Vatican Opens Doors for More Married Priest
By Michael K. Jones

In 2005 estimates showed there were about 100 married priests in the U.S. Married priests are quite rare due to long standing Church rule. In mid October 2009,  the Vatican announced a new process which will enable Anglican pastors to become Catholic priests, even if they are married. The Anglican rites in recent years has allowed lesbian woman and openly gay clergy to enter its fold as pastors in their churches. The Anglican Church is also giving their blessings to homosexual partnerships. These controversies has stirred up a great deal of opposition from some of it's own Anglican pastors.

This recent decision allowing Anglican pastors to become priests comes 450 years after the split in the Catholic Church during the time of King Henry VIII. Henry sort to divorce his wife but the Church refused his request because the Church deemed the marriage as legally binding in what the Church calls, "The Diamond of Consent." Angry at the priests decision, Henry plotted to make himself the head of the Church. This fierce battle lead to a deeply divided split among the clergy. When the dust settled a new Church emerged called "The Church of England," which is the forerunner for the Anglican Community." The "Church of England" was ruled by King Henry, just as Henry wanted so he could divorce his wife. Though many priests agreed to followed the rule of the King, many other priests remained faithful to the Catholic Church.  Now hundreds of years later, a healing of sorts could result. Some say pastors leaving the Anglican Church and becoming Catholic priests, is a blessing.  Other say the union between the Catholic Church and Anglican pastors is a violation of long standing traditions. One thing for sure opinions are mixed.

The Catholic Church says each request will be viewed on an individual basis but there are cases where Anglican pastors will be allowed to become priests in the Catholic Church regardless of martial status. Many critics warn this is a continued attempt to bring about modernism in the Church and to continue a phase-out Catholic traditions and Dogma.

On a personal note I voice some concern. There are already great forces at work in the Catholic Church to modernize, taking away a number of traditional values. My greatest concern is the Dogma of Virgin Mary which many seek to remove. Defending Her, groups such as  "The Marian Movement of Priests" have been formed to protect the doctrine of the Virgin Mary.

It is no secret other Christian faiths consider Mary "a vessel used by God" and nothing more. Other Christian faiths do not believe Mary is worthy of any devotional practice or intercessor. Catholics should know that from Gen. 3:15, Luke Chapter 1, and Revelations Chapter 12 (with comment about "Her children"  in verse 17 "who keep the Commandments of God,") Mary is Our Mother.

Jesus taught us to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven...." This clearly makes us children of God and Jesus our brother, and we can not have a Father or Brother without a Mother who conceives. If Anglican pastors are allowed to become Catholic priest, will they bring with them deep rooted feelings against the Virgin Mary? Such thinking would  only continues a modernistic approach to the Catholic faith, which I for one do not agree with. I believe the traditions handed down are the foundations of our faith and they should not be tampered with or changed.