The Real Truth About Allah
By Michael K. Jones

Religious violence should not be tolerated even though the history of religion was, is and will likely continue to be surrounded in endless acts of transgression.

The Catholic Church in and of itself is not without a history of violence by religious zealots, the Crusades being one example. The Catholic Church has seen its way though such matter and thus has learned to offer far greater religious tolerance, throughout the ages.   

Pope John Paul II worked with great zeal to bring about a greater peace throughout the religious world. As Catholics, we feel though we may be separated by some religious beliefs this should not open a door to unjust onslaught in the name of religion.

This world has to accept we need to meet some place in-between, not where we want people to be and not where they may want us to be.  This world needs to obtain a peace of tolerance on many levels. Without this peace, only divine intervention can bring about change. Without divine intervention, this world will become no more than the other planets in our own galaxy, burned out, dead and inhabitable.

It is important here to understand that Allah is not a God of violence as writings clearly indicate. Muslim radical groups force a dictatorship of terror upon the world and by no means are they doing the true will of Allah. Any true Muslim will tell you the origin of their beliefs are founded on a peaceable religion.  

Any individual, group, cell, organization who promotes violence to obtain objective is not truly religiously committed. Anyone who believes taking the lives of men, woman and children gives them a free pass to the favor and love of a Allah, is misguided. A true God is one who seeks good in all things. Acts of terrorism and the taking of lives is self agenda and dictatorship, nothing more, nothing less.

If we do not find peace among us all, we will certainly become the late great planet earth, without divine intervention.

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