Today's Christian Persecution, Tomorrow's Nightmare
By Michael K. Jones

UPDATED August, 4, 2012. See * at bottom of article.

Warning! This is a strong outspoken article. At times it may appear the article displays rage or anger but this is not true. This article simply tells it like it is.

Internet and TV news agencies are all abuzz July 25, 2012 because the president of a popular chicken restaurant commented that, as a Christian he does not support gay marriage. This comment has sparked an overwhelming outcry from gay rights advocates, companies, organizations and even government officials. Days later, more businesses and other leaders are stepping forward publicly supporting gay rights and condemning a CEO who openly shared his personal beliefs as a Christian.

Dan Cathy owner of “Chick-fli-A,” restaurants say’s he is “guilty as charged.” Yet we at Medjugorje USA do not find Dan Cathy guilty of anything, unless saying Christians do not support gay marriage is now a violation of “Freedom of Speech.”

When I think of this recent attack on Christians I am reminded of Revelation Chapter 12. The first few lines of Chapter 12 tell us, the dragon (satan) and his angels seek to destroy the woman (Our Lady) with the crown of 12 stars. Unable to capture Her, the dragon and his angels go to wage war with the rest of Her offspring who keep the Commandments of God and give testimony to Jesus Christ (verse 17). This prophecy in Revelations is a persecution of Christian's who believe The Virgin Mary is their spiritual Mother and Jesus Christ is their brother. The most recent attack against the CEO of “Chick-fli-A” continues to shows this prophecy of persecution is coming true.

The secular world is demanding Christians agree that homosexuality is acceptable to God. However, we just can’t make things up to suit their will.  True Christians live according to the foundation of the Christian Scriptures. The Scriptures are the foundation of all our Christian beliefs. Homosexual acts are discussed in the Old Testament and they are not acceptable to God.

Anyone wishing to know Christian laws that govern the sanctity of sex should start by reading Leviticus Chapter 18. In Chapter 20 verse 13 we find, “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them shall be put to death for their abomination deed; they have forfeited their lives.”

As Christians, we can not change the law to suit those who lust for the flesh. Please also note, as a Christian, I do not judge those who are gay either. God did not put me on this good earth to judge. The CEO now being condemned was not judging the gay community either. Dan Cathy was simply stating a known fact for any man who lives by Christian law.

In life, I make sure I am nice to everyone I meet because good Christians live by the Ten Commandments. One Commandment tells us, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” This Commandment does not say, love they neighbour only if he is not gay or only if he is white. The Scripture tells us to love all as thyself. Yet as a Christian, my faith can not deny that homosexual acts are not acceptable to God either. The Scriptures are quite clear on the subject of the sanctity of sex.

So if asked what I think of gay marriage, my response would be, “I am Christian, I  love my neighbour as myself, I do not judge anyone but this does not change the fact that as a Christian I must live by the laws of Christianity and by the law, homosexual acts are abhorrent to God.

Hollywood, television and Broadway has a huge influence over the minds of people. It is no secret that Hollywood, Television and Broadway has no great love for Jesus Christ. It is also no secret that these industries often gravitate toward gay lifestyles. 

A week ago the U.S. government gave another 150 million dollars in funding to find a cure for AIDS. This is a disease that traces back to the gay community. So, government approves another massive fund for AIDS research but takes away from the elderly, poor and disabled once again by cutting yet another 2% in medical assistance in January of this year. How cans government rationalized billions of dollars in research to cure STD’s, (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) but throws the elderly, poor and disabled into impossible conditions, choosing between paying bills, putting food on the table this month or medications that keep them alive?

Here is a novel idea saving a 150 million. How about gays who have multiple promiscuous sexual partners stop their behavior? How about if people stop cheating on their spouse? This would do far more to put a stop to AIDS than spending another 150 million dollars for some slight chance of finding a cure so people can continue having unnatural and unfaithful sex. My idea to stop AIDS brings back a sense of morals and discipline in a nation gone wild and saves a 150 million to help our elderly, poor and disabled who really need the help, through no fault of their own.

Recently just after the horrible tragedy at the movie theater in Colorado, President Obama went there to meet the victims of the shooting. He gave a speech to the Nation. President Obama started his speech with a well know Scripture. No one stood up saying something against Obama for quoting Scripture when he claims to be Christian but believes in abortion. Abortion is not an acceptable Christian practice! Why can everyone cry fowl when Dan Cathy simply states as a Christian he can not support gay marriage but Obama is applauded for quoting Scripture but believing abortion is an acceptable Christian practice?  

Anyone in their right mind paying attention can easily see things have gone amuck. I do not understand how leaders of our nation can justify spending billions for those who continue to transmit sexual diseases by indiscretion, while government slowly kill off the needy who suffer by random acts of nature. Our nation can kill babies in the womb but we must save those who lust for a multitude of sexual encounters. We can pay a large grant for the arts to a man who urinates in a mason jar, puts a crucifix of Jesus in the jar and displays it in a museum calling it, “Piss Jesus,” but our nation could easily leaves our elderly soaking in their own urine unattended and uncared for.

Christian have rights under the Constitution just as gays do but it seems only gays have support and Christian are outcasts not worthy of the same rights as those who lust after flesh.

The other night the mayor of Chicago said they do not want Chick-Fil-A in their city.  The mayor of Boston said on TV that “Chick-Fil-A” has been looking to purchase a building in Boston, but the mayor said, “Chick-Fil-A is not welcomed here.”

How can a political official tell a business (which will promote greater tax revenue for the State) they are not welcomed in Massachusetts, unless they accept gay marriage? However, the State of Massachusetts can force health care on the poor who live in the State and if a poor person does not pay for the forced health care, the State will take away their money as a penalty! Why does the mayor have a right to refuse a business for exercising “freedom of speech” but the mayor himself can break the Constitutional rights of that same citizen?

People think they can just make up any rule they want and change all the rules whenever they want for whatever reason they want and the ones with the most power win. Also sad to say, many cradle Christian have also jumped onboard the train heading to judgment before the thrown of God.

There is a growing movement among Christians who believe they can have their cake and eat it too. Many Christian now believe gay marriage and abortions are acceptable practices for Christians.

Christian or not, those who believe gay marriage and abortions are acceptable to God, are dead wrong. People who think this way are in fact guilty of, “The Sins of Omission.” Sin of Omission means, a person justifies doing something knowingly that should not be done.

As food for thought for those who would hear it, I offer Christian Scripture for those who choose lust over the love of God. Saint James Chapter 4 verses 1-3, “Where do wars and quarrels come among you? Is it not from this, from your passions, which wage war in your members? You covet and do not have; you kill and envy, and cannot obtain. You quarrel and wrangle, and you do not have because you do not ask. You ask and you do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it upon your passions. Adulterers, do you not know that the ways of this world is enmity with God?”

Ending I still ask, what every happened to freedom of speech? Christians have a right to free speech under the guidelines of the Constitution, just like everyone else.  No one can tell us our beliefs are not acceptable and freedom of speech no longer applies to Christians. Christians can express their Constitutional rights without persecution. It is the law!

As a proper Christian I for one will not judge but I will pray for those who choose to live according to the ways of this world which seeks after its own passions. I can do no more. Even so, for faithful Christians there is no doubt that these times of persecution are tomorrow’s nightmare.

* On August 2, 2012 CNN reported Obama appropriated 15 millions dollars in funds to Syria. Syria is in crisis trying to contain civil unrest in their country. The violence has escalated and many innocent men, woman and children have been killed. God tell us that it is good that we show kindness to a neighbor and even an enemy. So, offering help to Syria would seem a God like gesture by the U.S. On the other hand, it is also true Syria has no great love for America. There has been mistrust and negative impact between the U.S. and Syria for many decades. I am trying to wrap my head around helping Syria who pretty much hates Americans and how New Orleans is still left trying to recover from the nightmares of Katrina where our government did so little. How is it possible hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans 7 hears ago and they are still trying to pick up the pieces and recover but the U.S. can give 15 million to a country who hates us? In the same week Syria is given this money, Obama gave 150 million dollars to AIDS research so those who love flesh can continue their sexapades. Yet exactly seven years later this month, New Orleans still struggles to repair. 

I am not by any means a political protester but I am trying to make sense of all these things. As a Christian I can not comprehend how our own countries decides to hurt its own people in favor of helping other countries that hate us. It just makes no sense to me, nor do I think it right. The U.S. can not solve all the problems of the world (except with prayer) and in fact can't even solve its own problems. We have no business involving ourselves with the domestic affairs of Syria when we can't even solve our own affairs.

On August 3, 2012 we find claims that a 165 thousand jobs have been created this month but the next day we are told unemployment is again up. For the past few years we're hearing how new jobs are being created every month in the thousands. One would think by now with all these reports of new jobs that a good part of American is back to work. However, the truth of the matter is, unemployment is still going up and the economy is struggling. It is impossible to claim the creation of millions of new job and report a higher unemployment rate as a result. Anyone telling me all these jobs have been created but unemployment is still going up, is not telling the truth. We should also consider that this year is an election year and as such political figures will tell us everything we want to hear, be it truth or a lie.

I recommend anyone reading this article to go online and type in "National Debt Clock," into a good search engine. Click on the page which displays the clock and see the rise in national debt. You will be SHOCKED to see the clock change like the speed of light! Your eye can not take it all in, as the numbers spin out of control. Even so, candidates for president are still saying they can get the national debt under control. However, if in one single week Obama can give 15 million to Syria and 150 million to AIDS (which are not part of the national budget,) how can we lower dept when those in power keep spending money we do not have?

The end result is simple, Nation debt will only rise and government will only find bigger and better way to tax us so they have more money to spend. How much can government take from taxpayers before the balloon is so big it burst and all is lost?

Another important update on August 4, 2012. Yesterday I have a long conversation with a medical expert. Many are not aware of this news yet as it has not spread around as yet. There was a patient with AIDS who became sick with a cancer and this required agressive treatment to endeavor to save his life. Finally doing all that could be done, it was decided to find a match donor for a bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow is a well know treatment in some cancers which has been proven affective. Much to the surprise of the doctors, the AIDS patient not only recovered from the cancer but it appears he is free of AIDS, at this time. Doctors have now done a bone marrow transplant on another AIDS patient and so far doctors have the same positive result. Though it may be true there is not a bone marrow match for everyone, it now seems possible that for those who can get a bone marrow transplant, there may well be a cure. No one is jumping out of their seat yet saying a cure for AIDS has been found, but all evidence so far shows great promise.

The news of possible cure for AIDS patient of course is wonderful but I still have to say that the greatest and best way to prevent STD's is to avoid unnatural and promiscuous sex. If this world can not control the desires of the flesh, how can the world ever being to understand the many wonderful gifts of the Spirit?


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