Life Without God is Boring
By Father Anthony Mellace/Medjugorje USA's Spiritual Director


  In one of her visits to Medjugorje, Mary told us that there is nothing boring to prayer. I would affirm this by saying that the most exciting life to live is actually that of prayer. Once you begin to pray, things start happening. Without prayer, nothing significant occurs and no real revolution is begun. That is why the saints were the only ones that truly did anything worthwhile for the world. Through prayer (and the sacrifice of their lives), the saints were able to rid our society of vice, time and time again. Through prayer, the saints discovered wonderful and profound truths for humanity and captured the wisdom from on high.


  In prayer, many people find fulfillment for their lives, expanding their hearts and deepening their charity. Great changes come about in their existence. Prayer moves mountains, especially the ones surrounding us.  Prayer brings back physical health to many or for those they are praying. I remember once, an incident that impressed me when I was in the Amazon region. One of the female cooks in a commercial riverboat was worried about her young son who had caught malaria and was dying. She refused to accept the idea that she would lose him. As soon as the riverboat docked in the port, she decided to walk on her knees from the dockyard to the local Church. The city was called Borba and there was a famous shrine to St. Anthony in the town about a half mile from the shore. In front of everyone, she would take three steps, stop, say a “Hail Mary” and then take three more steps, all this on her bare knees. She prayed fervently for the life of her son. At this rate, it took her a long time before she finally made it to the grounds of the Church. I was there, and along with a crowd of people, observed her movements along the sharp stones of the street. By now, she was pretty cut up and had left a trail of blood behind her. Some more compassionate souls ran to her and told her to stop, offering to carry her to the Church or hospital. She refused any interference. She finally entered the Church and broke out into tears.


   Lo and behold, the captain of the riverboat came running into the Church all excited. He broke the news to her that her son had been perfectly healed! She then stood up, went to the statue of Mary and offered a heartfelt prayer of gratitude. Joy radiated from her face and she went to see and embrace her son. I will never forget that scene and the expressions of deep anguish, then peace and profound happiness on the face of the mother. It also made me think of how Mary must be skinning her knees in heaven to save our sinful humanity with a love and imploration greater than any mother on this planet. Now, is there anyone out there who will say that prayer is “boring”?


  Jacques Maritain, the great French philosopher, said that life is so boring that only the presence of the saints make it bearable. I remember once watching an interesting episode of the "Twilight Zone". A young rock and roll star  had been condemned by God to hell because of his sex and drug life. The singer looked at God and laughed, saying: "I actually like hell, all that fire, brimstone, devils and forks. Let me have it all, I can't wait to go there. It is similar to what I was living on earth anyway. I am used to it and will entertain myself with my friends and devils down there."


  The scene then changes and the rock guitarist finds himself in a very nice five star Hilton hotel. Surprised, he asked the clerk: "where is all the fire and brimstone? What is this place?" The clerk simply smiles and says: "Come this way, I will show you the room where you will be in forever." The singer followed the clerk and entered a nicely furnished suite. The door was securely locked behind him. In the room were two ladies, sitting in their chairs and discussing the chapters of the latest soap opera, the things they bought at the shopping center, the new game shows on TV, the fancy hairdos at the salon, etc. A sudden look of despair gripped the rock star and he pounded on the door asking to be released. No one answered. He gave a horrendous shout of despair and horror and pleaded to be freed from the situation. An interphone rang and the clerk whispered to him: "Hell is not what you imagine it to be, but synonymous to what is most boring in your life!"


Father Anthony Mellace


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