Medjugorje Testimony Of Theo

I had been on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in October 2006 with a group of 28 people. Even though I had a heart problem and was under a lot of stress for the last few years due to my separation I climbed Apparition Hill ,  I did not wish to strain my heart but on the second day made it to the top of Crucifix Mountain. The services I attended both morning and evening at St James were something that touched the spirit of the journey and the soul. Indeed it was a blessing to be there and I will tell you of the blessing I received. I rarely pray to ask for favors for myself but at this time I asked for peace....inner peace.
I had twice prayed at the statue of the Risen Christ. On my second visit I noticed that a white dove flew and settled on the hip of Jesus Christ. For me this was a sigh of peace (and the Spirit) coming down at that moment. I have returned to Toronto, Canada with a sense of inner peace that I have not had for a very, very long time.
A lady in our group showed me her rosary where the links on it had turned to gold color on a previous visit. Though religious by nature I was very skeptical about the same. As I was leaving for our return for Toronto I noticed that one of the four rosaries I always carry on any pilgrimage .......the links were changing color. However I did not say anything about it or show it to anyone then.  On my return home there was a dramatic change from silver to a bright gold color to all the links and to the body of Christ on the cross. I have since been told of this phenomena  occurring and even seen the rosary of an Eucharist Minister who had visited Medjugorje in 1994. Theo

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