Recording Artist David Patrick Bryan

By Michael K. Jones

A Brief History

By age 5 David had already shown interest in music, singing and dancing on stage. By age 10, he was playing piano, composing and arranging original music. For the next 4 decades international recording artist David Patrick Bryan has shared his love for music with the world.

Through the years David has shown his versatility. He was the warm up band for such artists as Chuck Berry, and Ted Nugent. He performed in Los Vegas with the Freddie Bell Show. He was on the road with a 9 piece show band, and had played with the members of the Ike and Tina Turner Band. These are just some of his credits.

At one point in his life, David was impacted by his faith and has become a well know Christian artist through out the world. Some of David's Christian career highlights are when he was invited by Italian recording artist Roberto Bignoli to perform in Schio Italy. His song, "Mary's Song" is included on the international album, "Il Mondo Canta Maria." The concert in Schio was recorded and televised.

On 17 June 2000, David Patrick Bryan performed in Bosnia. David also visited Medjugorje. David returned home, performing at the Medjugorje conference in the USA on 22 September 2000.

According to David, the Mother of Love has led him to perform on EWTN-TV, and several Marian conferences in the USA. She has led him in performing in Ireland, and especially in Knock, Ireland, where he was blessed in performing at the very site of her apparition. Yes, David Patrick Bryan claims that the Mother of God leads him.

The Interview

Q. You had an interest in music from a very early age, did you have any idea where this driving force was coming from when you were a child?

A. Only to know that it came from somewhere within me.

Q. By age 10 you were playing piano and composing music, was there any type of music that you felt draw too at the time?

A. Yes it was uptempo -more in the Rock.

Q. I have a friend who for years was the manager of the rock band Aerosmith, he tells me that the music business underwent some terrible changes. He says that there were many rock and roll bands that got caught up in drugs. In a recent interview I did with recording artist, Roberto Bignoli, he also talked about this problem. Do you feel this was a problem in the music industry and if so do you now see any positive aspects that have come from this, either in your life or in the industry?

A. Drugs were a problem for me when I was young. I am afraid that it will be around as long as people look to places other than God for their answers. The only postitive aspect fo me would be the ability to talk to those who currently have this problem.

Q. In the early 1990's, it seems a change took place in your life that led you to faith in God, some people call this a conversion story, or a testimony. Could you tell Medjugorje USA's visitors about the event that changed your life?

A. It was actually in 1986, please listen to this story. In 1972 I wrote, "Divine" and although that might not sound too unusual it was the first and only religious song I would write until some 20 years later…and… at that time I was not religious. I was not going to Mass, receiving the Sacraments or saying the Rosary. Still I believe "Divine" was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Listen to the words of the first verse, "There's a place and there's a time, There's a love so find, it's divine." Well there was a place and the place was a nightclub in Lexington Kentucky and there was a time and the time was the spring of 1986.

What about a "Love so fine, it's Divine"? Well in the spring of 86' I was back into religion. I was going to Mass, receiving the Sacraments and praying the Rosary. One day that spring I found a Novena, a very powerful Novena, a Novena of childlike confidence, a Novena that promised to give you whatever you prayed for. So I prayed for success in the recording business. After I said the last prayer of the Novena, the words, "a love so fine it's divine" it because a reality. For a feeling came all over me that I will never every forget.

It was a feeling I had never felt before and yet… it wasn't a stranger to me. I remember feeling that nothing in this world could hurt me but the feeling I felt the strongest was "Love," A very very special Love, a warm, joyful, glowing love that I felt throughout my whole self. I was totally in love with life and everything in it.

This feeling lasted for about a half-hour or so and I still think about it all the time. I know that night I received the Holy Spirit and that "feeling" was 'Divine Love.' I'm sure beyond a shadow of doubt that God gave me a taste of Heaven and that God wants me to share this experience with you. I learned a couple of things about God that night. No matter how far away from God we are, He is always right here with us, helping us, loving us and guiding us homeward. All I will ever need is God's wonderful Divine Love.

Q. With this new insight in your life, did you find that your conversion was slow in coming or did you find that it was like a flowing river?

A. At times it was like a rushing river, I now wait on God, reacting accordingly.

Q. When did you first start writing religious songs and do you recall the name of you first religious composition?

A. I wrote one song in 1972 (Divine) and then in 1991, I found out that I had a chronic liver problem and that I only had about 20 years left to life. I wanted to return to God what He had given me, my music! So I started writing Catholic music. I still have a liver problem but it has been a blessing as well as a problem.

Q. Do you now attend Mass on a regular basis?

A. Usually 3-4 times a week.

Q.In the celebration of the Mass what do you find the most important and spiritually moving?

A. Communion!

Q. I know you have performed in Bosnia and also have visited Medjugorje, having been to Medjugorje can you share with us your feelings about the apparitions taking place there?

A. I can only say that I would be a fool to believe that millions of people would lie about such a wonderful way for us to unite our world through the love of the Blessed Lady. I want to go back very much so!

Q. Is there any one story about Medjugorje you have heard that has deeply touched you in some way? If so can you tell us the story and explain the impact it had on you?

A. The way that many of the people (young and old alike) crawl up the rocks, what faith they have.

Q. For me, one of the greatest gifts God has given us is the right to procreate. You have a beautiful family and I am sure you agree that this is a great blessing from God. Can you share with us how being a husband and a father has brought joy in your life?

A. God has blessed me with 3 wonderful children. They are all almost grown and I have had the great pleasure to watch them grow up. Every day I thank God for this. It gives me some insight on how much the Father loves us because I love my children more than I can say. I know the Father loves us even more!

Q. Do you have any thoughts to offer on the abortion issue, which is dividing our nation?


Q. Out of all the different composition you have written, can you pick one song that you still enjoy singing over and over that you think is some of your best work?

A. "You Are My Friend" because I get to be Jesus for 5 minutes when singing this song. Note: If you would like David Patrick Bryan's album "You Are My Friends", you can call HeartBeat Records at 1-800-433-3262 or visit their website: heartbeatrecords.com

Q. As a Catholic, is there any one apparition that has touched you more than any other?



Faith! What do you believe? Do you believe that you are here, now? One morning, in the fall of 1985, I was driving from my home in Frankfort Kentucky to the studio I worked at in Lexington. What I saw that day was hard to believe!

It was around 9:45 am and I was driving east toward Lexington. As I was driving along I noticed a car sideways in the road. It was real strange. That car was pointed south, on this "east-to-west" 2-lane highway. And that car, well, I could see right through it. It appeared to be made of glass. I know it sounds funny, but I swear, it was really there. I rubbed my eyes, I figured I must be sleepy, but that glass like car was still there, sideways in the road, I had never in my life, ever seen anything like that! As I approached this "glass car", the vision disappeared, I shook my head and proceeded to Lexington.

When I arrived at the studio, my producer approached me and informed me that my wife had called and that my father had been in an accident. After calling home, I found out that my dad had stopped at a stop sign, he was indeed headed south, and with the morning sun in his eyes, and he pulled out in front of a truck. A truck doing 60 mph! Dad didn't die but he came very close to it that day.

Now my story doesn't stop here. Actually this is where it begins. That winter during Lent, I was at mass, kneeling, and looking up at the Altar. As the priest performed the consecration of the Eucharist, I saw a beautiful, perfectly round, glass like Host that encircled the Altar, and the priest. Oh what a beautiful sight. I was totality consumed with the beauty of that moment. What a gift I was given. The vision lasted a few moments, just like the vision of the car. I thanked God for this beautiful gift. God gave me this gift to share with you. He loved me for my faith and gave me the reality that Jesus is indeed the Eucharist.

In both visions the Holy Spirit was communicating to me by relating to my limited knowledge with His infinite wisdom. The first vision was about my earthly father and his vehicle. The second vision was about my heavenly Father and His Vehicle, Jesus Christ. Although I am fully aware that this realization will be very hard for others to believe, it is, none-the-less, true.

In the second vision I was given the fact that the Eucharist is Jesus Christ and that through Jesus alone we have eternal life. Jesus is the Vehicle of our heavenly Father. I quote John 6:54 - 6:57, "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day. For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him. Just as the living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on me will have life because of me."

I have shared with you my most precious gift. I take nothing away and give you love, love from God.

Q. Can you tell us why you feel closeness to this apparition?

A. Because it was given to me from God, now I must help everyone to know the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Q. Do you have a strong devotion to Our Lady, and if so can you try to explain it?

A. I do love Our Lady and I know She loves all of us, more than we know. Jesus wants us to be close to Her. I feel Her Love for all of us. I have smelled Her fragrance of Flowers and when I did, I prayed to always be like Her and help others to be one with God.

Q. If you could make a wish and a prayer came true, what would you wish for this world?


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