Why Are There So Many Conflict and Wars Between Israel, and Palestine? The Short Version
By Michael K. Jones

The problem with Israel and Palestine dates back to scriptures where Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt to what God called, "The Land of Milk and Honey," aka “The Promise Land.”  Travelling through the desert, the Israelites gravely sinned. As punishment for these sins they had to wander the desert for 40 years. They finally came upon the river Jordan. Here God called Moses up to the Holy Mountain and the staff of Moses was given to the stone cutter Joshua who took the people across the Jordan to the Promise Land.

The land beyond the Jordan was long since settled by Palestine but they welcomed Israel to live among them. In this land Israelites prospered far better than did the Palestinian people. When the Palestine king died the next king hated the fact Israel had prospered and Palestine people had not. After conflict, Israel was driven from the land and scattered throughout the world. It has been this way ever since. This is why today we can find Jewish people (Israelites) everywhere in the world.

In 1948 the State of Israel was re-established in the land given them by God (the Land of Milk and Honey) and now Palestine was cast away from this territory. Since biblical times dating back to the Story of Moses in the Old Testament to even today, Israel and Palestine continue to fight over this land. Palestine wants the land returned and Israel will not give up the land because it is the promise land given them by God.

The unrest and often time wars in the Holy Land are with the surrounding countries. Palestine people are mostly Muslim as are the countries that boarder Israel.  These countries want the land returned to Palestine.

On the flip side, Israel has the support of many nations including the U.S. It is the U.S. that helps build Israel’s infrastructure since their foundation of rebirth in 1948. The U.S also has strong presence in the development of Israel’s military might. This means Israel has military muscle to fights off the surrounding countries. Jordan is the only surrounding country that accepts the State of Israel and conducts business with them.

Having been at war since before the birth of Christ, the question is who really has claim over this land? We certainly can not know the mind of God so the answer as to why the Land of Milk and Honey was given the Israelites when it was already settled with the people of Palestine is a mystery. What we do know is scripture talks about the destruction of Jerusalem from the Old Testament to the book of Revelation in the New Testament. It would seem that the destruction of Jerusalem may well come at the hand of borderline countries. If united, Israel could not stand ground against the surrounding Muslim countries, all by itself.

If destroyed, the end of a possible new beginning many well be found in Revelation 21:2  “I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.”