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"The Miracle Baby"

In Apri. 2003, my daughter was born to us unaware of her heart condition (pulmonary atresia). She had opened heart surgery three days later and was in a coma state for 4 weeks before we even saw her twitch and move. The whole time she was in the hospital, i had a crucifix in her bed and constantly prayed for her life. We have two other children at home to care for this whole time. It was the hardest thing our family has ever faced. Our daughter Mia had major complications from the surgery including five colapsed lungs, ventilation, low oxygen, and everything else imaginable. After her 4 wk stay in the hospital, we finally got to take home our baby with an oxygen tank, which she had to be hooked up on 24/7. It was on Mother's Day 2003 when we noticed a change on Mia's skin coloring, she was so yellow that we took her in again for a check-up. She was then diagnosed with another rare defect called choledochal cyst. Her bile duct had a blockage that she needed to have another surgery. On the day of the scheduled liver surgery, Mia's oatmeal colored BM showed some coloring which was a good indication that the blockage was gone. We had her re-tested and to all of our surprise, the cyst or the blockage was gone and there was no sign of ever having any kind of problem with her bile duct or liver, the whole thing cleared by itself. The doctors were amazed. We were sent home the same day of the surgery. Until this day she will always be our "Miracle Baby". After a couple of weeks home with her, our family was planning on doing a "heart walk" when my best friend told me that there is a lady named Isabel from her church who wanted to walk with me. I had no idea who this woman was but I was happy to hear it. After a while I was trying to remember where and who gave me the crucifix that was on Mia's bedside in the hospital. Then I remembered a friend of mine 13 years ago gave it to me from Medjugorje, a place i've never heard of before. I remembered her lending me a book to read about it also, but i was not that interested and returned the book to her unread. After telling my best friend about it, she then told me that Isabel was going to Medjugorje for the second time and what a coincidence it was that I should meet her. We finally met and what a blessing it was from God to have met her. It seemed like that whole month after that I was hearing so much about Medugorje, I even learned another good friend has also been there and was going back. I then started looking up for tickets to go, but soon realized that my baby also needed me at home at the moment. Isabel reassured me that the time will come for me to go. We just requested our next transfer to be in Europe for our next military assignment, so hopefully we will all be able to go as a family. I cannot tell you how often I prayed for intercession from "Mama Mary", I was begging her to pray for our baby and help us. Like always she came throughh, Jesus gave our daughter a second chance to live. Our family will forever be grateful for all the prayers from everyone, even people we did not know from other parishes. Since then I have started a Rosary Group, every first friday of every month, and it has been a success for over a year now. Our lord works miracles everyday, in small ones and big ones. Mia will always be reminded of her Miracle as she grows up, I promised to teach her everything about God and be close to him in her heart.... Elena Marrs

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