Interview with Author Mirjana Stanislava Vasilj Zuccarini

By Michael K. Jones


Mirjana Stanislava Vasilj Zuccarini is the author of a book called, "Our Lady's Call from Medjugorje". The original copy was published 15 years ago and through the years has been published in several different languages. Recently updated, "Our Lady's Call from Medjugorje" was inspired through documents that were translated by Mirjana. The book is designed to help us understand the messages from Our Lady more easily and to identify ourselves with them.

Mirjana Stanislava Vasilj Zuccarini


Q. There are many books about Medjugorje, please tell us what inspired you to write your book?

A: In the early years after the apparitions started, Medjugorje became a popular destination for Italian pilgrims. I used to translate the messages of our dear Lady Mary. I was also often contacted for various information concerning the seers, priests and testimonies of the Medjugorje parish and pilgrims. I translated their impressions and deep spiritual experiences they had lived in the very first months of apparitions of our dear Lady at Medjugorje. At that time the written materials in Croatian piled on my work desk and I was asked to translate into Italian. In order to avoid the translations of the same reports coming from various sources I got an idea to collect the material into chronological order. This way a review of the whole happening could be viewed since the very beginning of the apparitions.

Thus the idea of publishing a book about apparitions in Medjugorje was born. So I started to contact people asking who might be eventually ready to support this project in financial respect without profit. I received no response. At that time my husband started a new business activity with still uncertain prospects. Beside this we had to find a new flat and to take care of two ill family members. I prayed to Gospa asking: “If it is God's will let the messages from Medjugorje will be spread over Italy. I asked Gospa to please help and let our business do well and from the first earnings we would invest it for publishing the book.”

My husband got this business going, the book was published and distributed free of charge (gratis) over Italy. At that time I have not even put my name as author or publisher of this book. I listed all the names of the people whose testimonies about Medjugorje were in this book, beside the name of my husband who financed this edition. In this way I was not exposed and I think this was alright. I really didn't feel like the author of the book but rather as an instrument that translated the text from Croatian into Italian. All I wanted was to give form to the supernatural happenings in Medjugorje.

Q. You said your book is your mission, can you tell us what that mission is?

A: I used to go to Medjugorje on a private basis, trying to get a short break from the very complicated home situation I was confronted with at that time. Beside normal domestic obligations I had to help my husband with his business, nurse my paralytic mother -in-law, after a stroke and care for my daughter, who had suffered a lot of various illnesses and operations since her birth.

The apparitions in Medjugorje didn´t stop and were approaching the 20th anniversary. So I thought that it might be good idea to republish the book, but it was not that easy. The new edition needed revision with reports and happenings that had occurred in that period. So I sat working on the up-to dated version.

I had written about 50 pages in Italian when I went on holidays to Medjugorje. There I had a talk with head –publisher Mr. Kresimir Sego, a poet and a professional writer. He told me then, not to write a new book for Italians, because there were hundred of books written about Medjugorje, but to write in Croatian. Mr. Sego thought our people were in need of such a book and more information about what was happening in Medjugorje. I answered, that there are two excellent books he wrote, wasn´t that enough? He asked me to translate these 50 pages I had till then, and after he would have read those, he would give me his opinion. I did it. He got enthusiastic and encouraged me to proceed with words: “Please go on writing. Such a book has been missing.”

So a personality and established author encourages me to proceed. He was not afraid of competition, he was only interested in spreading the messages of our dear Lady as much as possible. So I went on writing the book in Croatian and mailed the first handwriting to pastor Svetozar Kraljevic, who blessed the book. He said that this book would be successful and would be read for centuries after my death. However, once again I could not find someone to publish the book. So my husband and I talked about it and came to conclusion that we had published the book before for Italians and now we would to do it for Croatian people also.

The edition was prepared in printing-house of Polish nuns, who live here near by my home (Milano). The nuns asked me to translate this book into Italian also. So I did it and assigned the printing rights to them for publishing this book in Italian. After this pilgrims asked me to translate this book into English, we did that too. At a meeting for guides for pilgrim voyages the Polish people asked me to assign to them the copyright for this book to be published in Polish language. So I did it as well also to Hungarians. After this the Slovakian people contacted me and we made a book in Slovakian. Then came the Russians, who translated this book into Russian and printed it in Moscow. The costs for this edition in Russian was covered by the funds entered from the selling of 300 books in English to Lousville Marian Center. After this I was contacted by the association RNBI, London, who asked me for copyright of this book in BRAIL letters. So this one came out month ago. Besides the above we translated it also in German.

Well, I see my task gave impulses for spreading Gospa's messages. At first it was in Italy so they got more information about revelations in Medjugorje. Now in the present situation with all recent changes in East European countries we are witnessing in other countries. The book has become a perfect guide and a complete information source to the people from those countries when visiting Medjugorje. Groups from these countries are coming one group after another.

So my mission was to spread the messages of Gospa and the scope of spreading the message has gone far beyond what I expected.

Q. I know your ancestors live in Medjugorje and you visit often. Can you tell us what do the Medjugorje apparitions mean to you?

A: I remember when I was still a young and a poor girl (1952) when I found per chance an old book about the apparitions in Fatima. I dreamed for days about these blessed children, who were lucky enough to see Our Lady personally. At the time I learned about apparitions in Medjugorje, my heart boomed with happiness. The Medjugorje apparitions means so many things to me.

Q. How has Our Lady of Medjugorje changed your life?

A: I wrote about this in my book. But how much I might have changed since then it is still not enough, not even nearly enough. The conversion is still in process as the path of holiness is not easy at all, it is very steep, and you mighty easy fall dawn. But there is an extraordinary aching experience I had to suffer and there is no doubt for me that if I had not been supported by prayer and revelations of Medjugorje I would have hardly overcome deep sorrow after departure of my beloved daughter Lara Anna in 1995 in her young age of only 27th . There I got enough strength to put all my experiences and emotions to paper. Gospa helped me to write it down as consolation and support for mothers/parents who can hardly survive such loss without grace from heaven. Thank you Gospa, my dear Lady, my Mother, my Friend and my Comforter!

Q. Our Lady has 5 main messages that she repeats often, Prayer, Fasting, Confession, Eucharist and Scripture reading, do you agree that these 5 points are a good foundation to the Catholic faith?

A: Inevitable! And not only for our Catholic confession but as a protection of human dignity and moral values, which are foundation of our conscience: like goodness, honesty, charity, non-aggressiveness, love and respect for all creatures. Even an atheist who fasts is nearer to God than the one who has no measure in eating, drinking or living an immoral life without any barriers.

Q. What do you believe happens to those who practice these 5 main messages that Our Lady gives to us?

A: Those on the path of holiness already Our Lady protects them and no evil can do any harm to them.

Q. Our Lady has given us hundreds of messages since June of 1981, She tells us that we should not just read the messages but need to live the messages. If we live the messages of Medjugorje what do you think will happen and how will the messages change in our lives?

A: Our Lady has not stopped repeating the messages because She knows how weak we are, how strong the temptations are that we are exposed to. She helps us to become steadier. There are numerous testimonies showing the changes in the life of people who follow the messages our dear Lady has been giving since Her first apparition in Medjugorje. Everyone has been offered a big chance, but everyone is also responsible personally if he/she will make use of it or not. Our Lady messages are unambiguous, I myself have nothing to add: Pray and you will be given. Everyone has to make his/her own experience with it. How would you explain to somebody who has never seen an ocean what it is? We can try to explain it holding a drop of water on our palm, telling that the ocean is huge and that ocean might refresh us once we have immersed into it…we wan´t be able to bring the ocean to this person on our palm… he must find the ocean all alone and let himself immerse in it. From message to message Our Lady leads us nearer and nearer to this Ocean of immense Love, Peace and Joy.

Q. Many people worry about the coming Chastisement but Gospa tells us that those who pray and fast will have no fear of the future. Why do you think prayer and fasting is so powerful that it can over come fear?

A: In this life we live on Earth we get a chance to prepare ourselves for eternal life, the life on paradise. Prayers and fasting are the best qualifications for the eternal life. Our Lady has put her trust in the seers about the future of this world and told them too that some of the catastrophes have been moderated due to our prayers and fasting. I would not dare talk here about God-chastisement, as our Lord doesn´t punish us, he gave us free will and brains…so if we misuse our free will there is no escape from the fatal consequences. Prayers and Fasting are important means, but obviously not sufficient, because there are people all over the world who have devoted themselves to the pursuit of Mammon (wars, pornography, obscenity, not controlled exploitation of natural resources, ignoring and injuring the balance and natural laws of the world of flora and fauna etc.) There are still not many people who live in accordance to the God´s will. The death is not the end but the beginning of a new and real life.

If somebody prays and fasts and has completely converted and devoted his/her life to God´s will, there is nothing that could harm him/her even in case of sudden death for instance in a natural catastrophe like earthquake which might come over the night in any part of the world. I can say that I feel deep in me the motto my ancestors used to live with: “Work hard as if you might live hundred years and pray constantly, fast and obey God´s will as if you might die today.” Your question is very concrete and asks for concrete answer, but this teaches us that the path of holiness very difficult. To fast only for the sake of fasting or to pray only for the sake of praying do not lead nowhere. Fasting with love, praying with love, loving God above all in the first place and then our next and all creatures on Earth is the path of holiness. If we fast for example but we can't see the moment, the next day will come to fed ourselves. If we do not fast with love there is no wish to join with all our heart and devotion Our Lady´s plan to rescue the world and mankind. The same is with rosary – praying. But if we talk to Jesus as we pray the rosary, if we completely devote ourselves to Him, if we are “in love” with Jesus without any limitations and conditions, then our praying is answered. If we are concerned about the apocalyptic future then we are still far away from the real praying, fasting and complete trust we should have put in God. We can only think about Jesus and his passion for our salvation when He devoted Himself completely to the Father´s will: “My God, in Your hands I put My Spirit.”

Q. So many people wonder what the “Lasting Sign” will be on Apparition Hill. We know that the sign will be very powerful and will be the cause of healings and conversions. What do you hope the lasting sign will do for the people in this world?

A: Our Lady often repeats in Her messages: keep praying, convert as this is the time of mercy. She has promised also that there will be a lasting sign as a proof that She was with us. This sign is a secret, so the seers told only that Our Lady had promised it and that it would be lasting and beautiful. So you will understand that I have nothing to add to this. I can only stress once more that we should pray and fast and do it with love not taking any break once we have started to climb the path of conversion.

Q.The appearances in Medjugorje have been going on for many years now, Medjugorje has had more visitations from Gospa then any other Marian apparition. Why do you think Our Lady has stayed so long in Medjugorje?

A: The very first apparition of Our Lady we know about was in Ephesos (Turkey) 35 A.C. Our Lady appeared to the apostles three days after Her ascent to Heaven. She came wrapped in wonderful light, after they had called for Her help She told them: “ I´ll always be with you!”

Since then there have been many apparitions of Virgin Mary to many Mystics and Saints. Thousands of apparitions have taken place all over the world. Some of them are well know and there are also books showing chronologically all apparitions in the 2000 years of Christianity. Catholics mention usually only the officially recognized apparitions like Fatima and Lourdes, however the apparitions of Medjugorje lasting now for more than twenty years already are well known due to modern telecommunication possibilities.

The times we live in are characterized by much noise, fastness, distraction and compared with numerous perils and dangers. The fact that we are surrounded in twenty-three years of apparitions is not that much. At the time Our Lady talked to little Bernardette in Lourdes there was not that much noise and entertainments all around. If we only imagine the noise in a disco our young people spend there nights and nights…and mid in this chaos Her loving voice telling us: “Dear children pray and fast you live in time of grace.” Who would Her voice? Therefore our Lady often warns that especially our youth is in danger and that we should pray for them. I really don´t think that the Medjugorje apparitions have lasted too long considering the distractions in the world. I think the fact that Gospa has appeared so long in Medjugorje is only a proof that she is our Mother, who cares what will happen with us. She sees the spoiled world we live in, like Sodom and Gomorrah. How can a loving Mother be silent seeing Her children in such a big danger heading for disaster?

I heard yesterday that in Italy there are only 9% Catholics are living in the Eucharist! At the time of the apparitions in Lourdes and Fatima, Italy was a very religious country. This fact shows how important it is that Our Lady is with us. "Dear Gospa don´t leave us alone and thank you for Medjugorje!"

Q. You decided that all proceeds from the sale of your book will benefit “Mothers Village”. I know that this foundation was a mission of the late Father Slavko Barbaric. Could you please tell us a little about Mothers Village!

A: In the latest edition of my book I accomplished this with a report about Mothers Village. I will tell you here briefly about it. During the war on periphery of Medjugorje there was a garbage place. One day Father Slavko had an idea: "I have a dream! I would like to make a park out of this rubbish dump: here we could have lakes, some animals for the children to play with, a play ground for the children and a place for meditation for the elderly, who cannot climb the hills!" In the Father Slavko,''s vision there was no ghetto for orphans, retarded or mutilated children...No! He wanted a home where his orphans and the abandoned children would come together and meet with children of the families of Medjugorje. Father Slavko wanted these children to grow up together and get an opportunity to help each other from their early childhood.

His dream came true and his Mothers Village grows – there are mothers with children in small houses, there is a kindergarten where all children meet. There is St. Francis garden with trees and animals. Come and visit this fruit of love and charity!

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