The Apparitions of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda
Michael K. Jones

Archbishop Augustin Misago of Gikongoro, Rwanda, has released a statement indicating his "definitive judgment" that the reported apparitions in Kibeho are authentic. The Vatican made the archbishop's statement public on June 29, 2001

Picture: Rwanda visionary during apparition.

(For further reading I recommend Michael H. Brown's book, "The Final Hour.")

In November 1981, and 1989 the apparitions began in Kibeho, Rwanda. Their names are,

Alphonsine Mumureke, born in 1965.
Marie-Claire Mukangang, born in 1961.
Stephanie Mukamurenzi, born in 1968. No picture.
Agnes Kamagaju, born 1960.
Emanuel Segatashya, born 1967.
Vestine Salima, born 1960.

The apparitions are such that they are far to many to list in this article, so I will list only a few.

On May 15, 1982, after an eight-hour vision, the visionaries saw people who were killing each other, rivers of blood, dead bodies without being buried, lots of trees in flames. Agnes saw these horrific and painful events in 1983 during the apparitions of Our Lord in front of a huge crowd.

Medjugorje visionary, Ivanka in Medjugorje saw horrible events that were to happen in Africa during her vision in June 25, 1993. Our Lady had told her the horrible event would start soon but could be stopped with prayer.

In February 1994, Our Lady prepared Agnes in a private apparition for the painful events. In that vision Agnes saw her parents as being killed in Kibeho.

"There isn't much time left in preparing for the Last Judgment. We must change our live, renounce sin. Pray and prepare for our own death and for the end of the world. We must prepare while there is still time. Those who do well will go to Heaven. If they do evil, they will condemn themselves with no hope of appeal. Do not lose time in doing good and praying. There is not much time and Jesus will come."

If Rwanda did not come back to God, the vision said, there would be a "river of blood. "

From April to June 1994, Hutu leaders organized a systematic genocide that exterminated about 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu, a killing spree accomplished mostly by machete and clubs

Marie-Claire was killed in the town of Byumba in the summer of 1994. Emanuel died while running away from Kigali.

For the visionaries the apparitions ended in 1983, Alphonsine continues to receive apparitions every year on November 28. Her last apparition was on November 28, 1989.

Our Lady appeared under the title of, "Mother of the Word." She often spoke of the importance of prayer and for saying the Rosary. In an apparition she explained why she had come, "I have come to prepare the way for my Son for your good and you do not want to understand. The time remaining is short and you are absent-minded. You are distracted by the goods of this world which are passing. I have seen many of my children getting lost and I have come to show them the true way." Our Lady also told the visionaries the importance of loving one another.

During one apparition, Jesus told Emanuel, "Too many people treat their neighbors dishonestly. The world is full of hatred. You will know my Second Coming is at hand when you see the outbreak of religious wars. Then, know that I am on the way."

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