Medjugorje Testimony of Anne
by Anne Buford

I would like to tell you about my trip to Medjugorje. I am protestant on paper, but always in my heart I was Catholic. My dad though it would be too hard for me to practice, but my mom said I should have gone to Catholic school because it was so easy for me, because I believed in God and Our Lady so much.

I wanted to go to Medjugorje but was scared of going with Catholic people (even though I go to Catholic Church every Sunday) incase they found out I wasnít really Catholic. I thought they would ban me from the church I attended on Sunday but God sent me a friend to go with, last year. She had never heard of Medjugorje, but I told her that Our Lady was there.

I didnít think I would see anything. I thought God might be mad at me for going to a Catholic church but He showed me things that I will NEVER  forget.

On the 3rd day, I was shopping in a clothing shop for some short trousers to climb Apparition Hill. When I came out of the shop, my friend wasnít
there. I went outside and she shouted me, quick Anne look at the sun. I looked and I nearly passed out at what I saw.  It was spinning, changing colors and I was in awe. I said quietly to God. ďTHANK YOU.Ē

Next thing, I walked near the church and smelled roses, a few times when no one was around me. One night we went on Apparition Hill, as Our Lady was going to be appearing to Ivan. I was so anxious and humble. There were hundreds there waiting.We managed to get to the top and at 10 o clock, I heard Ivan say,Ē please kneel" I knelt on some rocks, that were painful and I prayed and cried asking for forgives. All things were going through my mind, when I looked at the moon andsaw it move from left to right. It was so big. Then this wind came up like a helicopter had just landed, then it stopped so abruptly, and everything was silence. I could sense something; someone was there, something supernatural, watching me. Then I felt this sprinkle of water splash over my face, and then it was over.

The moon went back to its original spot and people were getting up trying to get down the hill. What happened next changed my life. I was stood up, thinking everything was over. I was waiting for my friend to gather her belongings. I donít know what made me look again at the moon, but I looked up and saw this jet black image in the sky next to the moon. The image was a face. It had long hair, a beard a nose, lips eyes, and a crown of thorns on the forehead. I shouted to my friend "Marion, what is that? I pointed and she looked up in amazement and she saw it too. I just know that it was Jesus, and I had been given a "gift" to help me know that God really is out there.

I know it may be hard to believe me, but those who donít believe should go to Medugorje. Our Lady IS THERE. GOD IS THERE and He is trying to let us know that we are not alone and He is looking after us.  Anne


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