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Hand carved Jesus Stone Cross adjustable Bracelet

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#2000 Hand Carved Jesus Stone Cross Bracelet. This is a Medjugorje USA Gift Shop EXCLUSIVE. Made in Medjugorje just for us. These one decade rosary bracelet are blessed by Our Lady of Medjugorje, during the evening Mass at Saint James Church in Medjugorje. Note the stone cutter has carved out the image of Jesus on the stone. This is a huge difficult and timely process.

The stone beads on this bracelet are from Apparition Hill where Our Lady so often still appears and the cross is hand crafted stone from the river in Medjugorje. The bracelet is adjustable and fits most woman and men's wrists. Each stone is carefully paired for even size. The stones are tumbled to remove rough edges and the beads are rounded and bleached to clean them free from dirt and to brighten the stone color to a more even white tone. A precision hole is drilled through each stone so the cord will run though freely without jagged edges. The cross is handcrafted and shaped with stone cutting tools from the many colored stones from the Medjugorje river. The rosary cord is meticulously woven into a beautiful pattern around the stones and cross. Please note; because these crosses are hand carved individually, the stone color on the crosses will vary in color and size, making each bracelet uniquely different from another. We offer these for those who can not go to Medjugorje so they can have a special blessed gift from Medjugorje or to offer a special gift to loved one. Profits made from blessed items are offered to the charities mentioned on the gift shop homepage.  $40.00


Note About Blessed Items; We do not believe in the practice of selling blessed items. We offer blessed gifts at the same prices  we sold same or similar items that were not blessed. We offer blessed items only for those who can not afford to go to Medjugorje or would like to offer a special gift to a loved one. We do not try to make a living off of selling blessed items. All profits from blessed items are given to the charities listed on the gift shop homepage.


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