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Why I believe in Medjugorje

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Longer Testimonies

Testimony of Michael K. Jones
By Michael (webmaster of Medjugorje USA)

Testimony of Michael & the Sparrow
By Michael (webmaster of Medjugorje USA)

Testimony of Andy/Lavallee Fasting Breads
By Andy Lavallee

Testimony of John DeSalvo
By John DeSalvo PHD

Testimony of Claudette Jerez
By Claudette Jerez

Pilgrimage to Medjugorje
By Father Edward

Aiva's Angel
By Monique

A Lesson in Listening
By Boudreau

Testimony of Cafer
By Cafer

Testimony of Fabienne Guerrero
By Fabienne Guerrero

A True Love Story
By Father Mateus Maria FMDJ

Two Medjugorje Rocks Testimony

Experience with Risen Christ Statue
By Elaine Siebel

Testimony of Judy and John
By Judy

Testimony of Natalia
By Natalia

Testimony of Joaniee
By Joaniee Schlagel

Testimony of Theo
By Theo

Testimony of Anne
By Anne

Testimony of Dennis
By Dennis

Testimony of Gerry
By Gerry

Testimony of rafaelmarie
By rafaelmarie

Testimony of Jed
By Michael K. Jones

Testimony of Paul
By Paul Pliney

Testimony of Jo Ann
By Jo Ann Rangel

Testimony of Camilla
By Camilla Landers

Transfigured on Cross Mountain
By Thomas Kyle Meadors

Testimony of Maria Angello Khattar PhD
By Maria Khattar

Testimony of Father Peter
By Father Peter

Medjugorje and the Cross
Dan & Cecile Beauregard

Miracle Cure In Medjugorje
By Joaniee Schadel

Testimony of Francis & Jean Joseph
By Francis & Jean Joseph

Testimony of The Miracle Baby
By Elena Marrs

Testimony of Michael Golovich
By Michael Golovich

Testimony of Kathleen Sardina
By Kathleen Sardina

Medjugorje International Relief Testimony
By Medjugorje International Relief

Testimony of Anna Marie
By Anna Marie

Testimony of Arlene Mitchell
By Arline Mitchell

Miracle Cure at Medjugorje
By Joaniee Schlagel

Testimony of Federico Astolfi Caprio
Federico Astolfi Caprio

Testimony of Davina Paxton
By Davina Paxton

My Visit to Medjugorje
Story of Michael, the webmaster of Medjugorje USA.

Testimony of Doug Pounds
By Doug Pounds

Medjugorje Fact or Fiction
By Doris Stanton

Testimony of Bob Gardner
Inspired by Medjugorje Bob created the musical CD "Gospa"

Testimony of Jim
By June Klins

A Story of Divine Mercy
By June Klins

Testimony of Father Ed Murphy
Having visited Medjugorje, Ed Murphy entered the priesthood.

Conversion of Phyllis
Abused as a child, Phyllis grew without God in her life, living a life of sin for awhile. One day while in a book store she purchased a book on Medjugorje and it changed her life.

Testimony of June Klins
Blessed Medjugorje medal saves man before death.

Testimony of Vivian Tortorella
Vivian talks about her visit to Medjugorje.

Story of Regis's medals.
Blessed Medjugorje medals brings a family back to the Church.

Conversion of Nedjo
Many of us may remember Nedjo, he was the one in Ivan's prayer group who played the guitar. Sad to say Nedjo passed away but left us a beautiful testimony.

Conversion of David Wood

A cradle Catholic David had little compassion for others. His mother told him about Medjugorje and after attending a Marian Conference became deeply devoted to the Catholic faith.

An Unsual Event in Medjugorje
Tom Hubbard was on Apparition Hill during one of the apparitions when all of sudden he saw three stars shining in the sky, could it be angels?

An Unsual Event in Medjugorje
Arlette climbed the mountain in Medjugorje doing the stations of the cross, with swelling on her ankle and no one around to help, she cried out in prayer, who came to her rescue?

A Rosary that changes to gold
Extremely ill and bedridden for four months, Michele prayed asking for a sign.

Short Testimonies
Brief stories sent in by Medjugorje USA's visitors.

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