Why Do We Call Ourselves the POW Prayer Group?
By Michael K. Jones

While praying one afternoon I was focused on the souls in purgatory. I wondered how a purgatory devotion could be placed back in to the hearts of many Catholics who no longer pray for these poor souls. It was at this time that I heard a loud popping sound, I opened my eyes and falling in front of me was the crown from the top of the head of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which was on a shelf next to me.

The crown has a pin attached to the bottom and it inserts some distance into the head of the statue. I picked up the crown and tried to understand how the crown could have popped out and landed right in front of me. There was no rational explanation for this event so I took it as a sign that Our Lady was asking me to pray about a simple devotion that could be placed back into the hearts of Catholic who no longer pray for purgatory souls.

In short, within a few days the idea of a simple devotion suddenly came to me and I started an online prayer group through my Catholic website. The name of the prayer group would be called "The Purgatory Oblation Warrior, or affectionately called POW.

When men fight amongst themselves, prisoners are taken and labeled, "Prisoners of War" or POW's. Diplomatic source and organizations such as the Red Cross try to intercede. These attempts of intercession offer hope, comfort and gain the release of POW's. Purgatory Oblation Warriors are much the same, in that we are dedicated warriors through daily devotional prayer to intercede for the release of the POW's in purgatory, who can not release themselves.

Sin is a constant battle in humankind and the soul is the place where good and evil comes to war. It seemed fitting to me that the prayer group should be called the POW Prayer Group as the souls in purgatory are prisoners of the war because of sin. So in fact the POW factor has a double meaning in that it relates to the prisoners in purgatory, and also is the abbreviation of the Purgatory Oblation Warriors.

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