Letters & Pictures from the Church in Russia

Dear beloved Michael!

Very glad to write you again. We send to USA for you the infinite joy of our hearts. Father John passes to you his congratulations about the bright Feast of Easter. He wishes that this Feast for you be not limited by the calendar borders, but be imprinted eternally within your heart as an evident sign of the parussia (God’s presence) and of the victorious power of the resurrected Church – Bride of Christ.

Our Glorious Queen, Most Holy Virgin doesn’t stop to amaze us. Every day she sends new consolations to Her beloved children. Now all the nations celebrate Holy Easter in one day – around all the Earth. O wonderful miracle! Let this triumph of Her Immaculate Heart resound in all the worlds! May the Easter ringing of heavenly bells fill abundantly the hearts of all true Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans, Muslims – all of those who confesses the faith of the Living God – may this music continue during all the future millennium! Our fathers, disciples of Christ, martyrs of the Second Calvary of Solovetsky in the heaviest grieves foresaw the blessed tears of joy in the last times and gave from Heaven their eternal blessing for the triumphant procession of the invited to the Marriage Feast of Lamb.

The evangelization of the Immaculate Virgin continues! Her thrones are getting affirmed, Sophia the God’s Wisdom Herself calls more and more souls in all the world countries to let them enter into the Ark of the Immaculate Heart.

Russia begins to look up at the signs that descend from above. The April, 7, the conference of Father John in St. Petersburg, dedicated to the image of the Church in the third millennium and to the Mission of Mary in salvation of the world, had gathered people of different ideas, views and interests. All of them paid much attention, which perspectives Russia has in the future, what is the God’s will for today? Father John spoke being in the big power of spirit, revealed the hidden plans of antichrist and warned about emergencies and chastisements that threat to the modern mankind. The representatives of mass media and guests from the foreign countries were present at this conference.

Taking the opportunity, we want to reinforce you in the living faith and in the fidelity toward the Most Pure Virgin – Mother of the new people of Christ. “The Heaven and the Earth will pass away, but My Word will remain in eternity”, - says Holy Mother. On the streets of the great megalopolises the prostitutes and toxic-addicts are converting today to enlarge the number of virgins and righteous! In the sky of St. Petersburg, thousands of angels are announcing the Fiery Pentecost and open the Heavenly gates. Hallelujah!

We wait news from you. Father John would be glad to meet you in USA or Russia. You may write a letter directly to him.

We send to you thousand angels!

With love,
Father Maxim Cyril,
International Center for Russian Spirituality (ICRS)
Riverside Fontanka, 53, app. 35
St. Petersburg, 191023, Russia








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