Supplication to God

O God, our heart is in deep darkness; in spite of this it is bound to Your Heart. Our heart struggles between You and Satan; do not allow this to be so! And every time our heart is divided between good and evil may it be illuminated by Your light and made whole. Never allow two loves to dwell within us, or that two faiths may ever co-exist, and never allow to dwell amongst us; falsehood and sincerity, love and hate, honesty and dishonesty, humility and pride. Rather, help us so that our heart may rise up to You like that of a child, Let our heart be captured by peace and may it ever continue to feel nostalgia for it. May your holy will and Your love find their abode in us, That at least some times we deserve truly to be Your children. And when, Lord, we do not wish to be Your children, remember our past desires and help us to receive You once more. We open our hearts to You so that Your holy love may dwell in them; we open our souls to You so that they may be touched by Your holy mercy which will help us to see all our sins clearly and will make us understand that what render us impure is sin! O God, we wish to be Your children, so humble and devoted as to become dear and sincere children, as only the Father could wish us to be. Help us, Jesus, our brother, to obtain the forgiveness of the Father and help us to be good towards Him. Help us, Jesus, to understand clearly what God gives us because sometimes we give up doing a good deed believing it to be wrong.

*After this prayer, recite the Glory Be three times

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