Mother Teresa on "Possessions
By Naima Panow M.D.

Before Mother Teresa death, Dr. Panow felt compelled to clear her busy calendar so she could offer her services in poverty stricken Calcutta. Now retired as an OB/GYN, Dr. Panow has often shared with me, her extraordinary experiences with Mother Teresa. Dr. Panow sent me something about "possession" that Mother told her. I found these words to be so simple yet profound that I felt they should be passed along to Medjugorje USA's visitors.

Picture on left: Mother Teresa and Naima Panow, M.D.


A Little About Dr. Panow

Dr. Naima S. Panow, MD, FRCS (medical doctor Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons) is a graduate of the Iraq Medical School and had MB.Ch.B. Upon completion she attended Royal College of Surgeons in London-England, Royal College of OB/GYN in London, and Royal College of surgeons of Edinburgh-Scotland. Her practice consisted of, General surgery and -OB/GYN in the United States.

Mother Teresa's Thoughts On "Possessions"

Mother Theresa said that we do not possess our possessions but that our possessions possess us. We can spend so much of our lives in order to guard, protect, defend, maintain, and improve etc. our things. But what will things ever give back? Can they love, forgive and offer the hope of heaven? We can be so consumed with things that we forget about the only true and lasting wealth-the people in our midst. We don't take our houses, cars and money to heaven. The reason we exist is to share the love of God with as many people as we can. Our wealth in life is to share the love of God with others. If we are so busy embracing things then we are missing the mark that God has for our lives. We cannot embrace things and people at the same moment and the heart of all our moments on earth is about embracing people.

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