Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort III
By Father Anthony Mellace

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Part III

After presenting the normal characteristics of a true Marian devotion, St. Louis reveals the secret one that unites us perfectly and easily to Jesus; the most efficacious one to purify, sanctify and keep us faithful to the grace of God. It is a devotion that does not limit itself to an external or spiritual practice, but transforms us completely and fully into Christ. The perfect devotion is the one that unites, consecrates and makes us similar to Jesus as  Mary is. In other words, in the measure that a soul consecrates itself to Mary, is the measure in which it will be consecrated to Jesus. Logically, therefore, a perfect consecration to Jesus is a perfect and entire consecration to Mary. In this manner, also, one realizes the perfect renovation of the vows and promises of baptism. Giving ourselves entirely over to Mary, we belong entirely to Jesus. We must give everything to Mary: material goods (present and future), body, soul, spiritual goods (present and future), good actions, merits, etc. By handing over everything, without any intention of receiving something back, we will serve Mary for the simple honor of belonging to her, and through her, to Jesus. Mary will beautify, increase and protect the good actions that are trusted to her, and will utilize them for the greater glory of God. To Mary will belong the sufferings, thoughts and good actions of her consecrated souls.

St. Louis then presents eight advantages for consecrating ourselves to Mary:

1) Devotion to Mary shows us the greatness of the service of God; those who love her, serve Him perfectly. There is nothing greater in this world than to serve God. Those who are at God's disposition are rich, powerful and noble. Our fight for God must be entire and without reserve. In the perfect devotion, we give to Jesus and Mary all of our thoughts, words, actions (big and small), sufferings and moments of our lives. We are to serve them out of pure love and not from selfish interests. As Jesus gave of Himself entirely for us, so must we give entirely of ourselves to Him.

2) Devotion to Mary is the perfect way that Jesus Himself used in order to come to us. It is only logical that we should use the same way to go to Him. It is only through Mary that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit communicate their graces, merits and gifts to us and form the members of the Church. Through Mary, God receives the gratitude, respect and love that we owe Him for His benefits. Grace should return to its giver through the same channel from which it came.

3) Mary gives entirely of herself to her slave of love; sustaining him with her power, illuminating him with her light, communicating to him her virtues, inflaming his heart with her love, and adorning him with her merits. Similar to St. John, Mary's devotee "takes her into his home." (John 14:27). Those consecrated to Mary no longer depend on their own dispositions, intentions, merits, virtues and good works, but consider Mary as their only treasure.

4) The love for Mary, at the same time, develops itself into a great trust in Jesus. Mary decks us with her virtues and merits and purifies our actions of all selfishness and imperfections. She beautifies us with her own virtues. Our good works, in the hands of Mary, are accepted by Jesus. That which we give to Mary, is passed on to Jesus. Mary is so humble that when we praise her, she praises and glorifies God. If we say "Mary", she says "Jesus". Jesus accepts everything that Mary offers to Him. If we try to offer something to Jesus without her, He rejects it. We need to offer everything to God through the pure hands of Mary. Mary is capable of winning the heart of God and gather to Him the most miserable of our kind.

5) All of our actions have to realize the greater glory of God. Only Mary knows in what this glory consists of.

6) The way to Jesus through Mary is easy, short, perfect, and secure:


     a) It is an easy way because Mary herself accompanies her devotees to Jesus. She enlightens them in their dark and doubtful moments, she strengthens them in their moment of fear and sustains them during their struggles and difficulties. Compared to other traditional spiritualities of the Church, this one is of roses and honey.

     b) It is a short way. Mary's devotee progresses rapidly in a short time and gains singular victories. He comes quickly to Jesus and reaches perfection, sanctity and wisdom in a brief period. It is the way that Jesus Himself chose, who "grew in wisdom and grace before God and men".

     c) It is a perfect way, without sin or shadows, making us like unto God. Mary's devotee sees her as the mirror and perfect creature of God.

     d) It is a secure way. Mary is no obstacle to come to Jesus. How could she be an impediment if she prayed and dedicated herself so much for our salvation? Since she was so completely united to the Will of God, would she now mislead a soul from the path to God? On the contrary, if many did not reach sanctity, it is because Mary was not sufficiently formed in their souls. Anyone who wants  the Holy Spirit, first needs Mary, His spouse. We will come to Jesus when we pray, contemplate, act and suffer with Mary.


7) Mary helps us to reach our union with God. The presence of Jesus is greater in Mary than in heaven itself or in any other creature. There is no one greater or better than Mary to unite us to God. The simple fact of having one thought about God is a grace granted to us through Mary. Satan and his illusions too, are absent, wherever or in whomever Mary is present.

8) The way of Mary is a straight one, without curves or detours. She never tires us and her way is free of mud and dust.


Article is a free translation from the Portuguese version of the book "The Rose of Sharon". In the next month, we will analyze the fruits and effects of devotion to Mary in one's soul and heart. 

Father Anthony Mellace

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