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Gold & Silver

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April 19, 2016, We are going to try and offer some gold items again. Soon we will have just one gold Our Lady of Medjugorje oval pendant. For Future Use For Future Use
Sterling silver

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#24 14K Italian Gold "LOVE" Lettered Bracelet  
#55 14K Delicate Italy Gold Necklace  
#37 Easy Adjust up to 28"  Gold Necklace
925 Overlay Italian Gold Pendant and Chain with Large Diamond CZ
Gold Overlay over 925 Sterling Heart Pendant Necklace
Gold Serpentine Necklace 
#28 18" Gold Heart Necklace
#25 10K Detailed Two Picture Heart Locket
#10 18K Sapphire/Diamond Heart Pendant
14K Italy Gold Adjustable Bracelet
#12 Reversible 14K Gold Serpentine Heart Bracelet

#01 18" Italy 9.25 Sterling Silver Necklace
#31  Black Jade Heart Pendant/Matching Earrings 925 Silver Setting
 Sterling Silver 18" Necklace #11
#05 Italy 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet #05
#07 925 Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with 925 Chain
#12 Sterling Silver 16" Necklace #12
#06 Italy 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet #06
#89 925 Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet
#22 925 Sterling Silver Turtle Charm Necklace  #22
#44 Turquoise Cross Necklace Matching Earring Sterling Silver Set
#15 3 Diamond Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
#00 Sterling Silver Religious Gifts









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