A Christmas Poem

By Michael K. Jones

He was born in a stable,
The North Star showed three kings their way,
to a little town called Bethlehem,
where in a manger He did lay.

His father Joseph knew from the Holy Spirit,
He is the Incarnate God on High.
And through Gabriel the angel,
Mary knew the fullness of time was nigh.

In a cold and damp stable,
the three kings they did appear.
They brought gifts from their kingdoms,
gold, frankincense and myrrh.

One look upon the new Child's face,
and they all could see the glow.
No questions or doubts in their minds,
for the joy that they did know.

Christmas Eve, a very special night,
the Savior has been born.
Angels blew their trumpets,
singing praises in their song.

Now the little Child had grown to be,
quite a Godly man.
He healed the sick that came to Him,
with a word or with his hands.

But there were some that did not believe,
His words they did despise.
Seeking to take His life from Him,
they plotted His demise.

30 pieces of silver was the payment,
that Judas, the betrayer, took in hand.
To the olive grove the soldiers came,
to arrest the Son of Man.

They took Him, beat Him, crowned Him,
hailed Him as the King of Jews.
They nailed Him to the Cross,
yes they crucified Him too.

Yet even in His last breath,
His love was shining through,
He said, "Father, please forgive them,
for they know not what they do."

The Savior was buried in a tomb,
but later He was found alive.
With outstretched arm and feet on a cloud,
to the Father He did rise.

He sent to His disciples,
a gift of tongues of flames.
They were filled with the Holy Spirit,
and they went forth to proclaim.

Just think upon it for a minute,
and you will clearly see.
From the manger to the cross,
He died for you and me.

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