Father Rene' Laurentin Medjugorje Medical/Scientific Investigation 1984 & Death of Rene' Laurentin


 Father Rene' Laurentin Death 2017

French Roman Catholic theologian Msgr. René Laurentin, best known for his religious books and investigations of Marian apparitions, passed away September 10, 2017 in Evry, France, at the age of 99.

Laurentin was born just days after the unexplainable October 13, 1917 miracles, taking place in Fatima Portugal to the 3 shepherd children. From an early age he forged out a sojourn that would expand his entire lifetime. Father Laurentin wrote over 150 religious books, most related to the phenomena of Heaven Hosts visitations and the earthly seers chosen to witness the heavenly events.

Father Laurentin headed two teams of experts in their fields of expertise, testing and scrutinize the 6 Medjugorje children claiming they are seeing and speaking with the Virgin Mary. The studies of these investigations proved the Medjugorje seers were normal and believable. Father Laurentin had strong positive feelings toward the Medjugorje apparition after these two examinations of the Medjugorje visionaries. His opinions of Medjugorje remained positive throughout his lifetime.

Below are the findings of the second investigation conducted in 1984. This investigation conducted (in part) by Father Laurentin was originally written only in French. Medjugorje USA and friends worked to translate the document below from French to English. We request you do not copy or use the translation in anyway.

 Father Rene' Laurentin Medjugorje Medical/Scientific Investigation

The “medical Expert Report on the Medjugorje Visionaries” was published in French only. Written by Professor H. Joyelux in association with renown Marian apparition author, Father Rene Laurentian. The report produced four scientific assignments between March 24 and December 29, 1984.

Hearing about the apparition Professor Joyeux contacted Fr. Laurentian. During their phone discussion Fr. Rene expressed his interest in assembling a medical team to scientifically study the allegedly phenomena taking place in Medjugorje. Joyeux and Laurentian quickly endeavored to muster experts in their fields

The first medical conclusion of this study was a general observation of the visionaries the finings of the fist conclusion was that something was happening in Medjugorje and a further study was desirable. The necessity of further study was the impossibility of reaching the visions of the visionaries (the transmitters). This obliged the scientists to study the visionaries (the receivers.)

The essential questions were put before the scientists,

1.     Are the young visionaries different before, during and after the rapture?

2.     Are their physiological functions modified during the rapture and is so in what way?

3.     Cerebral function ocular motor, vision and reflex function.


The scientific team did suffer handicaps during the testing that is note worthy. Interpreters were used because of the language barrier. Professional obligation and the long travel distance to Medjugorje meant shot studies of no more than 48 hours. Taking measuring apparatus across the boarder to Medjugorje could only be resolved through an official declaration of the specific use of the instruments.

In establishing the scientific program a previous publication by Fr. Rene on Medjugorje was reviewed. A psychiatric exam had been conducted by Dr. Ante Vujevic on June 27, 1981 in the city of Citiuk. The visionaries were found normal and healthy in mind and body. A psychological exam conducted on June 29, 1981 by Dr. Dzuda in Mostar confirmed perfect equilibrium.


The Medical Team

The medical team assembled to scrutinize the Medjugorje visionaries were all from the medical faculty of Montpelier, France. This included;

Dr. Henir Joueaux, born June 28, 1945, is a doctor of cancerology, surgeon and director of research laboratories in nutrition and experimental cancerology.

Dr. Jacques Philippot, born July 10, 1945 is a senior house doctor qualified in opthalmoloty and consultant to hospitals in Montpelier. He carried out the entire study of the ocular and visual functions.

Dr. Francois Rouguerol, born October 30, 1947 is qualified in Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat). He is a senior clinical chief at the faculty, expert to the Tribunals. His studies carried out the entire study of the function of hearing and phonation.

Dr. Benard Hoarau, born September 4, 1945 is an internist. He carried out the clinical study with his colleagues previous mentioned.

Dr. Renaud Volpiliere, born May 2, 1953 is a professor of experimental medicine in the cardiology department of the University Hospital Center. He interpreted the results of the electrocardiographic recordings of the arterial pressure and cardiac rhythm.

Dr. Jean Cadihac, born September 24, 1924 is a professor of Experimental medicine, neurologist and neurophysiologist. He was a member of the Society of Neurophysiology of Yugoslaavia since 1970. He advised and interpreted the entire neurophysiological section of the reports and studied the various video recording of the Medjugorje raptures.

Mr. Rene Dubois-Chabert, born April 13, 1938 was the electrical engineer. He was responsible for the technical functioning of the tests.


 At Time of Testing

At the time of the clinical and paraclinical study, youngest visionary Jokov Colo was attending the local village school. Ivan Dragicevic was in study as a seminarist. Ivanka Ivankovic was studying economy. Vicka Ivankovic (no relation to Ivanka) was a student in a professional textile school. Maria Povlovic was training in a hairdresser school.


The Medical Assignments

Clinical and paraclinical studies were performed 30 to 60 minutes prior to rapture, during rapture and 10 to 15 minutes after the rapture.

First Assignment

On March 24 and 25, 1984 only clinical studies were taken. The subjects on these dates were visionary Vicka, Ivan, Maria and Jakov.

Second Assignment

This testing took place on June 9 and 10, 1984. On the 9th again only clinical studies were taken. On the 10th the assignments were both clinical and paraclinical on Jakov, Ivan, Maria and Ivanka. Also on June 10, two electrograph recordings were performed on Ivan and Maria. This included a cardio rhythm and arterial pressure on Jakov, Ivan, Maria, and Ivanka.

Third Assignment

This took place on October 6 and 7, 1984. An electrograph cardio rhythm and arterial pressure was taken on Maria. Clinical and paraclinical studies were done on Maria, Ivanka and Ivan. Video filming was taken before, during and after the rapture. A recording of cardio rhythm and arterial pressure was done on Ivan.

Forth Assignment

This assignment was taken on Dec. 28 and 29, 1984. The study was run on Jakov, Maria, Ivan and Ivanka. Again the testing consisted was both clinical and paraclinical. A recording of ocular movement was performed simultaneously on Ivan and Maria. A study of movement of the larynx was taken on Ivanka. Again video was taken. The raptures on these clinical tests lasted between 60 and 85 minutes.

During the first test of observation Jovko refused testing. Ivan and Maria were also reluctant. Fr. Laurentin also the parish priest explained to them the importance of the scientific testing; still they were not willing to do the testing. Jokov, Maria and Ivan said they would ask Our Lady what she though of this testing before they would comply.

Unable to complete this test, the medical team attended the 6:40 p.m. rapture with Ivan, Maria and Jokov. The following observations were noted. The visionaries simultaneously fell on their knees looking toward the crucifix on the wall in the sacristy. They began to recite the Lord’s Prayer and in the second sentence their voices were extinguished but their lips continued to move. Their eyes looked in the same direction. Examiners were dumfounded by the intensity of the look in their eyes and a joyful expression on their face. The visionaries stood up together announcing that Our Lady agreed to the medical testing saying, “It is good that you thought to ask me, you can do it.”

On June 10 (Pentecost) the 4 visionaries showed up. Only Maria and Ivan were tested. At exactly 6:45 while kneeling together their voices stopped. Their eyes again were looking in the same direction. They were engrossed in the 62 second apparition.

October 6 &7 Medical Assignment

Jokov was in bed with measles and the other seers were again reluctant to do medical testing without asking the Virgin. Father Slavko informed the medical team the children had asked the Virgin on Friday about the testing and she replied. “Do as you like.”

The instruments were all set up and a video camera to record all medical evaluations was set in place. Maria arrived first at 5 p.m. with Vicka and Ivanka showing up at 5:20. Kneeling simultaneously all made the sign of the cross and stared the Our Father. In less then a minute afterwards their voices could not be heard. Looking in the same direction truly gave an impression of conversing with someone not visible.  The apparitions lasted upwards two minutes. It was sensed their faces displayed a profound peace the moment the apparition ended. When their eyes lifted to the sky, they appeared overcome with inexpressible happiness.

December 28 & 29 Medical Assignment

The rapture is similar in nature to those previous observed.


Video Recording Study

1.     A recording presented on April 5, 1983, carried out in English by David Carver of the “St. Farancis Assuciation ofr Catholic Evangelization” under the title, “The Path of Peace.”

2.     Many recording from 1983 and 1984 presented by Father Laurentin, published by Enes video.

3.     An investigation by Jean Claude Dorrigaud a leading reporter for Channel 3, published by Enes Video.

4.     A recording of a pinprick test performed on Vicka by on of the experts appointed by the Bishop of Mostar.

5.     The recording done on the 6 & 7 of October and December 28 &, 1984 by the team of this investigation.


Conclusion of Clinical Studies

The clinical study of the visionaries in all phases of rapture (before, during, after) allowed the team to positively eliminate all clinical signs comparable to those which were observed in individual or collective hallucinations, hysteria, neurosis or in pathological raptures.


Electroencephalographic Function

These studies were performed on Ivan Dragicevic on June 10, `984 and on Maria Pavolvic on October 6, 1984.

The instrument used was a Alvar Electronic- Reega Minihuit-TR. The microvooltage at 50, the profress at 15mn per second. The setting of the electrodes were, 1-2, 2-3, 4-5, 5-6, 1-13, 4-14, 6-14. The positioning of the electrodes were 1 right frontal, 4 left frontal, 2 right parietal, 5 left parietal, 3 right occipital, 6 left occipital, 13 right temporal, 14 right temporal. At the time of the two exams the intermittent luminous stimulation test (ILS) was performed. Testing lasted 1 minute before rapture during plus 2 seconds and one minute after the apparitions.

Interpreting of the technical information above the test offer a read out related to the sweat of the subjects tested, also testing the recitation of the our Father, the movement of the opening and closing of eyes. It also tests wakefulness of type alpha waves.

The conclusion of this testing showed that Ivan and Maria have normal electronecphalograms during all phases of the rapture. All forms of epileptic dreams or sleep were eliminated as a possible cause.


Occular, Visual Functions

This testing was conducted during the 3rd and 4th medical assignments. The examinations consisted of;

1.     Examination of the back of the eye before rapture.

2.     Investigation of the photomotor reflexes (contraction of the pupil reaction to light) before, during and after the rapture.

3.     Comparative study of the frequency of blinking of the eyelids, before, during and after the rapture.

4.     Screen test on Ivanka and Maria consisting of interposing before their eyes an opaque cardboard screen during rapture.

5.     Study of the mobility of the ocular globes, before, during and after the rapture through an electrooculographic recording, (EOG) on two visionaries.


Examination of the back of the eye on Maria, Ivanka Vicka on Oct 6 and Maria, Ivanka and Ivan on October 7 were normal and identical before and after the rapture.

The firect and consencual photomotor reflexes were normal and symmetrical before, during and after the rapture for Ivan, Maria, and Ivanka on October 6 and in Maria, and Ivanka on October 7.

The reflex of “blinking at a threat of dazzle” is absent during the rapture in Maria and Ivank on October 7 while it is present before and after rapture. The number of blinks during rapture per minute was clearly lower than that which one can observe before and after.


                                 Before Rapture                During Rapture                 After Rapture


Vicka                    3/minute                          0/120seconds                   4/minute

Ivanka                   22/minute                        10/minute                         28/minute

Maria                    12/minute                         7/minute                          14/minute

Ivan                      14/minute                          0/80/seconds                  13/minute


Testing Ivan and Maria for ocular movements, simultaneity stopped at the same second of the beginning of the rapture. This was recorded through movement transmitted by the muscles of the face when they speak. At the end of the rapture all muscular movement stopped abruptly and simultaneously both Maria and Ivan ended the rapture at the same second.

The graphic recording of the movement of the ocular globes simultaneously in Maria and Ivan asserts that there was a 5th of a second between the beginning and also the end of the rapture.

The screen test during the rapture did not modify the behavior of Maira and Ivanka on October 7th. They stated that the test did not hinder them from seeing the Lady.

The study of video recording of December 28 asserts that there was a convergence of their lines in vision.



1.     The normal back of the eye exam eliminates any organic anomalies (ocular or cerebral by an expansive tumoral process of otherwise.

2.     One can not have a visual hallucination by an attack of the peripheral sensory receptors.

3.     The rapture does not suppress the reflex functioning of the pupil

4.     During the rapture the reflex functioning of the eyelid to a threat or a dazzle is inhibited; and the regular physiological blinking of the eyelids is less frequent in two visionaries.

5.     In the beginning of the rapture there is in two visionaries’ simultaneity to a 5th of a second of the stop of the movements of the ocular globes; and a resumption of these movements at the end of the rapture.

6.     A screen placed in front of their eyes does not hider vision.

7.     The lines of vision of the visionaries converge toward the same direction.


Cardiac Function

Testing was performed on arterial pressure and cardiac rhythm, before during and after the rapture.


The Results

The October 6 & 7 electrocardiograms based on electrical compleses showed functions were regular (sinuously)

The Cardiac rhythm can be calculated from the electrocardiograph readout and by reading with a blood pressure cuff the arterial pressure.


                            Before Rapture                                 During Rapture                              After Rapture


Ivanka                 144                                                    125                                              136   (June 10)

Vicka                  104                                                    140-135                                       145   (Oct. 06)

Maria                  105-95                                               99-95                                           110   (Oct. 07)

Ivan                    111-107-97                                        131-120                                       110   (Oct. 07)

Ivanka                152                                                     138                                               120   (June 10)

Ivan                    123                                                     112                                               125   (Oct. 07)


The average pressure was subject to modifications during the rapture. The averal arterial pressure in millimeters of mercury, measured with an instrument called, “Critikno-Dynamap Tm”.



1. At all phases of the study, cardiac rhythm appears fast, always greater than 90 beats per minute.

2. During rapture, one notes in 2 visionaries (Ivanka and Maria a slight decrease in cardiac rhythm, in the two others an increase (Vicka and Ivan).

3. The results were not significant and express a difference in the emotional behavior if one assumes it is possible that the period of rapture, the preparation and what follows, corresponds to an event always new and paranormal to the visionaries.

4.     The change of the arterial pressure in the two visionaries, in one to a more rapid rhythm, in the other to a more slow rhythm during rapture, allow an observation tendency of decrease in the arterial pressure of 4 to 11mm, which is not significant.


Hearing Function

Two questions were asked:

1.     Are the sensory receptors of the visionaries normal?

2.     How do the auditory canals function during the rapture?

Since the visionaries say they hear the voice of our Lady which no one hears aside from them, these tests were done to make sure there were no auditory hallucinations.

The essential test: objective study of the “Auditory Potentials Evoked”. This study was used to detect deafness at the time of birth in order to start an early rehabilitation and in the adult to detect the trickery of false deafness.


The technique of study

The instrument used was a PEA 1010 (RACIA).

     The use of a modern electrophysiological study determines the conductivity, lengthwise, of the eight cranial pair (There are actually 12 cranial pairs and the eight        represent the right and left auditory nerves.)

     The first readout of Ivan was 70 decibels I in the right ear (the left was deafened by the other listener in headphones).

Technical details: alternate polarity, gain 5, length of analysis, 12.5 milliseconds, number of passages 1600, stimuli 30/second.


Before the Rapture

1.     The instrument was tested on a normal non-visionary child. The readout obtained was normal.

2.     2. The first readout on Ivan was at 70 decibels in the right ear (the left was deafened by the other listener in the headphones.

Alternate polarity; gain 5, length of analysis 12. 5 milliseconds, number of passages 1600, stimuli 30/second

Results: the interval ITiv= 46 milliseconds corresponds to a normal conductivity of the auditory nerve which allows us to assert that the auditory canals are functionally and organically normal as far as the quadrigeminate bodies. (The upper part of the cerebral trunk).


During the Rapture

The sound injected into the right ear is at 90 decibels (the sound of an internal combustion engine at full speed) with the deafening of the left ear. The constants are identical with those of the previous examination.

Results: Absence of the usual objective clinical reaction in particular lack of the surprise effect upon injection of the 90 decibels into the right ear.

Absence of the subjective perception to the “Clicks” delivered by the other listener into the right ear with the deafening of the left ear. Ivan asserts at the end of the test that he did not hear anything.

Thus, during the entire time of the rapture and also during the recitation of the Rosary in Croatian, perceptible to the people present, no sound perception reaches the cerebral cortex of Ivan. There exists therefore, during the rapture, a disconnection of the auditory canals. The test of the auditory potentials evoked studies the potentials of the semi-precocious action of the peripherie (the cochlea internal part of the ear) as far as the nucleus of the cerebral trunk. This allows us to assert that the auditory canals are normal as far as the cerebral trunk. The regular speed and good circling of the line of the readout positively eliminates an auditory hallucination of the epileptic type.


J Phonation Function

1. How come during the rapture, the voices of the visionaries extinguish on two occasions?

2. Does the larynx function in the mute period since the gesticulation is not suppressed?


Psychopathological Reminder

The entire modification of the laryngeal functioning is accompanied by a conmittant functioning of the muscles of the soft palate and thus the internal and external peristaphylin muscle. The Action of the peristaphylin muscles modifies moreover the intratympanic pressures and is caused by a modification of the acoustical impedance, which is recordable with an impedometer.

Functioning of the laryngeal muscles

Concomitant functioning of the muscles of the soft palate

Action of the peristaphylin muscle

Recordable modification of the acoustic impedance.

Thus, the modifications of the needle of the impedometer indicate variations of the laryngeal functioning, inversely, immobility of this needle indicates the immobility of the larynx.



The examination was performed on Ivank on December 28, the sound atmosphere controlled on the sonometer varied between 45 and 70.



At the beginning of the recitation of the prayer by the visionaries, the needle of the meter moves to a great amplitude. When the prayer becomes inaudible for the surroundings, the needle of the meter freezers. Then the prayer becomes audible again for those surroundings, the needle of the meter moves again and to great amplitude.

When again the prayer is audible, the view-meter immobilizes, whether the muscles of gesticulation are functioning or not. The visionaries at times give the impression of speaking. All this happens as if there was a stop in the laryngeal function, without modification of the function of the muscles of gesticulation; which provides a supplementary argument that there is no cotoleptic behavior there.


Discussion and Conclusion.


1. The role of the medical tests.

The tests preformed by the team are not exhaustive, they have merit of existing, of having been done, in full agreement with those concerned (and it seems with the person whom they see) in spit of the considerable reservations in the beginning.

Among the tests performed, some are of more value than others, the electroencephalographic, electroculographic recording and the auditory potentials evoked are more important than the electrocardiograms… none of these provide and moreover even the new tests will not be able to provide the scientific proff that the Virgin Mary appears to the visionaries of Medjugorje. Of the new test (polygraphy) or the repetition and multiplication of the tests performed are possible but we consider the results actually obtained permitting to provide genuine scientific conclusions.


Interpretation of the medical tests.

2. Some will be able to say that the clinical data is subjective and therefore less scientific. Yet, it appeals to good medical sense of just common sense. To a certain extent, one does not need to be a doctor to realize that these youths are normal and healthy in body and mind.

     The paraclinical data concerning the main functions of the essential organs does not have any purpose other than to answer the question: are there changes during    the rapture?


       Objective or subjective view

       This is an essential question which is difficult to answer in a definite way. Nevertheless, scientific arguments direct us

       toward the objective view and others toward the subjective view.

       The argument in favor of the objective view are:

1.     The convergence of the lines of vision verified by a video recording set up opposite the visionaries during the rapture.


The arguments in favor of the subjective view are:

1.     The screen test does not suppress the vision, so that the normal visual routes are not used.

2.     The auditory potentials evoked prove that during the rapture the auditory canals remain normal but are in use.



The Medical clinical and paraclinical studies of the visionaries of Medjugorje allow us to assert that the period of rapture constitutes an extraordinary phenomenon having certain characteristics identical to those observed before and after the rapture.


Characteristics identical before, during and after the rapture:

Electroencephalographic readouts.

Photomotor refleses

Electrocardiographic readouts

Integrity of the auditory canals studied.


Characteristics of the raptures of Medjugorje

They can be schematized in many successive parts in accordance with the functions which we have studied.


Cerebral function:

Global electrical functioning of the brain of the 2 studied visionaries, comparable to that of normal subjects.

The electroencephalographic recordings bring to the before period of rapture, a Beta rhythm interrupted by Alpha rhythm. The Beta rhythm corresponds to a rapid course of 19 to 20 second cycles. It can be dependant upon an “intentional concentration on the action of an unexpected stimulus, on a strong feeling during the waking state” (Science and Conscience, Ed Stock, 1980).

In the beginning of the rapture, the Beta rhythm persists little of the time and transforms into an almost continuous Alpha rhythm. This Alpha rhythm is observes as well in “a state of uncertainty, in relaxation, in medication techniques. It is a rhythm of expectation more than attentions which is the Beta rhythm”.

According to Georges Pegans (Science and Conscience, Ed. Stock 1980, (pp 414) “One notices in contemplative people and mystics the capacity to quickly make appear Alpha rhythm or to incite a fast increase in the abundance, amplitude and the regularity of the Alpha rhythm. This is without a doubt a sign of hesteria (that is rest, peace of mind);

A general contemplative state, the fruit of silence, of thought; described by Evagre: ‘try your best to keep your intellectual self deaf and mute through prayer, in this way you will be able to pray”.

The cerebral cortex does not detect objective auditory, visual stimuli during the rapture (the auditory potential evoked test, the screen test).


Visual and ocular functions

Significant decrease of 50% for some, almost 0% for other visionaries of the reflex blinking of the eyelids (the necessary physiological stimulus to moisten regularly the cornea by the lachrymal secretions, this blinking is in general 15 to 20 times per minute).

Convergence of the lines of vision verifiable on the video recording done on December 26, 1984.

The abolition of the blinking reflex to a threat or a dazzle.

Stimltaneity of the stop, to a fifth of a second of the movements of the ocular globes in the beginning of the rapture (electrooculographic recording on Ivan and Maria) and the simultaneous return in the same second of these movement at the end of the rapture.


Cardiac function

Slight modification of the cardiac rhythm to a slower tendency (Maria, Ivanka) of faster (Ivan, Vicka).

Slight modification of the arterial pressure to a lower tendency (Ivanka, Ivan).

Normal cardiac contraction (electrocardiograms).


Phonatory function

Stop, during the two mute periods of the rapture, of the laryngeal functioning without modification of the functioning of the muscles of gesticulation.


Auditory function

Inhibition of the auditory function (the auditory potentials evoked test) which shows that during the rapture Ivan does not hear 90 decibels which are introduced into his right ear.



The phenomenon of the apparitions of Yugoslavia in Medjugorje studied at different times during 1984 on 5 visionaries reveals itself to be inexplicable scientifically. The clinical observation of the visionaries allow us to assert as our Yugoslavian colleagues have done before us, that the youths are normal, health in body and mind.

The meticulous clinical and paraclinical studies carried out before, during and after the raptures of March 24-25, June 9-10, October 6-7 and December 28-29, 1984 allow us to assert scientifically that there does not exist any pathological modification of the studied objective parameters: electroencephalogram, electrooculogram, electrocardiogram, auditory potential evoked.

1.     There is no epileptic behavior because the electroencephalogram proves it.

2.     It is not sleep behavior because the electroencephalogram proves it

3.     It is not dream behavior because the electroencephalogram proves it.

4.     It is not hallucinatory behavior in the pathological sense of the term.


No auditory or visual hallucinations which would be linked to an anomaly at the level of the peripheral sensory receptors (normal auditory canals and vision).

No hallucinations because the electroencephalograms prove it.

No hallucinations of the dream type, those which one can observe in acute mental confusion or during the evolution of degenerative dementias.

It is not behavior of hysteria, neurosis or pathological rapture because the visionaries do not have any symptoms of these ailments in any of their clinical forms.

It is not cataleptic behavior because during the rapture the muscles of gesticulation are not inhibited, they function normally.

In the beginning of the rapture there is simultaneity of the stop of the ocular movements, simultaneity of the return of these movements at the time of rapture. During the rapture, there is a convergence of the lines of vision and as if there is an encounter between the visionaries and a person whom we cannot see. These youths have always exhibited a non-pathological behavior, during the rapture they are “in a state of prayer”.

The youths of Medjugorje are not drops-outs, dreamers, tired, anguished; they are free and happy, well adjusted I the modern world of their country.

In Medjugorje the raptures are not pathological and there is no trickery. Not any scientific denomination seems to us capable of describing these phenomena, we will define them willingly as an “active, intense state of prayer” disconnected partially from the external world which we will call, “a state of contemplation and communication” objective or subjective depending on whether the person with whom they are in communicating is external or not.

 Author Notes;

The French scientific study includes many more pages of medical graphic display the results of the testing written above. They are not included in this book as if you are not a doctor you would not understand them.

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