Saint Ignatius Loyola
By Michael K. Jones

St. Ignatius Loyola, was born in Spain to a noble family in October 1491. He grew enjoying the pleasure of noble court life, till his life was changed by a wounded disfigurement from joining the army.

During a long recuperation he read book about the life of Christ and the saints. This is where he discovered his calling as he experienced a sense of peace and serenity, despite his disfigurement.  

Growing in spiritual faith, later while on a journey to Barcelona, Ignatius had a vision of God, which gave him a whole new outlook on creation leading him to believe that God could be found in all things. With this new insight, he joined the priesthood. In another mystical encounter God told Ignatius he would one day be in the company of Christ. Ignatius would receive other visions in his lifetime such as those from the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus.

In Rome, he and a growing group of companions started the “Society of Jesus, an Order that was under the direct service to the Pope. The members were called “Jesuits” and Ignatius was elected the first Superior General of the new religious order.

Ignatius would often be found in prayer several hours a day throughout his entire life. He died in Rome at age 64 on July 31, 1556. Today the Jesuits order still exists and is present in service throughout the world.

Ignatius was beatified by Pope Paul V on July 27, 1609 and canonized by Pope Gregory XV on March 12, 1622. St. Ignatius Feast Day is July 31st.

Prayer by St. Ignatius Loyola; "Teach us to be generous, good Lord; Teach us to serve You as You deserve: To give and not to count the cost, To fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to ask for any reward. Save that of knowing we do your will."

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