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"A Rosary that Changes to a Gold Color"

Hello Michael,

My name is Michele. I have enjoyed your web site and I feel very compelled to write you.

I read what you wrote about your trip to Medjugorje and I have to tell you I cried through the entire story. You told it so beautifully I felt (and wished) I was there with you. (I am still crying).

I had an experience several years ago and I know Our Lady was with me.

Two and a half years ago I suddenly got extremely ill and I was bedridden for four months. I used to fall asleep holding my husband's hand and crying because I truly thought I was going to die during the night. There were many days that I could not get anything in me except for a few ounces of ginger ale, I don't know who my body survived. I think I was in the doctor's office 3 times a week and had more blood drawn than I care to remember only for the doctor's to tell me my blood work showed nothing and all reports came back not only good but extremely good, I couldn't believe it.

During the day I would lay in bed feeling like I was in and out of a comma and the only thing I felt that gave me hope was the sunlight that I could see through the slit in my blind over my bed. I truly thought I was going to die and the doctor's told me the best they could guess was that I had a virus that attacked my neurological system.

Anyway, after the first month I knew the doctors couldn't do anything for me and I thought "Oh God I'm going to die" and then I suddenly thought "I cannot lay here and die". I remembered about a string of rosary beads my mother purchase for me from a young priest and I pulled them out of the nightstand, (where they had been for about 15 years). I remembered when I got them they didn't have much meaning to me other than they had pretty purple beads. Well I can tell you that they mean much more to me today.

When I pulled out the rosaries I didn't have a clue on what to do with them so I read the tiny book that came with them and I remember crying through the entire rosary. I continually said them for days, sometimes several times a day and I slept with them wrapped around my fist.

After about three months I prayed to our Blessed Mother and told her I didn't have the strength to keep fighting and I was starting to feel like I would never get better. I asked her to give me a sign and let me know if I would be ok so I could gain the strength to keep on fighting. I specifically asked her if she would turn my rosaries gold and then I would know I would be ok. I placed a cloth over my rosaries for three days and gave them up to her and on the third day I lifted the cloth and my beautiful silver string of rosaries with the pretty purple beads turned into an even more beautiful gold string of rosaries with pretty purple beads. I couldn't believe it I cried like a baby and I thanked her and I still do to this day.

That moment changed my life and I don't think I will ever be the same person. I feel such a strong bond to her and I know she is in Medjugorje and I cannot begin to explain the strong desire I have to go to Medjugorje. I feel so strongly in my heart that she is with me now but maybe in Medjugorje she would allow me to be closer. I look at that beautiful string of rosaries and I still cannot believe what I have witness, or should I say what Our Blessed Mother has given me. I know she prayed for me and got me a second chance.

My life has such different meaning today and the things that used to be so important are now so insignificant and the insignificant things are now what really matter. Something so simple as green grass and a bird's chirp can warm my heart and materialistic things have no place in my heart. Sometimes I wonder if that illness was a big smack to wake me up. I have a strong craving for peace in the world and I want people to give God the love he deserves.

Today I pray to her for a child because my husband suffers with an infertility disorder. I always tell her in my prayers that she gave me one miracle which is more than any one should ask for and if it doesn't happen I am truly more than thrilled with what I have already been blessed.

I hope my long-winded letter did not take too much of your time but I felt so compelled to write you. Please pray for me as I will for you and your work. I hope one day I can make it to Medjugorje.

God Bless you and may your web site be read by everyone!!! Michele

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