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How American Government Became Interested in Medjugorje
By Michael K. Jones

Alfred H. Kingon was secretary to President Roland Reagan’s cabinet. Later he was named Ambassador to the European Community. Kingon is not Catholic but has publicly stated he deeply believe in God, Christ and the apparitions in Medjugorje.

Alfred Kingon and his wife Jackie have a strong interest in Marian apparitions. The interest started when a friend wrote them in the early 1970’s about the Garabandal apparition in Spain. The Kingon’s visited Garabandal and met the visionaries there. The Kingon's have also visited Beauraing, and Zeitoun, Egypt, other well know Marian apparitions in the world.

The idea of going to Medjugorje was first planted in the Kingon's mind in 1985. A devoted Catholic and speech writer for President Reagan, knew about Medjugorje and learned Secretary Kingon also knew of Medjugorje. The speech writer told the Kingon’s if they ever wanted to go there to call him. While posted in Brussels Mr. Kingon called this speech writer.

The Kingon’s went to Medjugorje in 1987, staying 4 days. On the 3rd day the Kingon’s met Medjugorje visionary Maria Povlovic. They had lunch at her home in Medjugorje. At lunch, Maria excused herself and left the table. She came back with a letter asking if Alfred Kingon could get the letter to President Reagan. Alfred agreed to see the letter was delivered.

Kingon received a call saying President Reagan had read the letter and was very very moved by the content. Reagan wanted the address directly to Maria so he could write her personally.

On December 7, 1987, Maria thought it would also be nice if it were possible to send a letter to Russian leader Gorbachev. Kingon thought this was also possible. Oddly enough just a few days later on December 11th, secretary George Schults called a meeting in Oslow, Norway. While at the meeting, Kingon asked the Ambassador of Russia to have the letter translated and given to Gorbachev.

Following events are quite extraordinary as if there are no accidents in the world. The Cold war ended, communism declined and the Berlin Wall came down.

Some say Mary defeated communism and when asked, Alfred Kingon states Pope John Paul said that he did not himself save Poland but Mary and Medjugorje did.

Now interested in the Medjugorje apparitions, President Reagan wanted to know more. At the time, Medjugorje was located in Yugoslavia. The United States Ambassador to Yugoslavia was David Anderson. Anderson was contacted by the U.S. State Department. The State Department requested Anderson conduct an investigation of the alleged apparitions. This was a most irregular request, due to the U.S. policy of “Separation of Church and State.”

Anderson sent two political officers to Medjugorje to investigate. One office was an Irishman and the other a failed priest. Upon completion of their investigation, the political offices reported back to Anderson saying, “Mr. Ambassador you are not going to believe this but there is something gone on there.”  The officers both believed the apparitions were real. Even so, Ambassador Anderson discovered an ongoing bias conspiracy against the apparitions.

Anderson himself talked personally with Bishop Zanic and other members of the appointed Medjugorje Commission. Anderson also talked with Yugoslavia government officials.

Upon completion of each investigation, Anderson sent his report to the U.S. State Department through classified documents called, "AirGrams." Anderson also sent a copy of his findings to "Vatican Rome," (Source of information; declassified documents from “Medjugorje Investigated,” by Michael K. Jones.) This information tells us, the Vatican was aware Bishop Zanic's Medjugorje Commission was tainted and the U.S. State Department was aware of the bias Medjugorje Commission.

The Vatican had to address these findings. The Vatican would not want information about a tainted commission leaked to the public as it would certainly have a strong negative impact. So, the Vatican formed the second Medjugorje Commission. This was the first time in history the Vatican involved itself in local church matters.

During the second commission, many priest and lay people cried fowl because the Vatican overstepped the previous findings of Bishop Zanic. However, the public was not aware The U.S. State Department had told the Vatican that Bishop Zanic's Medjugorje Commission was purposely tainted with unbelievers. The motive of the commission was designed to produce a negative outcome.

Like the first, the second commission was found tainted as was the third. On March 17, 2010, it was officially announced Cardinal Ruini, a very prestigious cardinal, would head the 4th Medjugorje Commission, called “The Independent Commission.” As President of Bishop’s Conference of Italy, Cardinal Ruini is familiar with situations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially during the civil war in the region in early 1990’s. This made Cardinal Ruini a good choice to head the 4th Commission. The “Independent Commission,” also includes several Marian experts not associated with pervious local Medjugorje commissions.

In late 2012, The Medjugorje Commission told media sources a final decision about the Medjugorje apparition was just around the corner. Meanwhile Pope Benedict resigned and the installation of Pope Francis followed. It is likely the change of guard and more recent allegation (unrelated to Medjugorje) published by media sources has stifled the announcement of the 4th Medjugorje Commission.

Article dated, August 1, 2013.