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"Signs of the Times"
Magical Slight of Hand
By Michael K. Jones

"Beware for false prophets. They come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will know them. Do people gather grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."
Matthew 7: 15-20

Chapter 5

In the Scripture above Jesus likens people who do not bear good fruit as false prophets who are like wolves in sheep clothing. For us it is very difficult to recognize these wolves because they are dressed up to appear as something they are not. Jesus tells us there are people who on the surface seem to be doing good things when in fact they have hidden agenda that is not easily seen. Considering this Scripture, Jesus warns us we need look at the fruits a person produces. In other words what we need do is to look beyond the surface of what we are seeing. Below the surface there could be a wolf with hidden agenda. This could well be called, slight of hand as is the method a magician uses fooling us into believing something that amount to no more than trickery. We have often heard it said that Americanís have shot memories and wolves count on this because the truth is always exposed if only we look below the surface. Looking below the surface is the means why which we will know the fruits. Even so, Jesus tells us in this Scripture that in the end those with hidden agenda that are likened to wolves and seek to do bad things will be cut down and thrown into the fire. You can fool some of the people most of the time but you can't fool God. For those of us who believe in God it is most important we always bear good fruit and should anyone look below the surface of our intentions, all they should ever find is good, unlike the wolves who seek to devour and destroy. For those who use slight of hand as a deception beware, for in time and place rest assured you will pay the price of eternal fire for the injustice you have handed out with your trickery.

As I continue the Signs of the Times I have some concerns which some may think me paranoid. Some of the subject matters I am writing about such as Chapter IV on Micro Chips, this current chapter and a few other chapters yet to come reveal information that many do not want exposed. I have received email on the Signs of the Times from those who say they agree fully with what I have written so far and others who say I donít have a clue what I am talking about. In the end of ends it is up to each individual to do research and decide for themselves. There are also other individuals who could easily read what I am writing and consider it a threat, especially considering the information age and the internet which has become a voice for trillions of people. Using a search engine and a few keywords, a mountain of information will appear in just a few seconds on any topic imaginable. The writings on Signs of the Times will also be accessible to a worldwide audience with the touch of a few keyboard strokes. Due to the subject matters I am writing on, the question remains if I should truly be concerned about possible repercussions by wolves or if in fact I may be just a little paranoid.

We should all know the story of Martin Luther King and if not I highly recommend those few keyboard stroke in a good search engine. Here is a man who stood up for basic Constitutional rights that had long been denied. The rights he fought for cost him his life. Today one will find information on Martin Luther King both pro and con. Regardless, President Bush announce a multi-million dollar memorial will be built in honor of King.

The point I am making here is there are times where a person feels the need to stand up and tell the public they need take a look at what may be going on around them. Standing up to make others aware may well be putting their life in jeopardy.  By no means do I think I am likened to Martian Luther King but the subject matters I am writing about ruffles a lot of feathers of those who donít like what they are hearing and or reading. Writing about micro-chips, the Federal Reserve and future chapters such as Freemasonry, ruffles feathers and I know that is fact. By no means am I a hero or want to be one, all I want is the Constitutional right of ďFreedom of Speech.Ē

During the Vietnam war we heard slogans such ďThe winning of hearts and minds.Ē This slogan is more so a standard policy that can easily be applied not only to conditions of war but too many companies and organization who seek greater power and control. Some of these organizations have a long rich history. Some have hidden agenda that the average Joe knows nothing about.

We need look at all aspect of things because if there are hidden agendas known only to some elite underground members, on the surface what we see appears good and acceptable. Iím not saying here our government as an example is a part of some elite underground but next I would offer a recent example of how things appear on the surface when in fact the agenda is quite another issue all together. For example letís take the recent announcement of the Martin Luther King memorial. On the surface one would say this is a wonderful tribute to a great man and it is. However, what would Martian Luther think of this memorial? King sacrificed his life for Constitution rights which should have been given him and others without having to fight in the first place.  King fought against racism as he also fought for the poor in need. Considering what Martian Luther stood for we need ask this question, would King want a multi-million dollar memorial in his honor, or would he want the multi-million dollar fund in his honor applied to the fight against racism and the betterment of the poor?  In my mind, Martian Luther King did not even care for his life and was willing to give up that life for others in need that were being oppressed by the very government that now wants to erect a memorial in his honor. This makes no sense to me.

Everyone of us in the U.S. know at least one elderly or disabled person who has to decide each month if they will buy food or medicine and or what bills they will be able to afford to pay this month. Our government tells us the Social Security system is broken but I guess not so broken that we canít afford to build a multi-million dollar memorial to a man who would surely rather have the money spent on helping the poor. I wonder if Martin Luther would say spending billions and billions of dollars to fight a war in Iraq is worth the suffering of our own elderly and disabled who struggle through every day life. I wonder if Martin Luther would agree that the U.S. should continue to freely give billions of dollars every year to countries such as Israel which from my visits there I have determined the economy in Israel is clearly self sufficient.

Leaving out names, I would write about just one person I know of who has a wife and two children. This man struggles day in and day out doing hard manual labor that has destroyed his body. The man lives on pain pill just so he can continue to get up every morning and go to work just to pay bills and put food on the table. With overtime this man is able to make $900.00 a week. Sounds like a lot of money but when you break it down it is not what it seems. By the time the Federal, State and health care takes their piece of the cake, this man brings home under $500.00 a week. Rent alone is $1200.00 a month. He canít even entertain the thought of buying a home. It is impossible to pay rent, food, utilities, truck payments, local town taxes, insurances, gas for the vehicles and many other things that come up each month, based on his income after taxes and health care. So from this we can just imagine how horrific it must be for the elderly and disabled who live on $600.00 to $700.00 a month.

The president can fly all around the world using all the gas he wants. He can have a million dollar State dinner and I could go on with a list of things that total into billions of dollar each year with little regard to the poor. Take into consideration for a moment the governmentís response to hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005. The response was poor and remains so as far as I am concerned but we can spend billions to bring Democracy to Iraq who does not want it, give billions to Israel, who does not need it, and build a multi-million dollar memorial to Martian Luther King, who I believe would not want it. Again the point I am trying to make here is things are not always what they seem to be. We need always look below the surface.

Here is some reality. The Republicans lost big time to the Democrats in the elections Nov. 2006. Americanís are tired of the State of the Union and the war in Iraq. The Republicanís truly thought they had everything in control but now based on the result of the recent elections they clearly see the American people have had enough of the Republicanís. Just two days after the elections the Republicanís began damage control saying publicly they hear the American people but in reality this is slight of hand. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was asked to step down right after the Democratic Party won this current election. Are we really to believe Rumsfeld is the reason Iraq is such a mess? I donít believe he has that much control. Asking the Defense Secretary of State to step down is most certain the result of Republicanís doing damage control just two days after Democrats took the Marjory seating in political office. Rumsfeld becomes the whipping boy, allowing Republicanís to play the blame game for Americanís dissatisfied with the war in Iraq. This is designed to take away the focus from the office of the Republican president which polls show is at an all time low. The next think we know President Bush (a Republican) is announcing this million dollar memorial to Martin Luther King. Again we are talking damage control as Republicans attempt to regain the black vote. The hope here is to keep a Republican president in office in the next elections. The way I see it is it is all about keeping the power and control over the trillions of dollars made from the working class that struggle to make ends meet.

Donald Rumsfeld offered to step down when Americanís started to voice their opinions about Iraq way before the current elections. President Bush said he would not accept the resignation of Rumsfeld because he was doing a good job. Yet two days after the Democrats take over the house, Bush tells Rumsfeld to step down. This is called, slight of hand and is no more than a trick. Rumsfeld in fact becomes a martyr to his peers for taking the fall and blame. Now again, just a few days after this, Bush announces a memorial to Martian Luther King. How long ago did Martin Luther offer his life up for justice and all of sudden it is time after all these years to build this memorial? This again is slight of hand. In appearance on the surface Rumsfeld is to blame for Iraq and is kicked out to regain the publics trust for the Republican Party. Reaching further for the on the fence Republican and Independent black vote, millions will be spent on a memorial for a great man who would likely rather see this money go to the poor and if this memorial was built for him, it should have been done years ago. On the surface it all appears to be good but truth is it is just politics as usual.

All this may sound like I am a Democrat but not so. If anything I am an independent but these days I am cynical and I tend to believe if and when I vote it is a decision to choose which Party I would rather give all my money.  On that note I would like to write a little about the Federal Reserve. The driving force behind money. The Federal Reserve seems to have some surface goods as well but below the surface are there hidden agendas?

I find it interesting that a sovereign country can be in debt to itself in the trillions of dollar. How does that work exactly Iím not sure though I am certain on the surface it could be explained away with fancy words. Some of us who are older may recall the Silver Certificate. The currency of the United States was always based on gold and silver standards. Due to the weight of these precious metals someone came up with the bright idea of paper money. This was great as one did not have to carry so much weight in coin gold and silver. The paper money was guaranteed redeemable for gold and silver. The Federal Reserve note we use today is not backed by any measure other than itself. So the actual value of the Federal Reserve note is worth no more than the paper it is printed on based on the previous gold/silver standard. The gold and silver standard has long since disappeared as gold and silver has all been eaten up in agenda and greed. Thus, even if the gold and silver standard still existed today, trading in a paper silver certificate would mean the paper money is not redeemable for gold and silver. With gold and silver gone, we can account for several drives by the government through the years to obtain physical assets of gold and silver. However today, gold and silver is all but depleted and has entered into the world of commerce. With no means to back paper money the government as we know it silently disappeared into the Federal Reserve market.

We need here to consider the power the Federal Reserve has.  When the Reserve raises or lowers the prime interest rate it sends a shockwave throughout the markets. At any given time the Federal Reserve could wipe out the world economy as we know it, they are that powerful.  A frightened stock market could easily destroy lives around the world, as we saw during the stock market crash in 1929, which lead to worldwide depression in the 1930ís. More recently concerns of terrorism and possible shortages of oil, leads oil and gas prices to go through the roof, making oil producers filthy rich. Even so, the  Federal Reserve is far more powerful than the oil companies.

So the question we again need ask is how the United States can be in debt to the Federal Reserve, if the Federal Reserve is in fact the U.S. Government? Is it logical to think one can be in debt to oneself? There are a growing number of people who are certain that the Federal is by no means affiliated with the U.S. government as we know it. At one time I did discuss this issue with a retired employee of the Federal Reserve. This person told me the Federal Reserve is a private run company that has nothing to do with the working of the U.S. Government. This would certainly explain how the U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt, paying millions in interest every day for the loans received from the Federal Reserve. This all happened because the gold/silver standard has been eaten up and silently sent into oblivion. The end result is tax payers are left to bear the weight of the heavy burden of those in power who are suppose to be the caretakers of monies tax payers are forced to give.

Things become fuzzy here as to how the Federal Reserve came to the status they hold today. There are many different theories and I seem to recall even hearing something once that we are being controlled by aliens from out of space, if you can imagine that. Caught in the maze of theory one has to weed though the mirage of possibilities to come up with something which holds water if you will. The amazing part I think is how complicated some people put things together in what can only result in some ridiculous crazy fantasy without any possible merit.

So the first consideration one might consider is to pick up a one dollar Federal Reserve note and to go over it with a fine tooth comb. Anyone with any agenda is going to find a way to bring that agenda to light even if the overall agenda is hidden as in slight of hand. Most secret societies, organization or what have you would be just aching to bring some aspect of their agenda out into the light. I am convinced hidden agenda brought to light is often done within hidden symbolism. Pick up a dollar bill this month and take a good look at it, it is loaded with symbolism. As we take a close look at the dollar front and back we will see things that make sense to us, things that most would not understand and even more so, symbolism that is hidden but at the same time there it is right in front of our eyes.

I think there are a lot of little things to absorb in this months chapter, so I will not go into the detailed symbolism on the dollar bill this month but will save it for next month. I will provide details into this topic that many may find shocking. Shocking people of course is not my objective. I do not want anyone to think that is what I am trying to accomplish. Iím not a rebel either; I am a realist. What I am trying to get across in this chapter is that every day life is magical, much like the magician who uses slight of hand to amaze us and also likened to false prophets who inside are wolves seeking ruin. Even so, it all amounts to no more than trickery. The basic tool of deception here is to focus our attention in one place while the actual trick preformed comes from a hidden place. This basic deception is the summery of this monthís chapter and is the means by which many in power deceive.

For those who would write me saying you if you donít like America, leave it, I would add that I am an American and I stand fully for the foundation of beliefs by which this nation was created. I am myself a descendent of Francis Eaton who was a passenger on the Mayflower. I am also a descendent of Warren G. Harding, 29th president of the United States. I know who I am and what this country was meant to be. I believe we all should know the true foundation of our governing laws and the rights we have as Americans. Most people really do not take the time to learn about the roots of this great nation we live in which I find very sad. I would also mention here the Gettysburg Address as delivered by Abraham Lincoln which in part says...Ē that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.Ē

To the Gettysburg Address I would state first of all that we are no longer a nation under God. In the 1960ís we allowed the judicial system to redefine the meaning of ďSeparation of Church and State,Ē to which the next morning on the New York Times front page there were three words in bold letter, ďGOD IS DEAD.Ē Removing God from our society as it was originally established has only lead to what I call the age of the self image and also the demoralization of our society which I now call ďThe Demoralized Plague.Ē Secondly, I no longer believe we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people. It would be better called, We the rich people who drown the poor people in taxes and poverty, so we can be richer people and afford our agendas, would be far more appropriate in the age we live in. Lastly Lincoln spoke of a new birth of freedom which has long since passed away.  Oil rich nations and or oil companies in American, health care, high taxation are but a few small example of alarming oppression, worthy of the biblical "Signs of the Times" during the last days. Outrageous taxation means the poor are forced to pay the governing Party in office while they live the high life with a pocket book that never runs out of money. Again these are not the births of freedoms spoken of by Abraham Lincoln; these are all acts of oppression and destruction.

Iím sure most of you recall the story of Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. In brevity the story goes the rich took all they could so they could live the high life, while the people suffered in disease and poverty beyond measure. Recently oil companies have made records profits in the billions and billions of dollars in just the past two years. Yet, I can tell you the story of two elderly people who could not afford to heat their home and purchased a space heater online that did not meet proper guidelines. This couple was only trying to stay warm through the winter while they slept because they could not afford oil to heat their home. This couple died in their bedroom in a burning inferno while fireman stood outside listening to their screams and nothing could be done to save them. This is just one example of the rich getting richer and poor paying the price. The rich continue to live the high life while many are unable to provide for their family needs, due to enormous taxes and so on. Those on SSI or Disability are among the worst of the lot as they decide each month if they are able buy food or medicine. Some of these lose everything and the only place left is the streets. This past winter I head of an elderly woman who tried to rob a bank because she had fallen so far behind on the tiny SSI she receives. This woman had never been in trouble all her life. This sad story was short lived and all but disappeared in all media outlets within a few days.

Yes there are organizations out there that are designed to help those in need but the demand falls far short of what it needs to be. Housing for the poor for example is far below what is needed and for the most part very few really care about the suffering of the poor. It seems the attitude of those who are rich enough to make a difference choose to be likened to Scrooge in the Charles Dickens ďA Christmas Carol.Ē You may recall two gentlemen come to visit Scrooge as these men seek donations to raise a collection for those who otherwise would have no food for the Christmas holiday. Scrooge replied that he already pays taxes for the work house and if the poor have no food they should go there. Scrooge was rich but decided not to help the poor. He decided to keep everything for himself allowing the poor to die and decrease the surplus population. Scrooge still lives today in the heart and minds of those who seek their own self image at the cost to the poor.

So instead of taking care of our own, our governing officials choose to give money to other countries such as Israel and spend more billions on a useless war such as in Iraq. It amazes me that there is enough money to pay for these things but not enough to help our own who have given all their lives working for the betterment of this country. There is enough money to pay for a million dollar State dinner and entertain people from other countries and there is enough money also to build a multi million dollar memorial for Martin Luther but not enough to offer any reasonable health care or relief to out elderly and disabled. I ask all you reading this now, is all this "We the people, by the people, for the people?" No, what this is truly called is, We the rich people who drown the poor people in taxes and poverty, so we can be richer people.

This country during its roots paid taxes to the King of England. Taxes got so bad our history books still teach us about the Boston Tea Party. Tax collectors were at this time tarred and feathered and sent back to England. O Lord, how long must your people endure these suffering during the "Signs of the Times."

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