Rosary Boy Tote Bag

Doesn't this little boy just seem to be a "poster boy" for the Rosary???? That was the first thing June Klins the editor of
"The Spirit of Medjugorje Newsletter" thought when she first
developed her pictures, after her pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1999. One lady looked at the picture she said, “Those eyes they are the eyes of Jesus!!!!!” It was as if the little boy was
urging, “Please say the Rosary with me.” June was inspired last year to have a tote bag made for herself with the photo, and so many people liked them that she had to make more. The "Little Boy Rosary Tote Bag" costs $8.00 to make plus $1.50 shipping, they are being offered for a donation of only
$12.00!!! The $2.50 profit goes to Sister Janja's orphange in Mostar, near Medjugorje. Please help support this cause!!!!

If you would like to read the amazing story of this little boy click here>>>A Medjugorje Surprise

Order the tote bag by sending an email to June Klins by clicking on her email address.>>>

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