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"Three Stars-Tom Hubbard"

This event took place during my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in August of 1995 during the feast of the Assumption. On that day, word was received by our group, and others, that Ivan's prayer group was to meet on the hill of Apparitions that evening and Ivan would have an apparition with Our Lady at 1030 that night. All pilgrims in the village were invited to come to the hill that evening.

Knowing it would be very crowded, myself and some others in our group decided to go up on the hill early, so we departed around 6:30. We were told that Ivans group would eventually meet by the cross on the hill where Our Lady first communicated with the children in 1981, so this is where we positioned ourselves. I found a nice rock to sit on, however, I must say that sitting on a rock for four hours is a form of penance. I never knew a rock could be so uncomfortable and hard. Slowly the hill began to fill with pilgrims. As night approached, you could see from my vantage point the many flashlights from the pilgrims making their way from the village up Apparition Hill. As time went on prayers, and songs rang out. The rosary was prayed and it was a very spiritual time.

I didn't see Ivans prayer group arrive, but I certainly heard them singing and praying. They arrived I think after dark. Darkness came somewhat early that evening, the day had been somewhat overcast with a rain shower now and then. That evening, the moon and stars were hidden by cloud cover. Very unusual for Medjugorje, the night sky is usually ablaze with the lights of countless stars.

Later in the evening, everything got quiet, apparently the apparition time had arrived. The praying and singing had stopped. For some reason after a few minutes, people started taking photos in the dark of the night, at what I have no idea. But, I thought it was a good time to get off my penance rock so I stood up. I saw nothing unusual that anyone should take a photo of. Then, off to my right I saw a small star, it was moving, floating from my right to my left in the direction of the cross on the hill that I mentioned earlier. It kept coming slowly and then hovered very close to the top of the cross. I noticed also that my debts perception had changed somewhat. The area in which I saw the star, seemed almost 3D, like I was viewing this through a 3D viewmaster. I stared for a moment, trying to figure out what I had just witnessed. My camera hanging from my neck. Then, I looked and saw two more stars. I didn't see them come in so to speak, they were just there. I watched these three little stars for a few minutes and then they were gone. I didn't see them leave, they just weren't there anymore. I turned and asked a lady from our group if she had seen them but she hadn't.

Well, after a few moments, the events of Ivan's apparition with Our Lady were being read in various languages to the pilgrims on the hill, via a portable microphone. When the English translation was read this is what was said: Our Lady had come dressed in gold and she was happy to see so many on the hill. She had also come with three angels. So, I guess my three little stars were those three angels.

Tom Hubbard

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