Theresa. $24.95

This movie is approved by the Vatican. This film is about a simple girl who became a young lady, a nun, then died a painful and premature death. It is really about how this simple girl, in a nearly anonymous little French town, became one of the most important Saints in the history of the Church. If you want something that will make you think, that will inspire, influence your thoughts, words and deeds, this is the movie for you. To make this movie was a labor of love for  Director Leonardo  Defilippis, some say it feel short but how does one portray the life of a Saint in the short time available to a viewing audience? Medjugorje USA feels Defilippis made a honest and noble attempt to bring the life of Saint Therese to film. On a scales of 1 to 7 angels, Medjugorje USA gives this movie a rating of