Dear Medjugorje USA

Dear Michael, 
I wanted to tell you how I got interested on praying for the souls of purgatory. I had a dream, about my grandmother two months ago or so, I can't exactly recall. She passed away many years ago. I don't remember having prayed for her. I went trough a period of time when I was away from Church, even though my faith was always present.
In my dream my grandmother was in a very large bedroom with huge empty beds, with brownish paper blankets, very disheveled and with no make up (she was an elegant woman, very "coquette" we would say in Argentina, and she was Catholic but not very devout I think), and she was holding an image of Jesus (the Divine Mercy image) next to her heart, and told me: I've been here for too long, and tomorrow I will meet Him. She was emotional and full of hope. 
I was surprised and this dream made me awake. There was a message there. 
I found your group reading a lot about Medjugorje, which helped me to come back to my faith, and discover for the first time in my life how important and joyfull can be going to Mass. And I'm going with my 4 year old son (which is the special challenge for me).
I try to pray the Rosary every day. I say the prayers for the Souls of Purgatory every night (although sometimes I fall asleep while doing it). So the Chaplet is very very helpful for me. Virginia from Argentina.

Hi! My name is Becky. I converted to Catholicism through the RCIA program at my church. My husband has been a devoted "cradle catholic" all of his life. I have always been deeply spiritual but not necessarily raised very religious, if that makes sense. Baptist, then Methodist as my ex-husband was Methodist, however, it was not until several years after my current husband and I married that I discovered my LOVE for the Catholic Church! My children are both being raised as Catholic young men and going to CCD. I teach third grade CCD and my husband and I participate in the 40 hour adoration monthly. I say all of this to say that the one subject about Catholicism that has always confused and even concerned me was purgatory, until now! Thank you so much for this beautifully written article. I plan to pray for these souls daily as I pray my rosary. I also plan to have both my sons read this article. Sorry to be so long-winded but thank you again so very much! God Bless,


I want to thank you for your posting about the signs of the times. I think you should continue to keep us updated because not all watch the news faithfully and God it looks like is calling you to do so. We all are feeling something is wrong, not quite right but no one can put their finger exactly when or what it is, or when it will take place. We need people like you who are not afraid to say, wake up America, God is calling you back to your knees, not only America but all over the globe, it is most certain and we need your help. But I respect the fact you say you will no longer write about it because we all can see. But you know as well as I, remove the messenger and people quickly forget and become lax in prayer and feel no need to and forget and except the signs as normal. But unless one keeps us informed, the people will still pray. So thank you for the article and warnings thus far. God Bless Sherri

A few weeks ago I asked the name of my guardian angel.  The word Iris popped into my head.  I've always been struck with the beauty of the purple iris.  I didn't pay too much attention because I thought angel names were supposed to be complicated.  Today I went to Goodwill and saw a box with a big, beautiful iris on it.  It was made in Poland and is painted purple.  I told myself that is no coincidence, because I went there looking for a sign.  I am in the midst of a life changing situation, and know that this is a sign to quit worrying.  I just now went online to see if anything came up about a guardian angel named Iris.  I came across your article.  Thank you for sharing and blessings to you.  Louetta

Hello, My name is Jennifer. I like your website very much. I will pray as the Blessed Mother has asked of us. Have a wonderful Day and God Bless You!

I just want to Thank you all for putting Medjugorje on the website. Especially for those who cannot get to  Medjugorje. Thank you for everything. God bless you all. I love the picture of the sunset with the cross.

(About "Signs of the Time" articles) I could not stop reading your stories. I have followed Medjugorje since early 1982, before computers. Have not always had access to internet. I have watched these kids grow up, and I firmly believe them. Our Lady is calling mankind back to God, but as usual, they have no time, until the flood comes  ( Noah ) ! I pray for you that Our Lady continues to steer you to spread Her messages, and I will help with continued prayers and fasting, and spreading Her messages on my end. GO WITH GOD MY FRIEND. Donna Deason.

Hi Michael, Firstly, Happy New Year! Secondly, my prayers are answered, I am now back to my job after a difficult few months. God answered my prayers and a big thank you to Mother Mary for her intercession. And you, for your prayers. Yesterday, I was distributing some divine mercy prayer leaflets to all those who came and venerated the image of Christ and Mary (on the window pane). I had the blessing to touch both images with my bear two hands and today. I had a heart to heart talk with my boss and he accepted me back in the fold! This is a miracle and I will continue to spread the Divine mercy prayer. Thank you so much for you being there to console me during my difficult times. Thanking you always, Regards, Johnson.

We have been praying for a persons acquittal from a court case of almost 13 years - finally after many hearings the person  has been acquitted. Praise be to God and for all your prayer support.

I want to thank you for all the info posted on the website. It is truly a blessing to have come across this information and I have had an experience years ago and I really seem to be drawn to this website and I want to thank you so much. Any more info you can send me regarding Mary's messages would be wonderful. Thanking you again. Bridget

I was very touched by your testimony about Medjugorje which I read just now. For the longest time I have wanted to go to Medjugorje but was never able to. Now I am old -63- and quite ill. I was in Paris with my sons this November & saw an ad for Medjugorje. I wished I could have gone but we had very limited time and when I thought of climbing Cross Mountain I was sure I couldn’t…since I have diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, a brain tumor, and blindness in my right eye. Last night and tonight I was reading about Medjugorje…and wished I could visit, even by video, and talk to people who have been there and who have experienced miracles. I ordered the video of Medjugorje miracles and hope it arrives by Christmas Eve. I want my sons & husband to see it with me. I want us all to experience the peace of Medjugorje and the conversion. I want us to change our lives. So many problems and also miracles have happened in my life. As I type this I remember the most recent senseless devastating killings in Newton , CT…of 20 children and 7 adults. I have been asking God through Our Lady to destroy Satan & reverse all his evil deeds. Maybe you could ask for this miracle too? And somehow ask for peace for the families involved and for all families experiencing pain and sadness and overwhelm. I would like to connect with a Medjugorje group and live the way God & Our Lady want us to. I want to but am weak and the challenges of life get in the way and I know they shouldn’t. When I was in California I belonged to one. But I moved to Nevada and there is none here. Please share your experiences and your calling with the world. You are so lucky and blessed. Thanks. Aster

Frohe Weihnachten!  Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and New Year.Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on Earth. I'm off to say my Rosary. Slainte Anne, Nürnberg Germany.

I want to thank God for given me opportunity and privilege to read your open letter of purgatory. I will be pleased to know more about the extent of iniquities that adjudge souls to purgatory or hell? I will be glad to hearing for you. Kindly pray for my late father and the souls of all departed, may their souls rest in peace. Amen.
Yours in Christ, Cosmas

Dear Michael, I love your website and you are doing a great webmaster job. I send you a photo from my last pilgrimage to Medjugorje this September. I made this photo on Sunday 9th September, when I went at the evening with a Croatian friend to podbrdo. You can use this photo if you like. Nice regards from Neuss, God bless you, Hans-Theo.

Dear Medjugorje friends in the United States. Since 1986 I spend every year my holiday in Medjugorje and it has becoming a second home for me. I love what god did gave the whole world with Medjugorje. Congratulation for your wonderful website, it is a blessing for all visitors. Nice regards from Neuss, God bless you all, Hans-Theo, Germany

Like in the second Apparition to the shepherd children, when Lucia asked for healing for others, the Blessed Mother said that after the conversion of one of the souls, such soul would be healed within the year. I am asking, with faith, for the prayer of conversion and healing from addiction and all things that keep my son, Grant Henly, from love and service to our Lord. My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You! Through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima, Amen

Hello Michael, Just read your testimony, it was awesome. Faith is such a precious gift. I honestly don’t know how I could have possibly survived with out it. I will always sing the praises of Medjugorje. So many miracles happen there. So sad to see all the fires in the mountains. Last year it was so hot this time of year that I saw them also. I know out Blessed Mother will protect Medjugorje and all the faith filled pilgrims that are there. One of these days I will get my story together about my special experience. I love your webpage too. I will be in touch, till then May God continue to bless you. Eileen


I wanted to provide you with an update...I came across a Novena Booklet to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I had.  And due to a yearning to be near the Lord, I started praying again.  I am letting Him guide me in the direction that I need to be. I just thought you might want to know.  Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement. 

God bless, Joe

Dear Mike,

Just found your website from Spirit Daily and was very moved by what happened to you while in Medjugorje.

For the past fifteen yeas I have been living my retirement here in southern Spain. Always I had hoped to go to Medjugorje, especially when a German friend told me about his own experiences there this past April Each time I tried to go, something kept blocking my way. So in the end I went to Poland for a week where I met  professor who spoke English. Seemed that this is what God wanted me to do.

Still I felt Our Blessed Mother calling me but how was I to go to Medjugorje? A Spanish friend told ne about going there by bus from Milan. So
I left it all in Our Lady's hands. Believe it or not, I got a cheap flight from Alicante to Milan, but found the bus no longer makes that trip so I took the train to Ancona, then a ship to Split and a three hour bus trip from there to Medjugorje with money that my German friend loaned me. I stayed with a German friend who lived there and would not let me pay for my stay with her.
I have to confess that it was the peace that really got to me in Medjugorje. confession with a Swiss priest was beautiful, also I met a group from Naples who sort of took me under their wing (they understood my Spanish).

While on my pilgrimage I was worried about having enough money to get back to Milan and my trip from there to Spain. On the night before my departure, one lady from the Italian group came to give me a present - a big red apple and a small manila envelope which I though contained a medal or something. I went to my room to pack and before going to bed I opened the envelope. Out tumbled 200 Euros (about 270 dollars),  a gift from Our Blessed Mother! Talk about a miracle! I broke down and cried.

Some day I would like to tell you about the miracle that happened to me years ago in Lourdes but that is another story

Keep in touch, FRED KING

Hi Michael,

I found emails from September of 2005 that we shared.  Went back to your website and had to send you an email to thank you for your website.  It is so inspiring. I am at a drifting/empty place in my life at this time. I wish I could get back into the swing of things. Please pray for me. Thanks again, Mary Lou.

Dearest Michael,
I am going to Audry's home here on earth. I believe that there is a reason that I need to go. My faith is much bigger than that of a mustard seed but I plant that seed everyday somewhere.
My Mother may have been right when she said that Audrey may have been calling me to her and not the other way around. Obviously Audrey knows my stubborness for taking and not giving. I have been very ill for the past 9 months or so and they finally just diagnosed me with a very severe case of H Pylori. Lets hope and pray that I am on the mending and will be able to go there soon.
My 9 yr old daughter and I have been praying the rosary as promised everynight. I actually have had my rosary laid across my stomach to help ease the intense pain. I pray to Mother Mary to help and she was listening. Or the Dr.s at the health center finally got my poor worried husbands point loud and clear! :) or both.
Many blessings to you, its nice to have someone out there that understands the power that I feel! In my belief, I have no question. Some may, but not many, as I have proven myself many times!
I hope to become a bigger part of these ones out there that can share this with me. I have so much to offer and yet so much to learn.
Thank you and my prayers be with you, Terry

I am not Catholic but am so drawn to your works.  I have used your MedjugorjeUSA prayer room many times with wonderful results.  Thank you for this special area.  I am wondering if I might use a line or two from Weekly Meditation, Nov.12 by By Carolyn M. Kenney on my facebook thoughts.  I would put her name as the author.  I usually try to put good and uplifting things on Facebook.  Thank you again for your works and web site.  I take great comfort in them. Mary

Hi Folks, since the early '80's I've heard of the Visionaries in Medjugorje and have always believed that Mary is indeed appearing to them there as a sign for people to get right with God.  I am a Protestant but I believe God moves in many ways, and through many mediums.  It's we who need to open to God and learn His ways.  Since I haven't been following what the messages are saying in recent years, I'm wondering if you could direct me to a certain site or book that contains recent messages from Mary, as she is speaking them to the Visionaries in Medjugorje? Brenda

Hello, my name is Gladys Haynes and I went to Medjugorje in 1997 and 1998.  The first time,  I was appalled when I got there because I thought I was so foolish for traveling so far.  I was thinking these thoughts when a lady walking ahead of me knelt down real fast.  And I looked up and the sun seemed to be falling and heading straight for me.  It was as God had heard my thoughts  I believed after that with all my heart.  I saw that concrete cross spin and had saw it was fixed firmly set in gobs of cement.  It didn't seem possible that could happen.
The second time, in l998, I stayed another week.  It was the day before we were to leave.  The weather was so so bad it seemed like the sky would fall.  And it was time for out Lady to come.  We were in Church and all of a sudden the sun shone through the windows and the whole Church seemed to be shaking like it would collapse.  I ran out but stood at the door, just in case. 
 God is so good...He is given us so much evidence that He exists and He loves us so very much.  People who do not believe had better get on their knees and realize this is probably a warning.  God loves His children and want us to believe.  Gladys Haynes

Hi ,My name is Noela,and I live in Melbourne Australia. Three years ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with Cancer. She was in Hospital for a week before she found our what she had, and was so scared she was unable to sleep. During this time I took in my Rosary beads ,ever though she was not a Catholic. I thought they may be of comfort to her . She carried them with her and prayed , and decided not to go down the conventional treatment for Cancer. She started looking and feeling better and did all the healthy options for better recovery. Six months later when she knew she was getting much better, she gave me back my beads. At first I thought they were not mine as the silver had now turned gold. Three years later my friend has continued to get well so I believe it was the beads, Regards, Noela. PS Last year when my dog got sick I put the beads around her  neck and she slowly regained her health. However , she somehow lost the beads and I still can't find them.

Dear Michael. I wrote to you about a week ago, thanking you for for placing my prayer request on your prayer list. I would like to share with you that one of my prayers have already been answered. Out of nowhere I received a phone call offering me a job. It was my old job. After being out of work just under a year, So I am starting back work Monday. I do believe and pray a lot.  I read your testimonial and it made me cry. You have been blessed in a special way.  Please could you remember me in your prayers. Again. Thank you for this wonderful web page. Irene

Thank you Michael for your wonderful and worthwhile work and your valuable time.

You do such a wonderful job on the site.  I especially love the way you have the prayer room set up.  It almost makes you feel as though you just literally entered a quiet, solemn, peaceful church. God Bless, Connie

Hi Michael, I was so thrilled to receive your e-mail and appreciate very much your reply as I know that you are a busy man. I think the timing of your book was within Divine providence and so helpful in helping us make sense of what was going on within the parish and the documentation was first class and provided such clear evidence.
So God bless you for persevering and I loved the book so much. Of all the books I could have chosen whilst in Medjugorje I chose the best and the one that put the whole thing within context and explained the  weaknesses of the first investigation. Your book really helped my pilgrimage! And I have given my copy to my brother-in-law!
I agree wholeheartedly with your hypothesis that Medjugorje is a sign of the great struggle within the church between modernists and traditional/orthodox belief. The true renewal of the Church can only happen when true devotion to our Lady is promoted faithfully again. Bob


I had the gift of visiting Medjugorje in November, 2005 and was truly blest with having the opportunity to be there. A friend of mine who had been there 3 times before invited me and  it was one of the best pilgrimages I have ever had.  I wanted to express to you Michael how from a friend I met there who told me about your website that I am feeling the same at your website as I did in Medjugorje.  May God and His Blessed Mother continue to share their abundant blessings on you. Sincerely,  Kathleen O'Donnell

Hello again, Michael.  The more I think and read about Medjugorje, the more I want to think and read about it; like an unquenchable thirst…A desire for God I guess is what it is.  It’s probably in the hearts of all mankind and events at Medjugorje encourage that desire, I think, one soulAt a time.   I just don’t understand why this isn’t on the Nightly News or why it’s not being shouted from the rooftops … I’d bet the majority ofPeople in my office hallway  have never heard of the place.  Perhaps that’s my fault?!?  In any event, a few years ago, while searching online about Medjugorje, I found three photographs that took my breath away.  One was takenInside a/the church?, and the other two were taken of the statue of Our Lady at the exact same time??  I don’t know if I shouldn’t have savedThem to the pc but I did.  Wanted to share them with you to see if you’ve seen them before. I realize and understand that the faithful don’t need images to know the truth.  However, if these are gifts from God, perhaps they should be Shared? Dave.

Hi there. I find it so hard to believe that there are those that do not believe in the apparitions of our blessed mother. Quite simply put if you don’t believe in her apparitions, then believe in her message as it is only about prayer, fasting, and asking us to have a closer relationship with her son, our Lord Jesus. Thank you very much for this web page that continues to inform everyone of our beloved mother. May you all be blessed through our Lord Jesus. Aca

If you have a monthly email reminder list add me to your list. What a great web page you have! Thanks, Mike

Hey Michael,
Thanks for getting back with me. You know I have known about the Medjugorje Apps. since about the mid 80's. I have followed along with the monthly messages over the past few years off and on. Your site is the best I've seen. I've mentioned these messages and the apps. over the years and you know most people think I'm half nuts and just go on and totally ignore it all. Even my family jokes about it. It's not like I'm standing on a pedestal and preaching at the top of my lungs, just touch on the subject now and then. Since I have found your site I have emailed it to several and not one has mentioned the first word or comment on it. Some of my family however has had a strong feeling or erg to go make a good confession and make sure they are covered on some past things just to make sure they told them properly in the past. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Randy

I believe I will start praying the prayers for the Divine Mercy...after having read here about the Divine Mercy!

Thank you so much for what is done on the Internet here... and more. Gertude Rivest...BC Canada May Gob bless us all...and all those we should pray for.........

Thank you so much. The power of our prayers have already started to work as what usually happens as soon as I offer my prayers up on this website. John called last night and he has a job! He sounds like he's on the right path from our discussion on other things and some of his solutions that he has thought of. I am so blessed to have found this website so many years ago and so very thankful to you for all the work you do to manage it. Michael, thanks once again for interceding by posting our prayers.

God bless and may Our Lady continue to love and guide us all.

Dear Michael, I am writing to let you know that I am so amazed on reading your wonderful website about Medjugorie, which I cannot let it go.  I strongly feel that there is a reason why I am always going to your website each day.  I've come from a large family of thirteen children, which I'm the sixth child from the eldest.  My family have a very strong foundation on the Roman Catholic faith, which I would like to keep it that way.  


Also, I would like to let you know that, I have met Ivan when he went to Guam back in the 90's, I don't exactly remember what date, but I traveled to Guam with my mom to attend Ivan's visit.  I thought it was wonderful and I came back home so happy.  That's when I began to know about Medjugorie's Apparitions.  I'd always wanted to travel to Medjugorie and bring my husband there, but due to financial it is not possible.  Could you pray for my family so that God may provide us sufficient financial to take us to Medjugorie?  I know that God will answer your prayer. Thanks Michael, and May our Dear Mother, Queen of Peace and Her son Jesus continue to Bless you.  You are doing a wonderful work for the salvation of the world. Olinka from Saipan.

Dear Michael, webmaster of MEDJUGORJE USA,

 In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, thank you so much for all your prayers on behalf of our daughter Diana. She's got a pre-match for medical residency training in New York. More power to you and GOD bless!! Gratefully yours in the Love of Gospa, Manuel de Jesus & Family

Dear Michael,
Thanks so much for adding me to the POW prayer group.  I am honored and privileged to pray for the souls in Purgatory.  My life has been blessed abundantly and this is
the least I can do for those that are so in need of our prayers.  I also appreciate you adding my prayer requests to the list.  My dad, Ben, has terminal bone cancer and is in his  "final chapter" according to his oncologist.  He has shown us all such great faith, hope, strength and determination while fighting this awful disease.  He truly is my hero. Any prayers that will help bring my dad (and mom) peace and comfort during this difficult time are greatly appreciated. Many thanks to you for the beautiful website . . . and for all you do! God Bless, Mary Sue, Wisconsin
I'm Dvalyn Arnold from San Diego, California, in the United States and I just got my P.O.W. prayer chaplet in the mail yesterday and I want to be a member! Let's empty Purgatory! (By the way, I'm Baptist, but I believe in Purgatory and I would want people to pray for me, so let us pray for the lost and suffering in Purgatory!)
With the Love and Jesus and Mary,
    Dvalyn Arnold

My name is Dina Reeder and I'm from IL and I'm writing to sign up for membership.  After reading your website about the souls in Purgatory, I feel moved to pray consistently for them, and will extend my prayers after praying my daily rosary.  I just ordered the chaplet, too, and I'm excited to receive that as well.
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I LOVE your website, Medjugorje USA, and I want to especially thank you for posting the visionary's schedule.  My rosary group and I went to see Ivan in January when he came to Illinois, and it was such a special experience.  To be able to pray the rosary, be present during the apparition, celebrate Holy Mass and have Eucharistic Adoration all in the same night was wonderful.  Also to hear Ivan speak about his mission and personally repeating the messages he receives was just a great experience, something I will remember for a long time.  I would like to go to Medjugorje someday, but I feel especially blessed that Blessed Mother was able to come to Illinois.  Thank you again for all that you do to make such a beautiful website.

Dina Reeder

If you would like to write Medjugorje USA