Testimony of Cafer

     In 1988, I thought about a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  I even called another town, to join their group. For some  reason, I backed out.  The next year, I felt ready to go and in June of 1989, did go.  The trip itself was balm to my soul since there were so many religious events going on the entire time.  But when everyone asked why I came to Med, I had no real reason--at least I didn't think so.  At the time my youngest child was pregnant, her first.  So I asked the world of Med to pray for her.  (Oddly enough, I never asked anyone to pray for my eldest child during her pregnancy.)

    In September, 1989, K tried hard to bring her baby into the world.  I was there with her.  After many hours, her son was delivered by C section. Since she was under anesthesia, I was the first to hold my grandson.  When the nurse handed him to me, I noticed that he was having spasms.  All this took less than one minute.  The nurse grabbed the baby from me.  I left for home, two hours away.  Next day, we are walking in with flowers, ice cream, etc. and my SIL was walking toward us with the news that the baby had had a stroke in utero.

    It was a terrible fall and winter, although the baby was being cared for well.  My dau stimulated the child till it made us all weary--talking to him, moving his limbs, holding him.  They were at my home most every long weekend since she was on maternity leave.

    (I do remember observing that the baby looked squarely at me from his incubator in the hospital, and being an educator, I knew infants did not possess that kind of muscle control. He also voluntarily smiled at people almost right after birth!)

    T. prospered and did well in all the developmental tasks of growth.He learned fast and well.  His vocabulary was excellent, using multi syllabic words, etc.  When he was four, dau had a psy test given to him.  He topped the test.  He was reading at the time, too.

   I think by now, you get the picture.  We believe by all that is good and holy that my grandson was born under the protection of the Holy MOther because all the people of the world were praying for him before his birth, hard and long.   All because of Medjugorje pilgrimage.  I was not supposed to pilgrim in 1988 but was supposed to in 1989.  I have told this story so many times, yet I still get chills each time.

    T. graduated from high school first of over 200 kids.  He won a full scholarship to  a noted college in Ohio, and now is working on his PHD in Pittsburgh, again on a scholarship.

    All praise and glory to the Blessed Mother of God, through the benefit of Jesus Christ, Amen.

PS, maybe the Blessed MOther could send some angels down to help him clean up his room....


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