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"An Unusual Event in Medjugorje"

Five years ago was my first time I visited Medjugorje. I went there mostly out of curiosity, although I have always had a great devotion for Our Lady.

On my first day, I witnessed a great lightning at about 10:30 PM. At the time of Our Lady's apparition. The next day, while saying the stations of the cross, my group had gotten to the 9th station when I noticed swelling on my ankle. Thought that I could climb up but not come down as I thought the climb was too steep. I decided to sit on large rock and wait for my group's return.

I finished the stations of the cross, prayed the rosary, and more. But no one came. I began to worry as we were supposed to attend the English Mass as 6:00 PM. A young couple came by and I mentioned my problem. They told me that there was an easier descent on the other side. I was frightened because I knew I would have a difficult time getting down. I tried and tried but it was almost impossible. I crawled, slide, etc. But I could not get myself down. In desperation, I called out in a loud voice to Jesus to help me. I said. " Lord of Miracles, You brought me here, get me down."

I also called to Our Lady, "Lady of Medjugorje, please send me some angels to hold me up so that I won't bust my face." I didn't know that She was called Our Lady of Peace. Three to five minutes past when suddenly I saw a nun climbing at a tremendous speed, as if though she was riding a bike or some kind of vehicle. She went up and around me, held me by my left wrist, and as if flowing, took me down the mountain at a tremendous speed. As we were coming down I asked her if the Virgin had sent her. She only smiled.

When we got on the flat ground, she said bye, and as I blinked my eyes, she disappeared. I didn't even have time to thank her. Of course, my life has changed, And next month, it will be my third time to visit Our Lady and this wonderful Holy Ground. God willing.

I thought you would like to hear of my adventure and my strong conversion. Further more, most of my big problems have been solved. Thank You God, Thank You Mother. Arlette

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