The Story of Ruth $14.98

A Biblical Story about the beautiful Moabite Ruth ( Elana Eden ), who was brought up to be a priestess of the stone god Chemosh. When she mets a goldsmith, the Jewish slave Mahlon ( Tom Tryon, who stars in The Cardinal ), she is deeply affected because his religion do not require human sacrifices, so she embraces the Ten Commandements and the Jewish laws. Then Ruth and her fiancÚ Mahlon are pursued by the King of Moab. Ruth knows Naomi  (Peggy Wood ), Mahlon's mother, and marries him but he is killed by the Moabites. Ruth and Naomi must run away from Moab, nowadays Jordan, going to Judea, and a true and deep friendship based on mutual trust joins both women. Later in Judea big problems arise when people know about Ruth's past and she is accused of idolatry. Two men, Boaz ( Stuart Whitman ), a bit rude but noble and the self-seeking Tob ( Jeff Morrow ) help both women and begin a competition to conquer Ruth's love. Ruth goes to court to prove that her Jewish beliefs are true. The trial is brief and it is stunning how easily things change due to Ruth's witty remarks. The final contest, between Boaz and Tom to marry Ruth, is as bright as the trial, and now Naomi suggest to Ruth the brilliant idea to marry the one she likes though he has less law rights to marry her than the other one. King David and Jesus were Ruth's descendants. Nice color spectacle and sets, fair performances. A good movie!.

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