God Works in Strange Ways

An Email from one of Medjugorje USA's visitors.

Dear Michael,

I read your story and all that you experienced - it is magnificent and truly humbling. I believe that miracles present themselves every day if we just look around - they may be small, but I believe they are there - I call it "God's Grace."

I meant to share how I came upon this site. It's not all that compelling but, may be of some interest. I have always prayed to the Virgin Mary and my patron saint is St. Bernadette ( my husband and I are both Catholic and not always poster children for the Church).

Anyway, I am a great fan of Bruce Springsteen and was checking out the springsteen.net site, in light of his current tour - I used to post there and watch set lists come in. Recently, one night I decided to check out Backstreets.com. I'm not a regular to that site - I think it's a good site - just seems to be faster company than I'm used to. For some reason I was reading a particular thread (can't remember what it was), and saw your link to the Medjugorje website. So, I clicked on it and was led there not really realizing what it was. The interesting thing is about a week before I had been reading an article in a magazine about "Medjugorje." And then to find your link on a Bruce Springsteen site seemed kind of baffling to me, yet, I wondered if there was some reason this happened. Then, a few nights later, my husband and I saw where a special was coming on tv (I think it was Dateline) featuring "Medjugorje" and some other places where Mary is said to appear. We watched with great interest and I kept thinking about all of these coincidences(?) I have been praying for guidance and believe that is why I was led here. I haven't figured it all out yet...but, I'm working on it.

Like I said before, not all that compelling - but I know there is a reason I was led here. Anyway, thank you for putting that link with your posts. You will help a great number of people.

Oh, the night after I found your link - I thought to myself, "Did I really find this on Backstreets.com?" So, I tried to find it again but never did.

Thank you again,
Sherry Clements

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