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"Conversion of Vivian Tortorella"

I have been following the story of Medjugorje for several years now. I never thought I would really go there. At Mass one day last Easter time I looked at the statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje and She appeared to be human. She did not move but she looked like a real person standing there. I had to take a closer look and just looking straight into her eyes I felt her presence. From then I kept following closely all that I could about Medjugorje. As one thing led to another I decided to make the trip. I was told by many that this was not an accident but that I was being called to go.

On my first day in Medjugorje, the group that I went with climbed Apparition Hill. The Hill was difficult to climb and for a while I felt short of breath and uncomfortable. We stopped at intervals and said a decade of the rosary and then moved on. I was determined to finish this climb and I started to repeat the Hail Mary as we ascended. Very soon, my discomfort was gone and I had no more trouble climbing. When we reached the site of the Apparition we all found a rock to sit on. I took this all in and meditated while looking over the beautiful countryside. I said the rosary and felt at complete peace.

The next day we went to see Vicka talk. Her talk was beautiful and her presence is so wonderful to be part of. At the end of her talk she told us she was going to give us all a "hands on" blessing. Because there were so many of us she couldn't touch all of us but she continued to pray, and as she did, she looked directly into each persons eyes. She stood with her hands in prayer and her lips constantly moving in prayer, and always a smile crossing her face.

Our group went to see Father Jozo that afternoon. He gave a beautiful talk and then he passed out rosaries and blessed them. We then experienced a healing from the Holy Spirit. Several priests laid their hands on our heads and prayed for us to receive the Holy Spirit and renounce the devil. I felt a wonderful "warm" feeling at this time.

The next day our group went to Cross Mountain. We set out to climb this mountain and we stopped at each Station to pray. This was a welcome time because this mountain was very difficult to climb. I felt again as if I would have a difficult time reaching the top. Again, I started to say Hail Mary's as I climbed and the climb became just a discomfort of muscle soreness but a good penance. It took us 2 hours to get to the top. It is such a beautiful view of the village from the top of that mountain. Mary has told us to leave our concerns at the foot of the cross which is what I did. We stayed at the top for a while and then began our descent. It is difficult going down because of the momentum that is created. Right below the 13th Station, and still in view of the cross, I took a hard fall. My cane hit a loose rock and I felt myself being thrown in the air, and then I dropped hard in the middle of several pointed rocks. As I was going down I felt that I might hit my head on a rock, so I tried to hold my head forward to avoid it. As I slowly got up, I checked for bruises. I had a small scratch on my arm but otherwise I felt fine. As I relived the fall I realized that I felt absolutely nothing when I hit as though I landed on something very soft. When I got to the bottom of the mountain I was going to clean the scratch that I had on my arm and it was gone. After that experience I never had any "aftereffects." It was as though I never fell at all.

Our group went to Ivanka's house a couple days later. She is a wonderful person and she spoke very direct and to the point. She told us how we were not there by accident and that we now have a responsibility to spread the messages of Our Lady. Being near her put me at peace and I could feel the Holy Spirit.

I experienced many instances throughout my stay in Medjugorje, of the Holy Spirit leading me. These were not outward "miracles" but inward feelings that kept showing themselves. My pilgrimage did not end when I came home. It took me a few weeks to adjust to being back, but I notice every day something a little more is revealed to me. Many of these things are things that I already thought I knew but now I have a whole different outlook on everything.

This is truly one of the best things I ever did. God Bless

Vivian Tortorella

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