Rocco Pictures

There are five photos taken with a disposable camera.  The picture were taken at 5:30am the time the visionaries say Blessed Mother praya are the foot of the cross. The five are a sequence of photos so it shows how something wasn’t there before now appears in the end.   They are different shades and come from different angles and can’t be debunked as fingers.  The most prominent photo has the “grey “ light coming down from the sky onto the “white” figure I believe to be “Mary.”  Notice the cross completely blocked out and not visible on one side of the grey light.  The white figure is of the most purest white and has the shape of a woman wearing a veil and compared to the cross is about the height of a human being.  Visionaries described Mary as never touching the ground and traveling on a grey cloud.

I prayed on many things while in Medjugorje.  It was the most powerful meditation and spiritual reckoning of my life.  I prayed for a “gift” or you may call it a “grace”.  People everywhere are receiving grace through the changing of the rosaries.  I prayed for a gift in my photos.  On the trip I was the photographer for my family.  The photo was the first of other spectacular gifts.  I could see the miracle of the sun once I returned to the states and my mother’s rosary turned gold within a week of returning.  We are very blessed…

I don't want it to sound like I came to Medjugorje and prayed ONLY for this…

No one should pray to God or Gospa to appear in pictures or communicate with us, as to confirm validity of the apparitions.  I believe complete faith and love in my heart earned me the “gift” I received through the photo and the other graces to come. 

Thanks, Rocco.




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