Gregorian Masses For Departed Loved Ones

In accordance with Catholic tradition of over 1,300 years a series of thirty holy Masses known as Gregorian Masses, is offered on thirty consecutive days exclusively for the repose of the soul of a departed person.

The name derives from Pope St. Gregory the Great who was the first to popularize this pious practice. St. Gregory relates in his Dialogues how, when he had finished the series of thirty Masses for a departed monk, the monk appeared to tell he had thus gained entry into glory on completion of the Gregorian Masses.

The hallowed tradition has been declared "a pious and reasonable belief of the faithful" on the authority of the Sacred Roman Congregation on Indulgences.

The Church prescribes these conditions regarding the Gregorian Mass series:

I. The Gregorian Masses can be offered only for one deceased person.
II. The Gregorian Masses cannot be offered for several deceased, nor for all the faithful departed.
III. The Gregorian Masses must be offered one each day for 30 consecutive days. Should the series be interrupted for any reason, it must be begun again.

The Gregorian Masses donation for the 30-day series is $300.00. For more information on how to offer a Gregorian Mass for a deceased loved one contact,

Franciscan Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 130
Waterford, WI 53185

Or visit their website at, www.franciscanmissions.org

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