I recently had the privilege to read the "Medjugorje Apparitional Occurrences: A Parapsycholigical and Spiritual Analysis"  as published in "The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies" Volume 34, Number 2. It was presented to me by author Dr. J.P. Pandarakalam. I've known Dr. James Paul for many years now and his recent contribution to the study of the Medjugorje phenomena is technically brilliant. Being so technical this publication is not an easy read for the layperson so Dr. Paul has put together a very small summary  for Medjugorje USA.  

More Hints to the Proof of Medjugorje
By Dr. James Paul Pandarakalam

Obviously there are no true or pseudo-hallucinatory experiences where the voices of the experiencer vanishes. Unlike a hallucinatory figure, the Medjugorje percipients see a talking apparition in the objective space with a purpose and those apparitions are three-dimensional: it is an active apparition. The apparition takes up the percipients and the meeting with the apparition is not mechanical. The quantitative scientific tests conducted by the French and Italian medical teams prove that the visionaries are responding to an outside agency- (1) J.P. Pandarakalam “Are the apparitions of Medjugorje real? An appraisal of visionary and hallucinatory experiences” Journal of Scientific Exploration 2001; 15. (2) JP Pandarakalam. ‘Reply’Journal of Scientific Exploration 2001; 15 (4).

The likelihood of Marian apparitional experience can be proven from a parapsychological perspective. The vanishing of the voices of Marian visionaries is an externally generated and controlled psychokinetic –like phenomenon: a transcendental type of psychokinetic activity.  Recurrent spontaneous psychokinetic –like activity with abundant visions prove a true apparition at the physical site in Medjugorje. The percipients   were reported to be conversing with the apparition for prolonged periods in a silent manner .  The terrestrial memories of the apparition, probably with verifiable details point towards point towards a true Marian apparition at Medjugorje- (1) J.P. Pandarakalam  “Certain parapsychological aspects of the visionary experiences of Medjugorje”, Paranormal Review 2006; April: 14-21. (2) JP Pandarakalam. “Medjugorje apparitional occurrences: Spiritual and Parapsychological  Perspectives”. Journal of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies. April issue 2011. The transcendental aspects of the Marian apparitional phenomenon are beyond the parameters of parapsychological research. Parapsychologists  have recently opened the frontiers of parapsychology to encompass the spiritual or the mystical.

For neuroscientists who are confused with neurological theories of mysticism, twenty nine  years of continuous Marian apparitional occurrences prove that in addition to the sensory consciousness, we have a “spiritual  consciousness” and  the fact that an apparition that has survived two millennium is communicating to the Medjugorje visionaries also prove that our spiritual  consciousness survive physical extinction. So the apparitions of Medjugorje are as valuable for scientific community as it is for the theologians. Like the vision of Lourdes and Guadalupe, the Medjugorje visions are self-proving apparitional occurrences as they involve the fulfilment of a promised visible sign.

The late John Beloff PhD, at the psychology department of the University of Edinburgh predicted that the present scientific scepticism towards mystical phenomenon would vanish only by an internationally observable phenomenon and a permanent “paranormal object” for the world community. Medjugorje contains all the ingredients of his predictive dream- J.P. Pandarakalam. “Beyond the Quantum Mind”.  Royal College of Psychiatrists Spirituality website, 2010www.rcpsych.ac.uk/college/specialinterestgroups/spirituality/publications.aspx

Science does not prove Marian apparition at Medjugorje, but offers hints to the proof. Medjugorje apparitions are self validating with the involvement of the promised visible sign. At the moment, Medjugorje may be an unofficial Marian shrine, but it is definitely a ‘site for expression of faith’


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