Silent Jesus
By Dorie Stanton

As I gaze upon you my Lord Jesus in the golden suite of grace, within the walls of this holy sanctuary my heart is filled with your light emanating from its doors. Jesus, my love, my good and kind Teacher and God I long to be with You to caress Your Holy Face and comfort You. Here in this place without sound I come before you as your child, a child broken from the trials of life and you comfort me. Without speaking a word you place your heart around mine and offer me yourself a gift so filled with love. My Jesus, you speak to me within the walls of my soul so softly ever mindful of my weakness and fragility. You stroke the tears of life away with gentle loving hands, you comfort me.

I sit before you seeing the agony of your being, the suffering you endured for me, the gift of life you gave me and am humbled to be with you at all, so unworthy am I to be in your presence. I wonder what I have done for you to grace me with this gift. I cannot find an answer but I love you all the more for it.

My good and gentle Jesus stays with me awhile, hold me close and love me, never let go of my fragile heart and teach me each day to love you more and more. Teach me to bring your love to those I meet each day. Help me to stay this little child before you in this silence and adore you all the days of my life.

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