Pictures From Medjugorje

Medjugorje From a Distance with St. James Church in Center of the Picture.

Taken by Lynn Reardon








A curious dove sits on the cross that tops the dome of the outdoor chapel behind St. James Church. Posing for the camera, the dove looks down at Carol Davis while taking the picture. Photo taken in Medjugorje, October, 2012.












Nun stands in prayer at the top of Cross Mountain as streams of light run across the landscape.

 by Sent by, Philomena Serrao from Canada.







Cross Mountain in Medjugorje during sunset. Photo taken in Medjugorje, October, 2012 by Carol Davis.









Taken by Jacques Bernier from Canada.













Taken by Tess Nixon, May, 2004.

Taken by Tess Nixon, May, 2004

Pilgrim reaches for the statue's left knee with a hanky to dap the oozing mysterious fluid.

A view of St. James at night time when everyone is asleep.

Old man praying at the first sight of the apparition.

Rainbow appears at the sight of the first apparition on Apparition Hill.

Pilgrim prays in Medjugorje before hundreds of lit candles offering prayers up to God.

Group of pilgrims pray on Apparition Hill. Note how worn the rocks are from the millions of people who have walked on them.

A group of pilgrims assemble at the top of Cross Mountain.

Cross Mountain with a shinning sun.


A look down into the valley at St. James parish.





Cross Mountain on 10th October 2006, taken by Marilyn Xavier, Toronto, Canada












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