocked to the churches. It didn’t take long for the event to skip our minds on the importance of keeping our hearts open to Jesus.

He waits each day patiently for us to notice Him.  If we physically saw him in a chair in our home, we’d stop and say, “Hello.”  But, because we can’t see Him, we go day after day walking by Him and closing the door to communication.

When our loved ones get sick, we kneel in prayer for God to save them. If He calls them home, many lose their faith. We are all a gift to someone from God and we belong to Him.  It’s not until our final resting that we’ll understand His reasons. 

We have to remember that God is always with us. It's us who have closed the door on Him until He’s needed once again. Prayer is a very powerful thing if only others would come to realize it.

Religion and politics has always been, and will continue to be, a subject that people shy away from because it can get out of hand with arguments.  People will disagree for hours and no one comes out a winner. Why, because there are no winners. It's all in what you believe.

By: Alberta Sequeira

Published Author of A Healing Heart

Visit her site: www.ahealingheart.net