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"Signs of the Times"
Secret Organization

By Michael K. Jones

Chapter 8

Last month we entered the hidden world of symbolism, discussing the Federal Reserve Note and the “All Seeing Eye on the back side of the one dollar bill.”  It’s interesting to note that at least two secret organizations consider the “All Seeing Eye” a part of their symbolism as does the Federal Reserve. This month we will look at the possible ties and history of these secret organizations and the Federal Reserve.

Secret organizations such as Freemasonry, Illuminati, and Skull and Bones are not really secret organization as many of us have heard of them. They are organizations with secrets. Are these secrets innocent rituals or sinister plots to take control of what may be the greatest secret of all called, “The New World Order?”

Freemasons are the world’s oldest existing society. Masons can be found in nay country in the world. Iraq for example we know is mostly Moslem yet Christian exist there too as do freemasons.

In recent years masonry has undergone an unusual change suggesting a new saga in their purpose and mission. In the past to enter masonry a candidate had to be recommended by an existing member. The local Masonic Lodge would cast votes to determine if the new candidate would be accepted.

The process was done with a container and small read and black balls. Each existing Lodge member would secretly cast a vote using one of the two different colored balls. When the container was opened if one black ball was inside, the candidate was refused membership.

This is the change I spoke of as it appears back balling has taken a back seat in the Masonic ritual in favor or recruiting a larger membership. For over a year now I have seen freemason commercials on a number of television networks such as CNN Headline News and SciFi Channel. Advertising for possible new members indicated a new phase in masonry agenda which is alarming.

There are 33 degrees to masonry, the latter being the most difficult to obtain and few are they that do. The entry level is known as the Blue Lodge. As the mason continues, he enters other chapter of masonry such as York and Scottish Rites. Freemasonry however expands far beyond the rituals of men in the Masonic Lodge. Extensions of masonry included orders such as Eastern Star for woman, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls and DeMolay Boys.

These extensions of masonry tell us, woman and children are also being groomed for future development of Masonic beliefs. Even so, this article will not address the other orders but stay on topic with masonry in general.

The entry master builder ceremony into masonry is a reenactment of the death of master stone mason Hiram Abiff. Abiff was the master builder of Kin Solomon’s temple. Abiff knew certain secrets involving the temple that junior masons working on the temple did not know. Three of these masons wanted to know the secrets so they plotted to surprise Abiff and to beat him into telling the secrets of the temple. Each of these three masons struck a blow to Abiff the third blow killing him. Legend has it that Hiram Abiff went to his grave never revealing the secrets of Solomon’s temple to the three junior masons that sort his demises. This Masonic initiation of Hiram Abiff’s death suggests the secret ritual and all Masonic Rites are to remain secret upon oath of death.

The secret is said to have been a cod world known only to Abiff as given to Solomon by God. All junior masons were said unworthy to receive this code until the temple was finished and the junior masons has proven themselves. The temple itself is said to be the house of God and the final home of the 10 Commandments given to Moses. It is also said the temple housed the untold riches of King Solomon. Upon ceremony of a freemason candidacy, he too is given a secret code word.

For me there is no question in regard to freemasonry and the ritual of Hiram Abiff. I was personally told of this ritual by a former mason many years ago. As the legend of Abiff traces back to the construction of King Solomon’s Temple, so it is believed that the elite guards protecting the temple were in fact a group that would come to be known as “Knights Templar.” It might be interesting to note here that the 12th degree of freemasonry is called, “Knight Templar Rite.” The 13th degree is “Royal Arch of Solomon.” This all proves that the Masonic “Blue Lodge” reenactment of Hiram Abiff’s death is connected to rites and degrees of Masonry, Knights Templar and King Solomon’s Temple, predating Christ.

Applied to today’s masonry there are indeed codes and secret handshakes by which one Mason will know another. Masonry and another secret organization called “Illuminati” symbolism appears on the back of the one dollar bill Federal Reserve note. This is displayed as detailed in chapter 7 as a image of an Egyptian Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye.

Today over 15 thousand Masonic Temples designed according to the biblical description of King Solomon’s Temple exists worldwide. Masons even were ritual costumes believed to have ties to the original temple. The hats they wear are know as a Fez and are traceable back to Middle Eastern and Egyptian origin.

Though most masons remain faithful to oath, some have exposed aspects of freemasonry. These ex-masons have become or have opened the door to many conspiracy theorists. Theorists lay claim to a numerous frightening Masonic agenda that even suggest deep dark roots in Satanism. Some would also say some Masonic code and symbolism also seem to have roots in strange practices throughout the world.

An estimated 3 million mason exits today. Many powerful men throughout history have been said members such as Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Mozart, John Wayne, Walt Disney, Robert Schuler, Billy Graham, Jerold Ford, William Taff, Teddy Roosevelt, Carl Marx and yes even George Bush, just to name a few. Nine signers of the Declaration of Independence were masons, such as John Hancock and Ben Franklin. George Washington and even Paul Revere were masons. These names strongly indicate the United States has a history rich in masonry but the same indications are easily found in all nations worldwide.

There are several defining points throughout the history and growth of these organizations with secrets. One distinctive point I see is during the 16 century during the so called “Enlightenment.” During this time men were turning away from religion and Dogma favoring the aspect of science. By the time Isaac Newton entered the picture, religion was under attack as science attempted to explain away God by means of secular creation. In 1717 a close friend of Isaac Newton founded the fist freemason Grand Lodge in England.

The Catholic Church condemned freemasonry for its radical ideas. In 1738 Pope Clement XII issued the first writing denouncing masonry. To this day the Church still has strong negative feeling against masonry even though there are many who believe masonry is far more a part of the Church today than one would ever realize. Truth be known, the roots of masonry is traceable back throughout the history of the Church.

Knights Templar by name began as they protected those on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The Templar was considered the Pope’s special soldiers in Christ. Purpose and reason though not always clear, brought about the blood battles of the Crusades where Knights Templar killed many infidels in the name of Christianity. The Templar grew in great power and wealth during Medieval Europe making them a near impossible force to be reckoned with. It is however the first Medieval Templar that shows the root and bonds to masonry.

The Knight Templar was housed in Jerusalem in a building that is said to be ground zero for freemasonry. This building was built on top of ruins that preceded it which is said to include the massive construction of King Solomon’s Temple.

Rumor has it the Templar dug the ruins beneath them discovering the riches of Solomon and secret scrolls and possibly maybe even having possession of  the Holy Grail, though there many who disagree with that thought. Despite these rumors, the Templar gained great notoriety and masked incredible wealth as well as sponsorship of the Church. Diversifying their wealth, the Templar were active in shipping, security and the first forms of a multi national banking system.

The Knights Templar increased by number in the thousands till 1307 when the King of France sort to destroy the Templar and steal their accumulated fortune. 5 years of trials and blood executions proceeded. The Pope disbanded the Knights Templar in 1312 as trials etc. lead the Church to believe the Templar was involved in practice of grave nature far away from God.

During the bloody period of the capture, trials and executions of the Templar, many of the Templar went underground forming other secret societies. Here is where it is believe the Templar merges with Masons. The Mason Guild was the only working group of trades allowed the freedom of travel throughout the lands with free will, thus the title freemason. Emerging from the underground the Templar quietly blended into the Mason Guild, able to travel about unnoticed.

Seeking safe haven, it is quite convincing that many Templar brought their secret knowledge and scrolls to the Lowlands of Scotland. Freemason “York/Scottish Rites,” tell how King Solomon met with leading priests in a chamber under Solomon’s Temple. Roslyn Chapel in Scotland also describes the exact same event. Many say Roslyn Chapel is not the work of the templar and freemasons while others dispute that Roslyn Chapel was the project of William De St. Clair, a 15 century nobleman and mason. De St. Clair’s grave stone today states he was also a Knight Templar. Regardless of the disputes over Roslyn Chapel there is no question the stone carvings inside the chapel is most unusual, discerning and signify know Templar and Masonic symbolism.

From the history shared in this article to the 12th and 13th degrees of freemasonry (the rites of Knight Templar and Royal Arch of Solomon,”) we can see there is without question a connection between Solomon’s Temple, Knight Templar and freemasonry. Now let’s consider the riches of the King of France gather during the persecution of the Templar beginning in 1307. The Templar could have had wealth from King Solomon’s Temple not to mention the large volumes of wealth they obtained during their rein and acceptance. History shows the Templar were in fact the first multinational banking system. There is no question either that the symbolism on the back of the one dollar U.S. note is at least related to freemasonry if not also related to Illuminati. The 16th century in which science seem to begin rein over the Church called the “Enlightenment,” is also a world that is often used to describe the “Illuminati.”

The question here is if masonry and Illuminati are different secret organizations, similar or one and part of the same. The picture of the “All Seeing Eye” and the pyramid on the backside of the dollar bill certainly suggests in symbolism all are related.

The Illuminati also know as the “Enlightened Secret Society” is said to be the masterminds behind the concept and eventual reality of “The New World Order.” So what exactly is the New World Order?” Using “Slight of Hand” as in Chapter 5, the New World Order would be the answer to all the problems in the world. On the other hand many strongly believe the New World Order is complete control and worldwide domination.

In Chapter 7 we discovered the writings below the pyramid seal on the back of the dollar bill, “Novus Ordo Seclorumis.” This accurately translates into “A New Order of the Ages.” It certainly appears the Federal Reserve, Freemasonry, Illuminati and the New World Order is connected in one way or another. While doing research one will find much information that seemingly ties a matching bow around these concepts. One interesting tie I seem to find of interest is that of George W. Bush Sr.

In his autobiography Bush writes one line about another secret society. Bush writes that in his senor year at Yale, he was chosen for membership of “Skull and Bones,” an honor given to just a handful of people each year at Yale University. Bush states the society is so secret that he can not write anything more about it. George Bush Jr. who is also a member of Skull and Bones has also been asked about the organization during interviews. Like his father he refused to talk about.

Skull and Bones was founded in 1832 by Alphonso Taff, Attorney General and Secretary of War under President Grant. He was also the father of President William Taff. As Skull and Bones is also a secret society, we will never know the full scope or impact the society could have in full. One thing we do know is Skull and Bones members go on to become wealthy and influential in elite society.

When Bush was in charge of the Secret Service, which in and of itself suggests another secret organization, hew as instrumental in trying to destroy S.J. Games. At the time this company was in development of a game called, “Illuminati---New World Order Game.” The information the Secret Service confiscated nearly lead to the complete destruction of the game developer.

For years later in court the judge found in favor of S. J. Games. Even so, much of the items confiscated by the Secret Service was lost and never returned. This game had some eerie playing cards that define the impossible as possible. One card clearly shows without doubt the twin Towers standing burning in the exact sports as were the towers in NE during the 9-11 attack. Yet, this card game was developed long before 9-11. There are other cards just as alarming such as a card that show the Pentagon on fire, again as on 9-11. Other cards of interest in this game are called, Center of Disease Control, Epidemic/Quarantine, Combined Disaster, and Kill for Peace. These cards certain offer some serious food for thought.

This we do know about George Bush Sr. He is a Mason and member of Skull and Bones. He is also likely a member of the Illuminati considering his attempt to stop S. J. Games from developing the New World Order game. We also know Bush has openly expressed his belief and commitment to the New World Order during different interviews. In one interview Bush strongly states the New World Order will be successful. We know Bush knows the Bin Laden family as he often has visited with them in Saudi Arabia and there is reason to believe Bin Laden and Bush families have business ties as well. The Bin Laden and Bush families have all been photographed and video taped together on different occasions. Last but not least, during the 9-11 attack though all aircraft was grounded in the U.S. one aircraft was allowed flight. This flight privately took member of the Bin Laden family who were in the U.S. back to Saudi Arabia to protect them. This is a known and documented fact.

If we should consider anything at all from this chapter it may well by that as in chapter 5 things are not as they appear to be. Like the magician that fools the eye with magical tricks the slight of hand may well be going on in the U.S. Government, Federal Reserve and secret organizations. The U.S. economy continues to goes deeper into debt we likely can never recover from. The tax burden and cost of living on U.S. citizens is leading even the middle class into poverty. Oil companies which the Bush family is heavily involved with are raking in untold sky rocking profits at the expensive of poor American’s who can’t even afford to keep their house warm. Other countries step in to help poor American’s such as Venezuela offering the American poor 40% of the cost of home heating oil. How shameful is it that our own country leaves it own middle class unable to keep the heat on and other countries such as Venezuela feels sorry for the poor in American and offer assistance that our own government will not offer.

Meanwhile millions of dollars continue to poor into Air Force One as Bush recently took a trip around much of the world. State dinners costing millions of dollar continue to be the norm for the Government elite. Million are being spent for a memorial to Martin Luther King while Katrina hurricane victim some years later are still struggling without proper aid. The Social Security System is failing but there are hundred of billions of dollar to liberate Iraq from something they never wanted liberation from. I could go on here with a list of hundreds of examples. The bottom line is we are living in grave and troubled times the likes of which we can not ignore anymore. The time seems near to prepare for the coming of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Making this statement about the horseman is not an easy one but here is a prime example why we need prepare. This past month the China stock market issued a report that was not really that serious but the ripple effect it had on stock markets worldwide was immediate. The U.S. market quickly crashed and investors lost billions of dollars. Many say what happened in the market was just a correction. If it was in fact a serious concern or just a correction is irrelevant to the effect one market had worldwide. What recently happened in the stock market is a strong indication of what will happen if and when a market does collapses. The results will be devastating worldwide make the stock market crash of the 1920’s look like child’s play by comparison.

Such a simple event could destroy every aspect of life as we know it, quickly leading the way to the formation of the New World Order, the implantation of micro-chips and complete control over every human being. This would open up the doors to the gates of the abyss and coming of the “Lawless One” who seeks ruin.

There are some videos below from YouTube I recommend you watch on the New World Order, and Skull and Bones. It's interesting as in the last presidential election it really did not matter if Bush or John Kerry won. Though both appear to be part of different political parities, it does not change the fact they have a strong bond that unites them. Truth be know, Bush and Kerry are both brothers of Skull and Bones. Meanwhile, as so little was presented in this article about Illuminati I also recommend people do some research on that topic.

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