#3 Vintage wall hanging (when not in use) "Sick Call" from an estate sale. Come with Holy Water and candles. The top cross slide off the back cross and inside is a storage place no one would ever know existed, this is where the Holy Water and candles are. This space would make for a good hiding place, but normally this hidden space would be for the candles and Holy Water used to bless a sick family member.

What is a Sick Call? A Catholic sick call is when a family member is at home ill and the priest has been asked to come and visit. You set up the sick call in wait for the family priest. The priest will light the candles praying over the patient and blessing them with the Holy Water.  After the ceremony, the candles are blown out and the sick call crucifix is put back together again to hang over the bed on the wall.  Sick Calls this quality run $99.00 and up, our price $39.95. ALERT: WE HAVE ONLY ONE SICK CALL AS SHOWN.