Medjugorje Testimony of Camilla 

Dear Medjugorje USA,
Before the summer of 2005 I was Catholic but not very devout, I wanted to be devout, but felt that I was unable too.  One day my husband called me at work and said, "Mom wants to send us to Medjugorje."  I was so excited, I could not believe we were going, it seemed like an impossible thing to do. 
Our pilgrimage began in an open field in Birmingham Alabama with the Caritas community.  Marjia was there to celebrate Our Lady's Birthday, while I knew about Medjugorje I did not know that much.  My first experience of the apparitions was that of tremendous peace.  I looked at the other Pilgrims and thought, I will never be able to be that reverent.  Little did I know that my whole life was about to change.
We flew on a private plane along with Marjia, her family and the Caritas Community.  As we flew the many miles I read Wayne Weible's first book on Medjugorje.  I then prayed for an experience that would change my life.  I asked Our Lady to please allow me to receive special graces to grow spiritually and become closer to God. 
When we arrived we were able to experience many wonderful things.  The first thing was Mass at St. James.  We arrived early to say the rosary in front of the church and then moved to the back of the church for Mass.  I've never said so many rosaries in my life, or that's how I felt.  By the second day I could not wait to say the rosary, I was feeling a real love for Jesus.
On the second day we climbed Apparition Hill for the first time.  We would stop when we came to a beautiful bronze sculpture depicting each decade of the joyful mysteries.  Everyone in our group would kneel as we said the prayers, no one spoke a word.  When we arrived to the Large Statue of Our Lady I could not believe how beautiful she looked.
On the third day in front of Saint James at 6:40 our group experienced the miracle of the sun.  The sun was so beautiful and colorful as it danced in the sky, I was able to gaze upon it's beauty for at least 12 minutes.  you hear about the sun having this great dance but experiencing it for the first time was beyond words for me.  I felt truly blessed to have received such an experience.  I went behind St James and decided to take a stroll on the walk and contemplate my experience.  As I walked along the path behind St James I gazed up at Cross Mountain, I noticed that the cross was gone, I read about this happening in Wayne Weible's book.  I kept trying to ask other people if they could see that the cross had disappeared, but none of the strangers spoke English.  I looked up at Cross Mountain again to find instead of the cross "Our Lady" was standing with out-stretched arms, "Our Lady of Grace".  I could not believe I was seeing her, I just kept staring.  I still could  hardly believe what I saw.  I thought I must just be seeing things.  I wanted to run up the mountain, as I walked closer I glanced over at a small group of young people.  I asked, "does anyone speak English????  One young man said "I do".  "What do you see on top of Cross Mountain?" I asked.  "I see "Our Lady" he beamed.  He and I hugged each other and jumped for joy.  We were the only people that saw her .  I stared at her until a cloud came in front of her, when the cloud disappeared the cross was back in place.  I was elated I felt very blessed to have received such a special grace.  The next morning I climbed Cross Mountain for the first time.
One would have thought that the trip would be complete with two very wonderful experiences, yet I had one more wonderful grace bestowed upon me that has changed my entire life.  The Community of Caritas has built a log cabin in Medjugorje with logs from Alabama.  Our group of two hundred gathered in front of the cabin to say a very special Rosary......"The Patriotic Rosary"  The Patriotic Rosary is a rosary said for the consecration of Our Nation, each Hail Mary is said to plead the blood of Jesus over each state.  Five decades equal 50 Hail Mary's-----50  states.  It is a beautiful way of saying the rosary in a very special way for our great Nation.  There are many great historical quotes from our fore fathers and beautiful music.
As our group was preparing to take part in this rosary, music was playing, no one was kneeling (it had just stopped raining and the ground was mud).  I heard in my head the words "kneel, you need to kneel".  I knelt down in the mud, as I did I looked up at the trees to the west, The trees were in the way of the sun, it was around 6:00 mid August.  I continued to kneel in the mud listening to the music while everyone else stood around.  I glanced up at the trees to see the sun move through the trees and begin it's wonderful dance.  I could not believe my eyes, the colors were so beautiful, the movement so peaceful.  Suddenly a beam shot out of the sun and a beautiful colorful arched grotto appeared; in the middle of the arch stood "Our Lady" She was so beautiful.  She was made up of every color of the rainbow.  She was clothed in the sun, all of the beautiful colors that had been dancing in the sun were all over her and around her, she was so bright and colorful.  The colors around her and on her were sizzling in a dance of the Holy Spirit.  She stood on a small cloud with her arms stretched out in the Lady of Grace gesture.  She gazed at me with the most loving expression.  I felt Peace.  She then turned and made the same gesture towards the cabin and the American Flag hanging on the porch. She turned back at me as I watched her go back into the sun.  The sun continued to spin and then a cloud came in front of the sun.  I received Our Lady's special blessing for the first time after this experience.
The next day I went back to the cabin to take pictures. I heard in my head go now and photograph the cabin.  The camera captured a wonderful rainbow of colors and several round red-orange circles, within the circles people see many things. (angel's, doves).  The circles have appeared on other spiritual happenings as well.
I cannot begin to tell you how much this has changed my life.  I follow the five stones that Our Lady has asked of us, while I still struggle with my conversion on a daily bases I am truly grateful to have received such a special grace.  I have been unsure what to do about my experience, I did not want to tell anyone about it right away, I felt a need to contemplate and pray about the experience.  I feel that now is the time to share this experience on the feast of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" "Our Lady of the America's"
Recently (in Nov) Our Nation was reconsecrated to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, this took place in Washington DC.  The first time our Nation was consecrated to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart was around the Civil War.  The Students at my school used my camera to take a photo of the flag the same rainbow and red-orange circles appeared.  This photograph was taken Veterans Day.  I feel that the flag picture is a part of Our Lady's plan.  I feel the Holy Spirit has been telling me to share the Patriotic Rosary and my experience with people to encourage others to join in with the prayer.  If anyone would like a copy please email me camillartist@yahoo.com
"Our Lady's" plan is amazing. It is beyond words. 
Thank you so much Blessed Mother.


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