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Unusual Medjugorje Pictures

The photo's on this page are not here to thrill the faithful but a small hope for a Doubting Thomas who may happen upon this page. We the faithful should not need to see unusual photo's to believe, we have our faith!!! Faith is the power to believe without seeing!! For the faithful it is far better that we follow the course of prayer, fasting, penance, reconciliation, and Holy Mass, as this is the true path to God.

The first 3 photos were taken by Michael K. Jones, founder of Medjugorje USA.

About first 3 photos. During my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in September 1989 a felt a calling to take pictures while on Apparition Hill. When I came home and developed my film, I noticed the little girl. I made extra copies of this photo giving them away. Two other people found the image of the Crucified Christ and image of the lady kneeling and praying. You may not see images right away but once you do see the images will move you, especially seeing the real face of the Crucified Christ. All 3 images were in one photo.

Images found in circles on photos

Photo #1: Face of the crucified Christ

Photo #2: Image of girl with dark hair, kneeling, left arm wrapped across body, right hand on heart.

Photo #3: Lady kneeling and praying with long veil, facing west.

full size blow-up of my miraculous photo

Unusual Photos taken by other people.

(Picture references to most of photos below are located after last photo on this page.)

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Images 27 Click picture above to see 8 unusual pictures taking of the sun in Medjugorje

Images 28 Click picture above to see 9 unusual pictures taking of the moon in Medjugorje

Images 29 Nighttime St. James, Medjugorje, Inside blue box. Image of Our Lady?

Image 30 Our Lady of Grace Taken in Medjugorje July 10, 2012.

Image 31 angel in flight taken in Medjugorje October, 2012.

Image 32 Photo taken by Pilgrim in Medjugorje Between  May 7--18, 2015, 2012.


Images 33 Photo taken by Pilgrim in Medjugorje July 2015.

Images 34 & 35 Photo taken by Eugene Ryan in Medjugorje May 2016

picture reference

1) Vicka holding books called, Pray From The Heart, during an interview with pilgrims. For more information on picture one click click here 2) Silhouette of a dove. For more information on picture two click here 3) Image of the Gospa (Our Lady) on the mountain. 4) Image of face of Jesus on rock found on Apparition Hill. For more information click here 5) Image of Light on Apparition Hill (Mt. Podbodo). 6) Light image of Our Lady. For more information click here 7) Redish out-line of Lady on side of St. James. 8) Image of Christ in the clouds above Cross Mountain. 9) Image of face inside a rose growing in December in Medjugorje. 10) Image of Lady holding a Rosary, behind a tree. 11) Image of face taken in the apparition room inside St. James. For more info click here 12) Image of Lady in Medjugorje clouds. 13) Christ written in the sky. For more information click here 14) Vision In the Sun taken Sept. 98, by Francis Carr, Illinois. 15) Image of Christ taken by Margaret Chadek 1995 while watching the spinning sun in Medjugorje. 16) Taken May 27, 2004 image of Mary over the Chapel in Medjugorje. 17) Image of a dove in the clouds, taken by Marilyn Xavier on May 28, 2004. 18) Strange lights appear as Medjugorje visionary prays over pilgrims, sorry we lost source info on this pic.  19) Medjugorje image of Mary. For more info click here   20) White Medjugorje statue of Our Lady change to color. For more info click here 21) Sun in Medjugorje with hole in center For more info click here  22) Cloud image in shape of Our Lady, at the top of the steeples of St. James in Medjugorje. taken by Michael J. Stanton a 9th time visitor to Medjugorje and a certified addiction councilor in the State of Connecticut. 23) Photo taken during early days of Medjugorje apparitions in 1981. Picture is inside of St. James Church. In far distance (center) is the Tabernacle. After opening the tabernacle several people witnessed the image of our Lady inside the tabernacle. Image appears as "Our Lady of Grace." Photo taken by Zedenko Zovko. 24) Peace Angel, image taken overlooking Cross Mountain in Medjugorje on May 12, 2009. Sent to us by Michael Stanton. 25) Sent by June Klins For more info click here  26) See full picture series click here  27) click here to see all 8 unusual pictures. 28) click here to see all 9 unusual pictures. 29) Sent by Z. Front of St. James Church, Medjugorje almost center of photo but toward left slightly and tall is Our Lady's statue in front of St, James. Just to bottom right in blue box we made to highlight, is an image of a lady with a veil on. Could it be Our Lady? Picture fuzzy because taken at night. 30) click here  to read more info. 31) Angel in Flight, taken by Carol Davis in Medjugorje October, 2012. 32) Taken by Janet Astileanu from Glens Falls, NY on her 4th pilgrimage to Medjugorje May 2015. 33) Both picture are sites in Medjugorje. In picture one we see the shadow of a cloud like smoke surrounding the people and statue in the photo. Picture 2 is so unusual I do not know how to begin to describe it. Pictures sent to Medjugorje USA by Tisztelettel Bajusz Endre, from Hungary. 34) Sent to us by Eugene Ryan, photo of Risen Christ in Medjugorje with a sun crucifix brightly shinning in back ground in the sky. May 2016. 35) Sent to us by Eugene Ryan photo taken in Medjugorje of a sun shinning crucifix, and cloud crucifix in the sky. May 2016.

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